When I finally after many years of tortuous indecision to undergo a complete and irreversible male to female transformation I had no idea of the huge differences that it would involve just to pass convincingly. These problems face everyone whether a transvestite or transsexual so please avoid any of the following obvious giveaways.

It’s fairly easy to either grow your own female breasts or use silicone realistic silicone ones but before you can venture out confidently you need to perfect the following feminine traits


1. Dressing – do not overdress especially if going out in the daytime, you want to look more like a housewife rather than if you are ‘on the game’ so simple skirt or trousers with a top and low heeled shoes. Choose styles that are currently popular

2. Make-up – women do not wear heavy makeup in the daytime so a sheer beard cover, light powder, toned-down lipstick, light dusting of blusher, eyeliner, brown spectrum eyeshadow and mascara is as much as you need. Training DVD available

3. Hairstyle – Natural hair colour as near as you own maximum shoulder-length

4. Stockings – a no-no in summer as women bare their legs

5. Jewellery – no woman goes shopping with a tiara, just earrings and a ring

6. Speech – do not try & speak in a falsetto voice, breath from your stomach and aim for a breathy sound Speech Therapy of Feminising your voice CD course available

7. Deportment – Women walk, stand & sit differently to men so take time to observe. Deportment Training DVD available

8. Confidence – Looking nervous identifies you immediately as a crossdresser or a terrorist, neither of which is good

By necessity this is but a brief guide but there is a huge resource section on our website that is free to access and if you have a particular question just email us for our free advice service


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