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Transvestite Fiction


I am a perfectly normal male, who was married. After a very painful divorce, I was going to China because of business (I speak fluent Chinese). In those days we frequently went in and out through Hong Kong. We had business there.

We were introduced to a lovely club, called “Bottoms Up”. It was made famous in a James Bond movie. There are 5 bars, each having an octagonal shape, inside is a green platform on which is a nude woman who takes your order and serves you your drink(s). If one becomes a regular (I did!) you can take the girls out and then nature takes its course.

In my case I was already in love with Chinese women, and there was one very lovely, but very tall, slender, lady whose name was Christine. She was the most elegant woman I had ever seen, and she was gracious, but she always wore a “privacy shield” between her legs. The other girls only did this when it was their time of the month. Christine always did. I kept asking her out dancing, to dinner, etc.

Finally, after 2 years, she accepted. I was very happy. But some of the regular guys in the place took me aside and told me she was really a “he”. I did not believe them, and told them to just be quiet. To myself I said that I really did not care.

Well, the evening arrived, and I picked her up at her apartment where she introduced me to her friend, Sophie. Another long tall, slender beauty. We left, went to dinner and then began a night of dancing. Of course Christine was just an outstanding dancer, as am I. We both were having a really great time. Occasionally someone would come up to her and say hello and ask for her autograph which she gave.

I was confused, but flattered. Finally it was early in the morning and we headed to her place. On the way she gently fondled me, and brought me to a tremendous climax. I tried to do the same to her, but she pushed my hand away and told me later.



china2.jpgWhen we arrived at her place Sophie was gone, with a note saying she was staying with a boyfriend for the night. So we were set. We started to kiss and just totally fell into each other. Christine finally pulled back and excite me in a way I had never experienced. I was desperate to caress her and bring her up to where I was. She gently took off her top and of course I had seen but never touched or kissed her beautiful breasts, but that ended fast. Again, my hand went down between her legs. She pulled back and said she had a surprise for me and did not want to hurt me but she was different. Well, she was. She had an absolutely lovely penis, it was smooth, and long, and not at all fat or ugly. She put my hand on it, and it was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. She kissed me, and kissed me and I meantime manipulated her just as she was me. I told her I thought she was wonderful and just did not care.

She moaned and told me she took a long time to come. I told her I had all the time in the world. We did everything we could think of. It was just heaven.

In the afternoon, when we had exhausted ourselves her roommate returned. It turns out Sophie was the same. We had a long talk, and I danced with Sophie. Christine wanted to know if we could all three go out that evening and see what went on. Well I am sure you know the rest. We were a trio for 4 years. They were from Singapore and lovely. They moved back and I have not seen them since.

Now for the hard part. In the US I go out and go to clubs, bars etc. in the Washington DC area, mostly in Maryland. One very nice place (now gone unfortunately) was a regular hangout. My Chinese girl friend (a real girl) was always there with me and we knew everyone. My girlfriend went to China to visit Mom and Dad. I kept going to the club. A very tall blond began to come in, and she was always with a large (tall and a little heavy but not much) African American. The two were a set. They were very friendly., and everyone liked them. The big African American Girl had a boy friend who treated her like dirt, but he was white. The blonde, Julia, just was so much fun to be with that I fell a little in love with her.



On weekends the club had a live band, and Julia loved to dance but no one would dance with her. Finally one night I asked her to dance, she jumped off the bar stool and we began to dance, we did not stop all night. Several times one of my friends got me aside and told me that Julia was really a man. I just looked and said “So what?” and kept on dancing. At the end of the evening I walked Julia to her car, and we began kissing. She was embarrassed because she got hard and so did I. We rubbed each other and both had lovely orgasms. I made a date, kissed her goodnight and went home. She sent me an e-mail the next day telling me she was a “new” tranny and had only just started pills, dressing, and her breasts were still small, and she was undergoing many changes. She also said she wanted to have surgery to become a true female. I immediately asked her to move our date up and we went out to have Sushi.

After the Sushi, in the parking lot we again got into a heated and most intimate session. I asked her over to my house. She said she had been waiting for me to ask all evening. We went right home. Julia had the most perfect body, small, but firm and lovely breasts, a very smooth skin, and she is a marvellous kisser! We ended up in bed. She said she probably could not have an orgasm, as she had tried to masturbate and had not achieved a climax. She achieved several that night.

Julia was married, and has two lovely daughters. She would bring them with her to the club for dinner, dressed as a woman, and they did not mind at all. They are lovely little ladies, 12 and 14 years old. Julia and I had a lovely relationship.

However, the club closed (was sold to another group), and she has dropped her e-mail. I cannot find her, but am still trying. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, and I do not care a bit that she has a penis. In fact it is much more fun! I have tried to find places in the area where such ladies go, but have been really unsuccessful. I am a professional, I have normal urges, but much prefer the TV world.

The beautiful ladies who are pictured so often, and who seem to be made fun of by others are who I prefer to all others. I will keep looking for Julia, somehow I hope she reads this but that is to long a hope for me to even think of. I will look, and keep it up. I hope to find some place local where the ladies have the same equipment as I do. I do not like men at all, but the lovely ladies with the equipment are just what I love and prefer.

Thank you for reading this, and I am now going out and look for Julia again.

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