6 Top Make Up Tips For Cross Dressers and Transsexuals

6 Top Make Up Tips For Cross Dressers and Transsexuals

6 Top Make Up Tips For Cross Dressers and Transsexuals

1 –  Invest in good makeup brushes

brushesQuite simply, it’s impossible to apply masterful makeup without the right tools.

Forget about the tiny, cheap applicators that come packaged with most makeup. Upgrading to high quality brushes will give you much more control, immediately upgrading the look of your makeup.

Here are the basic brushes you should own:

  1. Foundation brush
  2. Concealer brush
  3. Powder brush
  4. Blush brush
  5. Flat eyeshadow brush
  6. Eyeshadow blending brush
  7. Lip brush
2 – Use color correctors

colour-correcting-concealersIf you have skin issues like a beard shadow, blemishes, or dark circles under your eyes, the solution is NOT to bury them under thick concealer. Your makeup will look much more natural if you start with a color corrector.

The idea behind color correctors is to use a complimentary tone to neutralize imperfections. This allows you to achieve beautiful skin with less makeup.

For example, you should use a pink or red corrector to neutralize a dark beard shadow – or a green corrector to neutralize redness.

3- Don’t ignore your eyebrows

eyebrowsA mistake I see many crossdressers and transgender women make is leaving the house with ungroomed eyebrows.

Since eyebrows create the frame for your face, they are literally one of the first things people notice about you. Why allow misshaped brows ruin an otherwise good makeup look?

If you can, get your eyebrows professionally shaped.

4- Practice, practice, practice

Makeup is like any other skill – the more you practice, the better you get. And the better you get at doing your makeup, the prettier and more convincing you will look as a woman.

5- Book a lesson with a professional

makeup-lessonCome to our Manchester Shop where our stylists will do your make up and give you all their top tips after years of experience

6-  Take good care of your skin

showerYour skin is literally the canvas for your makeup.

Proper skin care can go a long way towards improving your skin’s texture and appearance. Not only will this make you look better, it’ll help your makeup go on smoother and last longer.

Here are 3 simple skin care tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid using harsh soaps on your face. Use gentle facial cleansers only.
  • Apply facial moisturizer daily.
  • Use a face mask at least every other week. (This is a great ritual for pampering your inner woman!)

Our Silicone Breasts

If you don’t want to grow your own female breast then we have an exclusive quality range that provides total realism instantly. Silicone breasts come in all forms, from cheap Chinese ones that split and do not either feel real or move naturally to the very best siloxane silicone breasts which are precision made for us in Germany. Unique insofar as look, feel and movement they come with a lifetime guarantee. So convincing are they that the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) buys them from us to supply to post mastectomy patients. You can even were them bra-less utilising our special medical adhesive. Buy the best from us and it will give you a lifetime of pride and pleasure.

Our Silicone Breasts


Our Silicones
Our Silicones

Creme de la Creme-the very best of the best-the final word in authentic silicone breasts prosthetics .


Silicone BreastsThe Transformation breast store supplies only the very best Silicone Breasts  & guarantees them for a lifetime. These Amazingly Authentic Silicone Breasts feature our unique heat reactive silicone gel polymer that reacts just like real woman’s natural breasts. It has taken 15 years of development to perfect this unique polymerisation process to give a silicone gel that is reactive to your own body temperature for total realism.These Amazing Silicone Breasts, will surpass any Cheap inferior False Breasts, Fake Breasts or Breast Plates from China. Simply the best Breasts, only from Transformation.


Life Like Natural Silicone Breasts replicate the actual feel, weight and movement (jiggle)of natural female breasts. Unlike cheap Chinese false breasts and fake breasts( breast plates) available from various websites they will not split & degrade in a few months. The British National Health Service (NHS) purchases these Life Like Natural Silicone Breasts from Transformation for female mastectomy patients and male to female transition patients


How Man Can Grow BreastsOur high medical grade Realistic Silicone Breasts come with a lifetime guarantee. Made in Germany exclusively for us , using expensive Siloxane Medical Grade Silicone . Unlike others cheap Chinese copies of false breasts and fake breasts. Our Realistic Silicone Breasts feel, look and move just like real female breasts.


