Dream Date

 Dream Date

As soon as I left the bar last night, I knew that I was in trouble. Big trouble. As many times as I have worn a bra under my shirt, that was the first time that anyone had detected it, and I mean, ANYONE.

It didn’t seem as though I had any choice but to accept your invitation for a date. I would have risked immediate exposure if I hadn’t. I knew that you wouldn’t keep your mouth shut if I say no’ to your invitation.’

So, the first thing this morning, I call Sammy, the guy that runs the beauty shop two doors down from my apartment, and ask him if he could do me’ late this afternoon. He knew what do me’ meant. He had done me’ just last Halloween before I went to a costume party, and he got such a thrill out of it, I was sure that he would do it again. (You see, one way Sammy gets his kicks is making beautiful females out of males. He really gets off on that. In fact, last Halloween, just as he was finishing, he DID get off, right there in front of me!)

Sammy looked at his calendar and said his last appointment was at 3:00 this afternoon. He said he would close his shop, and for me to be there just after 3:00. I told him I would. He said, “Come in drag. I want you to run the risk of getting caught!” I told him no’, I couldn’t come out like that, but when he said he would not do me’ if I didn’t, I had to give in to him.

I’ve spent almost this entire day getting ready for you. After I hung up the phone from talking with Sammy, the first thing I did was shave my entire body, except for my shoulder-length hair. When I finished shaving, I put Nair all over me to get rid of any stubble that might be left. I didn’t think you would want your date to have any body hair showing any place. After I waited about 20 minutes for the Nair to work, I took a big, long bubble bath to make my hairless skin real soft for you.

On completing my bath, I applied a real feminine-smelling body lotion to soften my skin even more. Then I polished my toenails and fingernails in a bright red, which would match my lipstick. Then, after much thought, I went and got the artificial breast forms. I didn’t really want to wear them because of the pain that was caused when they were removed. I had only worn them once before, and I promised myself at that time that I would never put them on again. But, here I was, doing it anyway.



bigchanges-p3.jpgThe breast forms were very special. About two years ago, I worked in a lab for a local hospital where there were experimenting on artificial skin, to be used for patients who had been scarred by burns. They had developed it to where you could not tell but what it was the patient’s real skin. It was extremely thin, thinner that a piece of aluminum foil, and was as flexible as it could be. It had pores, so the real skin could still breathe and sweat in a normal manner. The only bad thing about it was that it was applied with a special cement which did not break down for about six months. Otherwise, you had to pull it off, which pulled on your own skin.

After they developed the artificial skin, it was only a small step to combine that with breasts for patients who had undergone radical mastectomies. The one unit of skin and breasts ran all the way from the waist to the top of the shoulders, and all the way around the front half of the body. I had been given one of the prototypes by my boss as a souvenir of the project. Without him knowing it, I had taken some of the body cement so that I could actually use them.

So I got the cement and the breasts and skin and laid down on the bed. I took the cement and painted my upper body from my waist to my shoulders, and then positioned the breasts over my nipples and smoothed out all of the skin, both below the breasts and up to my neck and shoulders. The breasts were really beautiful, a perfectly formed C’ cup, with nipples that were constantly hard. It almost made me hard just to lie there and look at them while the cement was drying, which didn’t take long.

As I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror, I had the upper body of a beautiful female. Only my male organ, now sticking straight out, gave away my true sex. I tried to forget about it so it would go down.

I went and got my black satin corset with the red piping around the top and the bottom. It had a quarter bra at the top which did nothing but push the breasts up and out, and it had eight garters at the bottom. Although it looked very soft and feminine, it was heavily boned and was made to literally shape the figure to an hour-glass form. It laced in the front and as I pulled the laces together, I could feel my body changing shape. My waist was being cinched in very tight, and the top and bottom of me was getting bigger.



dreamdate-p3.jpgWhen I got through with the lacing, my breasts were barely inside the quarter bra they had been pushed up and out so much, and I was really sticking out in the back, just like a sexy female.

I sat down to put on my sheer black silk stockings which I was going to wear tonight, and as I fastened the eight garters, I could feel them tugging on my stockings all the way around. I slipped into some red leather sandals which had only two tiny straps across the toes, and a thin ankle strap in the back.

