Chris or Christine



Chris was just a little late on puberty, being 13 years old and not experiencing it yet. Consequently, he was a bit confused about his sexuality. Most of his friends were already going out with girls at school, while he still couldn’t relate to the fascination of young girls bodies. He knew he definitely wasn’t turned on by boys bodies… the only thing that ever gave him an erection was watching his older sister Janet getting dressed.

It wasnt so much her body that turned him on as the clothes she wore. Seeing her delicately lift her pantyhose to the toes of her feet, then slowly, elegantly sliding them up over her feet, up her legs, until the waistband hugged her hips and the center seem kissed her crotch. Observing her hands deftly strapping a bra around her firm, round breasts. Watching slim, stocking clad feet slip into bright red high-heeled shoes. These were the things that aroused his sexuality.

Chris always wanted to try on her clothes, but his frame was a little smaller and he knew they wouldn’t fit him nearly as well as they did his sister.

Then one day, something happened. He came across a picture of himself as a two-year old, with Janet at ten years old standing near him. His mom had dressed him in a little blue shirt, but from the waist down he was clad in bright red tights. They were the same color as the tights his sister was wearing. All of the sudden Chris felt his penis stiffen and throb, confusion beginning to cloud his mind. He had erections before, but this time it was different. A shiver went up the spine, heart beats quickened slightly, and a strange tingling, tight feeling engorged his penis. He stood up, and hurried off into the attic in a state of confusion, not knowing what was going on.

There were several dressers in the darkness, lit partially by a window at the far end of the room. The attic was spooky without anyone else around–Chris almost never went up there alone. But something called out in his subconscious. Look around. Quickly. Open the drawers. Search.



In about twenty minutes, all of the dresser drawers had been opened, odd clothes strewn about the floor. Then something caught Chris’ eyes. With the bottom drawer of the big mahogany bureau pulled out, the space beneath was exposed that revealed a shiny red garment.

He reached in and grabbed it. It was soft, stretchy, and very slippery. Held at full length, it had the shape of a body, from neck to toe, with long sleeves and a small zipper in the back. What was it? Like tights and a leotard joined together, but no seams except along the arms and up the inner legs. A full body unitard. He dropped them. What a strange feeling! Like doing something wrong, yet so compelled to indulge.

In a brief moment, Chris had all of his clothes off and he sat on the cool floor. The air had a slight chilling effect, causing a tingling sensation across his skin. The zipper of the unitard slid down easily, revealing the inviting insides of the lycra garment. He rolled up the right side and pulled it onto his right foot, covering the toes the way Janet put on her pantyhose. Swiftly and eagerly, the spandex slid upwards, a snug fit to the upper thigh. He repeated the same with the left side, his crotch throbbing steadily. Standing up, Chris gave a firm but gentle tug, and the whole lower half of the unitard covered him up to his waist, a soft smooth snug feeling all over. He darted both hands through the arms, reached behind, and pulled up the zipper. Ohhhh…..

The light from the window danced across his body, and he could see himself in a mirror on the adjacent wall. There stood a young boy, clad so snugly in red lycra from neck to toe. At this point, Chris had trouble containing himself. Hormones coursed through his body, tingling sensations shot up the spine, and a compelling tight feeling surged through his maleness. How could something feel so good?? Both hands raced all over, taking in the stretchy smoothness of the lycra encased about him. He laid down and hugged himself gently, drenched in ecstasy. Moments passed.

“Chris? Oh, Chris! Where are you?”

It was his mother calling. Oh no! She couldn’ find him like this. What would she think?? He laid perfectly still, not to make a noise. Her voice came closer, approaching. Suddenly, he noticed that the attic door was slightly open. Certainly that would lure her to open it further and look inside!


His mother was only a few feet away now. But suddenly Chris was distracted. He felt a little odd, the unitard was slightly tighter around him somehow. And it got worse. The lycra seemed to have a life of its own, pulling, stretching, almost seeking to embed itself in his skin. He wanted to cry out!

“Chris?? Where are you? Humph! I could’ve sworn he came up here after school.”

A hand reached for the door handle, casting a dim shadow onto the attic floor, right beside a limber leg completely covered in red lycra. Chris felt hot flashes waving across his body. He began to shake slightly, a tight tingling sensation welling deeply in his penis. He felt like he was going to explode in sexual fervor, like never before. Thunk! The door closed. Footsteps walked off, downstairs. His mother was gone. Shiver! Tremble! He couldn’t control his body. Crotch pulsating, nipples pinching, skin crawling.
As if he had been punched in the stomach, Chris doubled over and moaned. His voice cracked, caught between boyhood and puberty, then smoothed with a feminine sigh.


Something was wrong. It felt as if the nipples on his chest were swollen. What happened? He reached down between his legs, hands sliding over the red lycra, to find that his penis was gone! Small thin lips running up and down, a small bump on the top that tingled with a touch, was all that was left. His hands felt smaller, his legs were thin, feet smaller. He touched himself more, only to finally realize that he had lost something–his boyhood. He now had the body of a girl! Christine, not Chris.

Her vagina pulsated, fresh from the transformation, eager to be loved. In a confused daze, she slowly brought her hand to it and stroked softly. Her newfound girlhood called for more. She pressed firmly between the lips of her vagina, massaging the clitoris. More, faster, firmly!

Her head turned to the side and she caught sight of herself in the mirror. In spite of the shock, she could see how lovely her new body was. Sweet long legs stretched out to the sides, pretty feet pointed outward, small breasts with nipples perked tightly. Her hand rubbed more briskly as her eyes stared back in anticipation. A quivering began, deep inside, like she never felt before. Like the rumble of a tidal wave, pleasure quaked through her body. The red lycra body danced in the dark, to a tune of a newfound sexuality.

Christine gave out long deep moans with each repeating orgasm, until she was completely spent, her love juices darkening the unitard between the legs. Her heavy breathing relaxed, giving way to slow soothing sighs. She rested and thought about her new predicament. What would she do, now that she was no longer a boy? She giggled, revealing a peaceful smile. What did it matter? She never felt better before in her whole life.

The End

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