Silicone BreastsWhether you call them breasts, boobs, knockers, bossoms or tits these mammoth Amazing Big silicone breasts are breath taking and 100% realistic. and are also carry a lifetime guarantee.


Transformation Make Overs-Available At Our Manchester Shop

Transformation Make Overs – Available At Our Manchester Shop 

Transformation Make Overs – Available At Our Manchester Shop

Transformation Turning your Feminine “Girlie” fantasy into Reality.

With our friendly understanding, expertise (over 20 years) and discretion we really can make your wishes come true. Everyone is naturally nervous at first, but we will soon make you feel relaxed and before long you will be totally and convincingly feminised and chatting woman to woman- with us all!

Changeaway Menu.
If you wish, and its your first time here , let us help you with your choice and answer any of your questions.

menu 1.jpgMenu 1
Just For You. £119

Discuss with your personal assistant just the look your after, be it convincing daytime, secretarial, girl about town or evening wear. Remember its your special day, or if you prefer just leave the whole thing to us and we will transform you into a beautiful convincing female. If it’s your first experience then we strongly recommend this menu –Just for You. Excludes bridal or sexy-tarty wear.

menu 2.jpgMenu 2

Once in a Lifetime Sexy and Tarty.

Its got to be our most popular fun choice. Lets us help turn your fantasy into reality.
Be a Tart, Hooker, French Maid(want to do some housework), Naughty School Girl, Dominatrix.

Sexy and Tarty Changeaway only £139.


menu 3.jpgMenu 3
Once in a Lifetime Bridal.

Every Girl dreams of wearing a wedding dress. An extra special treat, for your dream really will become reality. Includes wearing stunning full length  bridal wear, all white lingerie, corsetry, stockings and garters. A very special make-up application to match the truly feminine look and wig dressing.
And all the accessories too. Its bound to be your special day, a day to remember.

Once in a Lifetime Changeaway only £169.
menu4.jpgMenu 4
Transformation Makeover.

For those who wish to purchase or bring along and wear all their own clothing. Our staff will still assist you with your transformation, helping with dressing, and apply all your make-up, to ensure you truly look your feminine best. Do remember that you can store all your feminine clothing with us.
4 hour makeover only £79.
Spoil yourself 6 hour makeover only £99.00.

Top Tips For Beauty

Top Tips For Beauty


Top Tips For Beauty
Top Tips For BeautyLips

1 – turn lipstick into lipgloss  by adding lip balm after applying the colour

2- Put lip and eye pencils in the fridge before you sharpen them so make them less fragile

3- Double up your lipliner to fill in your lips as well as outlining them

4- To prevent lipstick getting on your teeth put your finger in your mouth, purse your lips and pull it out

5- Dusting a little loose powder over your lipstick will help it stay on longer


Top Tips For Beauty
Top Tips For BeautyEyes


1 – Eyeshadow can double up as liner if you apply it with a damp cotton bud

2- Use a little green eyeshadow on red lids

3 – turn ordinary mascara into the lash lengthening variety by dusting your eyelashes with a little powder first

4- stand dried up mascara in a glass of warm water to bring it back to life

5- if your mascara clogs use a small brush instead


Top Tips For Beauty
Top Tips For Beauty

1-Revive dried up polish by adding a few drops of nail polish remove

2- Prevent air bubbles by rolling the bottle between your palms to mix it up

3- Make it last longer by adding a clear top coat

4 – Run a dab of vasaline around the neck of a new bottle and it should be easy to open forever !