The heels were only 3″ high, but they were really spiked, and it was difficult for me to walk in them. (I had practiced a lot walking in the 5″ heels that I would be wearing tonight, but hadn’t worn these much at all.) There was so little support from the two tiny straps. It felt like I was walking on my tiptoes all the time.

I went to the bathroom and teased and brushed out my shoulder-length hair. I pulled a little bit of hair down on my forehead to give me some bangs, and fluffed it all up real good to give me a feminine look. Then I pinned an artificial carnation on the side. I lined my lips with a bright red liner and filled in with a bright red wet-look lipstick. I clipped some red button earrings on each ear and put on a red bracelet.

It was almost 3:00 o’clock so I slipped into a tight-fitting red silk blouse and buttoned it up the front. It was almost too tight because you could plainly see the outline of my nipples sticking out, but I thought Sammy would like that.

I put on my panties, the sheer black bikinis that had the ties on the sides, and they really made me feel sexy. I just knew that you were going to be pleased with the way I would look tonight.

I stepped into a black, straight skirt and zipped it up on the side. It was tight enough to show my behind sticking out, but not too tight to be uncomfortable. I grabbed a red leather shoulder bag, put my lipstick and money in it, and left for the beauty parlor.

It felt funny walking down the hallway of the apartment building in those spindly high heels. I could barely tell that I had them on, they were so light, but I knew I was in heels because every once in a while, I would wobble a little as I took a step.

As I got on the elevator, I almost tripped but I caught myself before I fell. The elevator was empty except for one lady and a little girl. As the elevator started down, the little girl tugged on the lady’s skirt and said, “Mommie, mommie, I want you to polish my toenails like that lady has hers.”, pointing to my feet.

Her mother came back, “Sally, that’s no lady. That’s a man dressed up to look like a woman. Didn’t you see that he tripped in those high heels as he was getting in the elevator? I guess he wants to be a female. It looks like he has gone to a lot of trouble to fool people. He won’t fool very many though, until he learns how to walk better in high heels. He should have worn flats.”



I was so humiliated that I could die. I wasn’t 30 feet from my apartment and I had been made’, by someone I didn’t even know! They got out of the elevator a few floors down, and as she left, she said, “Sweetie, you be careful in those heels, or you will break one of those pretty legs, ok?” I was devastated by her last remark.

My heart just fell. What if I did fall and hurt myself. Maybe I shouldn’t go through with this. But then, I thought of the consequences if I didn’t, and they would be far worse, so I continued.

I was very careful as I stepped from the elevator and out on to the street. Thank goodness, there was nobody around, and I only had two buildings to cross to get to the beauty shop.

When I got to the door, Sammy was waiting to let me in. He put the CLOSED’ sign in the window and locked the door. Then, he escorted me back to the back. He complimented me on how well I looked, especially with the flower in my hair, and he noticed my figure too. I told him I was already dressed for tonight, except for my evening gown, shoes and purse. I would put those on when I got back to the apartment.

He asked me to tell him specifically what I would be wearing tonight. He wanted to make sure that my hair and makeup complemented my dress. I told him that I would be wearing a black and white evening gown, black at the top and white from the waist down. He wanted to know exactly how it was made.

I had to tell him that it was strapless, very low cut which would expose a lot of my breasts if I removed the little short, bolero cape I would be wearing over the top.

I told him the skirt was rather provocative. It was straight and tight, and that it was split to the thighs in both the front and the back, making me have to stand all the time. If I sat down, it would fall away on both sides, exposing virtually all of my legs. I really felt naked when it did that. Like I had nothing on. And since the skirt was white, and I was wearing sheer black stockings, my legs would stand out even more against the white background.

He wanted to know how low the top was cut, and I told him it just barely came up over my nipples. All the top of my breasts was exposed if I removed my jacket. He though that was real sexy, and said that I surely should remove my jacket during some part of the evening, just to give my date a thrill.

I thought about what you would do when you saw my breasts exposed like that. It kind of made me shudder. With very little effort on your part, my gown could be slid down, exposing practically all of the breasts. The bra on the corset didn’t cover much at all.



