Achieving A Female Bum

Achieving A Female Bum



Whatever you call it, bottom, bum, butt, ass, arse, fanny etc male & female bottoms differ significantly.

To appreciate how different observe a couple walking ahead of you and note the difference for yourself and you’ll see that the woman’s wiggles from side to side. The shape and movement defines it as female and next to breasts creates the coveted hourglass shape of the female figure.

Whether you simply want to look convincing just when you cross dress or develop your own feminine bottom.

You will find all sorts of pads for bottom shaping but they simply will not move naturally, therefore we have created a silicone shaping solution that like our range of breasts provide you with the realistic look, feel and movement.

For those who want to transform their bottom from male to female we have a range of feminising hormones that will stimulate the production of the subcutaneous layer of natural fat deposits exactly as it does for a girl transitioning through puberty

This male to female transformation takes place on a cumulative basis so can be disguised if needed to looser fitting clothing.

For those who wish to progress through to the shemale (ladyboy) stage or intend to undergo gender reassignment surgery, then a fully inclusive treatment course is the best option but for those that want just selective development we also provide specific transdermal hormones for feminizing just the bottom area.

Since 1984 we have helped hundreds of thousands of trans people all over the world achieve the degree of male to female transition that they required and below you can read some of the many testimonials they have sent us and some of their own before and after treatment photos.

For over 31 years we have been at the cutting edge of female hormones for men and our consultant endocrinologist is acknowledged as the world’s leading expert having won many prestigious awards

Every product or treatment we supply comes with a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee and we have a support team that you can rely on for unlimited advice and support.



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