5 – In a hurry ? Dry it off quickly with a blast from your hairdryer


Top Tips For Beauty
Top Tips For Beauty

1-When plucking, coat the hair you want to keep with concealer as it will help you visualise the shape you want better

2- Use a clean toothbrush to slick unruly brows into place

3- Hold an ice cube over the brow to stop it from hurting

4 – A little foundation lightly rubbed through your eyebrows and brushed through with a toothbrush will lighten them

5 – If you don’t dare shape them at least get rid of the long hairs


Top Tips For Beauty
Top Tips For Beauty

1 – if you’ve run out of blusher dot a bit of pink lipstick on your cheeks and blend well

2- Sweep a little loose powder under your eyes when applying dark shades of eye shadow to catch any falling specks which will spoil the effect

3- Always use a cosmetic sponge to apply foundation

4 – If you put too much blusher on tone it down with loose powder over the top until you’re happy with the shade

5-Choose a foundation one shade darker than your skin tone

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Potent Hormone Concentrate

Product Focus Of The Week

Potent Hormone Concentrate

NHS662Amplify your level of female hormone absorption by using this treatment. Once a week run a bath of hot water ( the hotter the water the more effective the treatment will be but be careful not to scold yourself) Add 32.5ml of the potent hormone concentrate and immerse yourself in the solution for a minimum of 25 minutes taking care not to let the solution come above neck level.

Potent hormone Concentrate when used as directed will intensify other hormone treatments and significantly amplify the results achieved.


It can safely be used in conjunction with all our other hormone treatments and utilises the transdermal delivery system.


This product is concentrated and must not be used in undiluted form, If you spill any wash away with copious amounts of water.


Click here to buy the Potent Hormone Concentrate Today  


1 Run the bath and test the water, the hotter the better but be careful not to scald yourself

2 Measure 32.5 mls from the bottle into the container and pour into the bath. ( it is approximately 8 capsules)



3 Soak in the bath completely immersed but with head out of the water for 25 minutes.




New Creme De La Creme Silicone Breast Forms

New Creme De La Creme Silicone Breast Forms


femprog pic 23Creme de la Creme Silicone Breast Forms are the very best of the best, the final word in authentic silicone breasts prosthetics .

Creme de la Creme Silicone breasts forms have all the top features expected from top quality silicone breasts, but with one very important addition: namely very realistic heat reactive medical grade siloxane  silicone and  reactive nipples. Introductory offer £100 of all sizes

New Creme De La Creme Silicone Breast Forms

Our newest medical grade silicone breasts ,have all the top features expected from top quality silicone breasts, but with one very important addition: namely heat reactive silicone gel ad very realistic reactive nipples, and once again a development exclusive to ourselves. These truly magical Crème de la crème breast forms with built nipples are not only realistically shaped and tinted but also have a locked in  heat reactive ingredient, so when worn they react as a natural female breasts and nipples, dependant on ambient temperature – the colder they are the more prominent the nipples. Only when wearing these silicone breasts will you truly appreciate, the magical feminine experience that comes with having your very own breasts for the rest of your life. It is one of those life-discerning moments as you obtain natural feminine breasts instantly, is that they move and feel as though they are your very own, mimicking the exact movement of real breasts. Incorporating heat reactive nipples into the highest-grade pure siloxane silicone breasts is a technological feat that has taken our experts years to perfect.

BTS400We  do not doubt that wearing these breasts will give you a new sensuous experience,especially as they warm to your body temperature, then wobble and bounce,an absolute joy.

With care these superb natural breasts will last you a lifetime. Worn in your favourite bra or au-natural using any of our silicone breast adhesive systems.

Available in 4 cup sizes. Small B-cup, weight 800 grams. Medium C-cup, weight 1000 grams. Large D/DD-cup ,weight 1400 grams. Ex-Large E/F cup, weight 1600 grams.