When we got to the back of the shop, he opened a door that led into a big private room. It was completely equipped with a chair, sink, hair dryer, etc. He asked me again, “Do you want the works’ this afternoon?” I responded with a timid “Yes, please. I want to be as beautiful and seductive as I can for my date.”

Sammy said, “Well, you will have to do everything that I say. Are you ready to do that?” And I responded, “Yes, I guess so.” With that, he asked me to take a seat in the chair. He went over to the wall and flipped a switch and turned and said, “Since you are getting the works’, you will receive a video tape of the entire transformation. There is no extra charge for it. I do it every time I give the works’.” And he came back over behind the chair.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt a wide belt go around my waist and he was buckling it tight behind the chair. I asked him what that was for and he said, “You’ll see. Just wait. Put your hands in the manicure molds.”

As I looked down at the arms of the chair, there were molds at the ends to separate the fingers and thumb. Not knowing what was going on, I spread the fingers on both hands and places them in the molds. Before I knew it, Sammy had placed a wide Velcro bands around my wrists and the arms of the chair, and pulled them tight.

I didn’t know what to say, so I just waited and didn’t say anything. Sammy proceeded to put another Velcro binding on my arms just below my elbows. I was now securely bound to the chair with my arms and waist. I tried to move a little and couldn’t move anything but my legs. It wasn’t long before they were spread to the sides of the footrest and bound with more bands. Now I was totally helpless.

Sammy reached over to the counter and got an aerosol can with his right hand, and then held my nose with his left hand. When I had to open my mouth to breathe, he sprayed something down the back of my throat. It had a cherry taste, and when I opened my mouth to tell him how good it tasted, my vocal cords would not work at all. He had paralyzed them. Not a sound would come out, no matter how hard I tried.

Then he said, “Don’t worry, honey. This will last only an hour or so. I just didn’t want to hear you whining while I was working on you!” Then he turned the chair around and laid me back flat, as though he were going to wash my hair. He said, “I have some beautiful contact lens that you will wear in your eyes tonight. I used some just like them a couple of weeks ago on a guy that got the works’ and his date thought they were fantastic. Don’t worry about being blind. I will see that you get back to your apartment and get dressed on time.”



He reached over to the counter and got a lens. It was extremely large for a contact, as big as my whole eyeball, and it had a picture of a beautiful, sensuous eye painted on the front side. On the back side, it was coal black.

He pulled my lower right eyelid down and asked me to hold it there. Then he pulled the upper lid up and dropped the contact into my eye. I startled me a bit but it didn’t hurt. He did the same thing with my left eye, and all of a sudden, I realized…I was BLIND! And it would look to anybody else that I was alert and wide awake. I couldn’t see anything, not even a little light coming in around the edges. I wanted to scream but nothing came out. I couldn’t say anything to stop him.

All of a sudden, I began to feel real helpless..more like an object that a human being. I was bound to the chair and blinded by the contacts. I was there for him to use any way he liked.

After he finished that, he called out, “OK, guys, you can come out now. He can’t move and he can’t see you. I have him bound to the chair and gagged with my special spray.”

I was shocked! Sammy had some guys hiding in the other room. What were they there for? What were they going to do? My mind was racing…I was almost in a panic!

I heard them as they walked from the other room. One of them was definitely wearing high heels, real high heels, because I could hear short, mincing steps and the click of his heels on the tile floor. What was going to happen to me? I was breathing fast from the fear. About the time they reached the chair, Sammy said, “Honey, I would like for you to meet Bill and Bobbi, that’s Bobbi with an i’. Since you can’t see them, I’ll describe them to you.

“Bill is very tall, about 6’6″ and weighs about 180 pounds. Bobbi is a little petite thing, probably not more that 5’6″ counting the 6” spike heels shoes he is wearing. Bobbi is wearing a summer-weight mini dress that has pink and blue flowers on it. It has a full skirt and a tight-fitting bodice. He’s wearing a black pearl necklace and bracelet with it, and it carrying a black clutch purse. He has on sheer nude stockings and his spike heels are hot pink leather pumps. Bill is wearing white slacks and a hot pink sport shirt with his white loafers.

They are going to help me out by draining your balls. You must be totally empty when you have your date tonight, so you won’t get any male’ ideas. Now just relax and let them do their thing on you. You’ll find that they are very good at sucking cock, both of them! Just sit there and let them empty you, do you hear?”

I couldn’t see a thing. I couldn’t see what they looked like or anything. I just nodded my head to Sammy, or rather to where his voice was coming from.

With that, Sammy raised the back of the chair to the upright position, but he left my legs sticking straight out. Then he said, “Go ahead boys, he’s all yours…but don’t go too fast. It’s going to take me a while to pull all of his hair through the fine net of this wig. I don’t want him cumming before I get through with that.” And I felt a wig being fitted on my head.



Sammy said, “Honey, even though your hair is probably long enough, that mousey brown color just won’t go with that black and white gown you are planning on wearing. This is a long black wig that I have put on you. It comes down to about the center of your back, just above your waist a little. I am going to take a knitting needle and pull your hair through the mesh in the wig, and then I will dye your hair and the wig coal black. That should really be pretty, don’t you think?”

I tried to say no’ but nothing would come out, so I shook my head no’ to tell him that I didn’t want that done. I didn’t want my hair dyed black. I wouldn’t be able to go to work with it that way.

When he saw me shake my head no’, he said, “Well, Honey, it doesn’t matter whether you want that or not, that’s the way it’s going to be!” And he poked the thin needle through the hair of the wig, then the mesh base, then twisted it and got a few of my real hairs and pulled them up through the wig.

Then he went back through in almost the same place and did it again. And he kept doing that, just three or four hairs at a time. Meanwhile, I felt something else. A hand very lightly touched me on my right ankle and a big, booming bass voice said, “Bill, his legs are so beautiful, I’m getting hard just looking at them.”

And Bill said, “Yea, and I love those high heels he is wearing. They are so dainty I don’t see how he could walk in them. And look at those beautiful bright red toenails. It makes me want to suck them, even with his shoes on.”

And Sammy said, “Go ahead, Bill, do anything that turns you on. He’s not going to resist!” And with that, I felt a mouth on my left foot. He must have had my shoe in his mouth too. And he began to suck on my toes.

Then I felt the hand on my right leg begin to slowly move up my leg toward my knee. And I felt the needle go in and get a few more strands of hair and pull them out. All of this together made my cock begin to stir in my panties. Bill kept sucking on my toes and Bobbi kept moving his hand slowly up my leg.

When he got to the bottom of my skirt, he went underneath it and kept right on going. I wanted to scream out and say no, stop’ but that was impossible. I tried to move to get away from that probing hand, but I was tied so tight that I couldn’t move at all.



Bill said, “Bobbi, why don’t you raise his skirt? Let’s see what he has in his panties.” And I felt my skirt being pulled up and the hem tucked into the waistband. I knew they had exposed my bare thighs above the tops of my stockings, and I could feel the cool air on my panties, and I began to get harder and harder. I couldn’t stop myself. Then Bobbi, in his bass voice said, “Bill, look at those cute panties with the ties on the sides. Would you buy me some like that?” And he said, “Sure, Sweetie, as long as you let me suck that big cock of yours. I’ll buy you anything you want. Why don’t you undo the ties and let’s see what kind of cock he has.” And I felt some long fingernails fumbling with the ties on my panties. His fingernails must have been real long, because he couldn’t seem to get a hold of the ties. Finally, Sammy reach down and said, “Here, let me help you with those. It’s hard to do that with those 2″ nails you have. I’ll do it for you.”

In an instant, I felt the pressure from my panties was gone, and my cock popped out into the air. I know it must have been sticking straight up from the way it felt. When it did that, they all clapped and hollered, “Hooray, hooray. Would you look at that!” I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I would have died if I could.

Bill quit sucking on my toe and started rubbing both hands up and down my nylon-covered legs, and the more he rubbed, the hotter I got. Right then, it didn’t seem to matter that he was a man. I was hot. Then I felt a rough tongue on the tip of my cock, and it was flicking back and forth. I didn’t know who it was. I wanted to move so bad. I wanted to tell them to stop. I couldn’t do either. I just had to lay there and take it.