£100 off all sizes at present. Click here to buy today 


Advice from leading endocrinologist – hormone expert

Advice from leading endocrinologist (hormone expert)  regarding male to female transition

Leading endocrinology (hormone) expert
Leading endocrinology (hormone) expert

“If you take female hormones the primary one of which is oestrogen (estrogen), you will undergo a gradual male to female transformation just as a girl does at puberty. As the feminising process is cumulative it takes approximately 3/4 years to attain optimum development from which point you need to keep taking a lower maintenance dose to prevent regression which is the equivalent of post-menopausal women taking HRT.

If you suddenly stop taking female hormones you will suffer headaches as your oestrogen (estrogen) levels drop just as in a female prior to their periods and at the onset of the menopause.

A side benefit of taking oestrogen is that it improves your skin reducing the size of pores and reducing acne and pimples. Skin gradually become softer and smoother. Some experience hot flushes when commencing treatment making getting a good nights sleep difficult in which case taking melatonin will help through this temporary period.

Taking oestrogen can lead to weight gain as it increases levels of ghrelin which is why we offer Reductamin weight loss tablets to counteract this. Although women have some testosterone in their system produced by their adrenal glands it is a fraction of the level in males which is why taking a male hormone blocker referred to as anti-androgens alongside any female hormones is so essential.

Dependent on the growth of male body & facial hair you will also need to use a beard & body hair retardant which again needs to be used in conjunction with an anti-androgen (male hormone blocker)

Most males who take oestrogen based treatments gradually look younger but unfortunately it does not lead you to live any longer. Taking female hormones may increase your levels of oxytomin which will leads to affectionate feelings in relationships when you bond with your chosen partner.

Transdermal treatments work by being absorbed through your skin and work in a similar way as nicotine patches but it is absolutely essential that you clean the treatment area before application. After washing use transdermal hormone skin prep to remove the natural skin barrier oils and dead skin cells that can inhibit absorption. Then you need to massage in the cream, gel or atomiser spray thoroughly until fully absorbed

Remember never to exceed the stated dosage as all you are doing is wasting your money. All dosages are determined to achieve the optimum results.

Whatever your age or medical condition there is a delivery method for both female hormones and anti-androgens that is clinically safe and effective for you to use by as all treatments are cumulative you have to commit to a continuous regime if you are to attain your desired level of male to female development.

As a not-for-profit organisation Transformation does not simply supply unique products that have taken years to research & develop but offers a free support & advice service plus everything is covered by our 100% satisfaction or full refund guarantee.

Please feel free to email me as the consulting endocrinologist  drtemperli@transformation.co.uk or Stephanie, who as Transformation’s founding transsexual has lived her feminine dream for 35 years stephanieannelloyd@transformation.co.uk

Between us we offer a totally free unique insight in to every aspect of male to female transition whether you seek just female breast development or a total male to female transformation”

Best wishes from us both

Dr Temperli & Stephanie  –  Your Male to Female Transformation experts

Tranformation Serving The TV and TS Community for 32 years




Over the past 31 years Doctor Temperli, the worlds leading endocrinologist has worked tirelessly to produce ever effective female hormone products using the latest technological delivery systems.

We now have transdermal creams, gels, serums, atomisers, suppositories, tablets and capsules but whichever strength or type of medication you choose you will not get maximum benefits and development without using these two complementary treatments

If you are choosing transdermal treatments, those that deliver doses via absorption through the skin (creams, gels, serums, patches & atomisers) then you must take the time and trouble to remove the natural oils that is produced by your body that impedes the transfer of feminising hormones

We produce a special hypo-allergenic Transdermal Skin Prep which you need to thoroughly use by rubbing the treatment area with TSP on cotton wool – you will actually see the residue that it removes even of you have just showered.

This simple & cheap procedure more than doubles the skin absorption of all transdermal hormone treatment. A 3- month supply is just £39

When you reached puberty as a male your testes and adrenal glands start flooding your body with the prime male androgen (testosterone) and this is what triggers male pattern hair growth (facial & body), the deepening of your voice and the fertility allowing you to impregnate a female to produce a baby.

Obviously male androgens (testosterone) have the exact opposite effect to that of oestrogen (estrogen) so if circulating your body at high strengths will cancel out a large percentage of any female hormones that you take. Without taking a androgen (testosterone) suppressant much of the feminine development you desire will take much, much longer. Remembering it takes genetic females between 3-4 years to achieve full feminine development without androgen impediment do you really want to double that?

Our exclusive range of anti-androgens (male hormone suppressants) have been formulated to ensure that you start on a level playing field, just like a girl does.
The comprehensive range of delivery methods mirrors that of oestrogen allowing you to match your 2 products complementary treatment easily


Transdermal Hormones PLUS Transdermal Skin Prep PLUS Anti-Androgen = BEST PRACTICE

Tablets, Capsules, Nasal Sprays, Suppositories, Oral Drops PLUS Anti-Androgen = BEST PRACTICE

Realistic Silicone Breast Forms That Last A Lifetime


Transformation website launch
Check out our new website

Female breasts are the biggest outward sign of a male to female transformation and you should only ever need to purchase  one pair to last you an entire lifetime so it is important that you choose wisely.

As well as a guarantee that they will last you a lifetime, you will want realism. The look and movement of a natural female breast can only be replicated if the weight and density of the filling is correct. It also needs to be heat conductive so it attains body temperature so as well as moving in a natural way it also feels right to the touch


You will see inferior grades of silicone breasts advertised elsewhere, usually massed produced in China which will quickly degrade & split.


Using medical grade siloxane silicone we have perfected breasts that are authentic replicas of the female breast. Made exclusively for us in Germany they are simply so good and durable that we provide a lifetime guarantee so you can actually view them as an investment rather than a purchase. We supply both private clinics and the NHS who use them when reconstructive surgery is unviable following mastectomy but we do not sell any of our products through third parties

It took us several further years of research & development to perfect reactive nipples which is offered as an option for those seeking total realism.

You can wear these life-like breasts in a bra or choose to use our special medical adhesive allowing you to replicate the unfettered movement of your breasts as you move.

Many of our customers choose to develop their own breasts using our exclusive oestrogen based hormone products but meantime or as an alternative, our superior siloxane silicone breasts are an ideal way of achieving an instant he-to-she transformation.. You can even complete the female naked look by wearing with our hand-made vagina latex panties.

Wearing realistic breasts is such a sensual feeling and one that will give you years of pleasure.


the world’s leading not-for-profit male to female specialists

1984 – 2015

Female Body Shaping


You are starting off with a male body shape which is pretty well straight up & down apart from the tummy if you are older and you want to achieve a female body shape often referred to as an ‘hourglass’ figure, you do this by using our female body shaping hormones.

As muscle weighs more than fat you need to convert it and that is achieved by reducing your level of testosterone the primary male hormone by taking anti-androgens and converting muscle into subcutaneous fat to the breast area, buttocks and a thin layer under the skin to give a softer smoother outline


Beautiful back of a young woman isolated on white background

For a male to female transformation reduce your weight if necessary using the licensed proven weight loss tablets (Reductamin) which we stock, take the primary female hormone, oestrogen available in a variety of delivery methods, creams, gel, atomisers, suppositories, nasal spray, capsules and tablets are available.

To get the best results from any transdermal treatment it is vital that you wash the treatment area and then thoroughly cleanse it using transdermal hormone skin prep which will remove the skins natural barrier oils and dead cells to facilitate maximum absorption

Slim spa women covering her breast, looking down.

It is important to be committed to sustained treatment as just like a girl at puberty it takes 3/4 years to achieve full development at which point you can switch to a low maintenance dosage. Please remember if you stop treatment development will gradually regress so perseverance and commitment is required but like Tanya below showing her breast development after 1 years treatment and again after 39 months

Transgender experts since 1984