Then Bill said, “Oh, Bobbi, I got a little pre-cum out of him just by flicking the head. Would you like a little taste of him?”

And Bobbi said, “Yes, please kiss me, and kiss me deep. I want to see what he tastes like.”

Then everything stopped for a few seconds except the pulling of my hair through the wig. Sammy said, “Guys, are you going to do each other, or are you going to do him?”

And Bill said, “OK, we’ll do him first. Then we will do each other.”

With that, I felt my cock in somebody’s mouth, all the way down their throat. My body shuddered when they started pulling their mouth away. I’ve never had such a thrill in my life. As quick as I was out in the open, their mouth closed on me again, only this time, it was another mouth. I didn’t go as far in as the other one. Although I knew that I shouldn’t cum with a guy sucking on me, I wanted to. I wanted to real bad.



But then they slowed down, and one would suck on me and then the other. I thought I would explode but every time I was on the edge, they would stop for a few seconds and just leave me suffering. This must have gone on for over a half hour, and then Sammy said, “OK, guys, one of you finish him off. I’m about done with pulling his hair through this wig. We need to get on with other things.”

felt my cock go down somebody’s throat, and this time it stayed there. They took their rough tongue and rubbed the underside of my cock without taking it out of their mouth.

After about 30 seconds of this I exploded with the biggest orgasm I have ever had in my life, and they just kept sucking and sucking until my balls were absolutely empty. There wasn’t one drop left in them. I wondered if I would be able to do half as good for you if you made me go down on you tonight.

No sooner than they were through with me, Sammy said, “Sweetie, I’m now going to color your hair and give you a perm at the same time. Your hair is really beautiful as it is, but it needs just a little wave in it. That will make it look fantastic. The perm has an ebony black dye in it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any rinse-out color in black so I will have to use this one. You’ll just have to get used to having black hair from now on.”

Then, I could feel him start to put big rollers in my hair. When he had all of them in, I could smell that awful perm solution being put all over my scalp.

While the color and perm were setting, he said, “While that sets, I’ll pierce your ears…no, I’ll double pierce your ears. That will make you look really sexy!”

In no time, I could feel something cold on my right ear. Then a snapping sound, like a staple gun. But I didn’t feel anything. The thing was moved a little and then another snap. He was literally ruining me with this make over’. I wouldn’t be able to go back to work on Monday. I couldn’t take holes out of my ears!



When he finished with my makeup, he assisted me out of the chair and said he would walk me back to the apartment. It was eerie, trying to walk in those high heels and not being able to see where I was going. I thought I was going to fall down all the time. He walked me around the shop for a little for me to get used to being on his arm. Then I heard him open the door and we went out on the sidewalk. I could feel the difference in walking on the concrete and walking on the tile floor in his shop.

In what seemed like forever, we made it to my apartment building. Thank goodness there were no steps for me to have to climb. But Sammy did tell me when to step over the elevator opening so I would not hang a heel in the crack.

As we rode up the elevator, a male voice said, “My, Dear, your hair is just beautiful!” Sammy nudged me a little to indicate that comment was for me, so I turned my head toward the sound of his voice and in said, in a whisper, “Thank you.” And he said, “And those big, blue eyes of yours are just gorgeous” to which I repeated my thanks, bowing my head to make him think that I was very shy. If he only knew I couldn’t see anything but pitch black, he would be shocked. This was really weird.

As we got out of the elevator and were walking down the hall, he called out, “And those beautiful red high heels really make your ankles look nice.” I could have gone through the floor with embarrassment. Sammy asked for my apartment number and I told him 611, and fumbled in my purse for the key. As he unlocked the door and we went in, he said, “Gosh, it’s almost 7:00 o’clock. I had better get you dressed, and fast.

With that he unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. He couldn’t resist touching my breasts, and I couldn’t say a thing. He removed my skirt and I could feel the air blowing over my body, standing there in my undies and high heels. He had me sit on the bed and I could feel him taking off my shoes. Then I felt him putting on my evening shoes, those black patent pumps with the 5″ spiked heels.

Sammy said, “You can’t go out tonight with your cock flapping around in your panties like that. I’ll fix it up real nice for you, and I guarantee that you won’t have to worry about it. I have this 1/4″ wide pink ribbon. All we have to do is to tie it real tight around the head of your cock and then pull your cock down and backwards and cement the ribbon to you buttocks. We can’t bring it up through your crack, because your date might want to get into that virgin backside tonight and play around.”

Then he stood me up and put on the bodice of my evening gown. It was really tight, I could just feel that I was sticking out over the top. He patted the tops of my breasts and said, “Those are just about the nicest tits that I have seen in a long time. Your date should really enjoy them.”



Then Sammy said, “I have some earrings here at work that I will loan you to wear tonight, Dear. They will really be pretty with your outfit. We will use these small sterling silver balls in the upper holes, and I have some beautiful, silver Christmas trees for the lower holes. You won’t even feel the little balls at the top, but the trees’ may be a little uncomfortable until you get used to them. They are quite long and heavy, but I’m sure that your date will really get turned on by them. They are like little 5″ trees with a trunk and branches, hanging down from your ears, On each of the branches, there one to four tiny silver bells, which will actually ring when you move your head. I’m sure they will attract attention. They have every time they have been worn.”

And then I could feel him put the little balls in the holes he had made in my ears. And when he put the trees’ on me, I could really feel them. They were really heavy, and I would be consciously aware that I was wearing earrings all the time! And the little bells would tinkle every time I moved my head the least little bit.

Sammy came around to the front of the chair and started working on my hands which were tightly bound to the manicure molds. He said, “Honey, we’re going to have to remove your nail polish. I have some beautiful 2″ artificial high fashion nails which will make your hands look much better.” And I felt a cold liquid on my fingers, removing the polish that I had taken so long to put on.

Then he said, “Sorry, Sweetie, but I don’t have any of the regular fingernail cement. I will have to put these on with industrial strength cement. They will stay much better with that anyway, except you won’t be able to remove them for several months.” I was literally being ruined. I had a wig that I couldn’t get off, breast forms that would be very painful to remove, and now artificial nails that were permanent. What was he doing to me?

I could feel him cement each nail over my own nail, but I couldn’t tell any difference, at least not then with my hands and arms bound to the chair the way they were.

When he was finished with my new nails, he laid me back in the chair and I and heard the water running. He took the rollers out and rinsed out my hair and raised my chair and put me under the hair dryer. When I finished drying, he started doing my makeup.

He moved me over to a makeup mirror where he start to transform my face into that of a beautiful female. He said, “Your face will be beautifully made up, almost lacquered like a Japanese doll, with silvery eye shadow, a dull reddish rose blusher, and pancake with powder to match your tannish complexion. Long false eyelashes complete the picture, along with your normal eyebrows. Your lips will be painted a glossy red. You will be exotically beautiful.”



dreamdate-p12.jpgThen he had me put a hand on his shoulder to keep my balance while I stepped into the skirt of the gown. I could feel it being tightly fastened around my waist, but I could also feel the air on my legs and know that they were sticking out through the slits. I tried to put my feet together so it would cover my legs, but it was difficult to stand in that position for very long.

I could feel him pull the white, elbow-length gloves up on my arms, and could feel my fingertips open to the air. He slipped a strand of black pearls around my neck and a black pearl bracelet on my left wrist, over my glove.

To finish up, he slipped the short, bolero cape around my shoulders and buttoned the one button to hold it on. He handed me my small, silver clutch purse, to complete my transformation. He said I was to carry that with me at all times, wherever I went.

Just as he finished, the doorbell rang and Sammy went to the door. He opened it, and invited you in. He introduced himself and told you he was the one responsible for the transformation. He told you that I was blind, but if you wanted me to be able to see, all he had to do was remove my contact lenses. He also told you about my lack of voice, and gave you a little atomizer tube you could use to neutralize the chemical that had paralyzed my vocal cords.

Then he said good-bye and left, closing the door behind him. And here we are together, all alone..just the two of us. I hope you will be tender with me.

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