High Heels and Shoes

Deciding what shoes to wear is a dilemma for most transvestites. We take a closer look at what is available and what is the right heel for the right occasion.

Men tend to have big, broad feet which they plant firmly on the ground when they walk. Women, on the other hand, have narrow, delicate feet and they walk with short step, their weight thrown forward onto their toes.

There is little a transvestite can do about the shape or size of his feet, but if he seriously wishes to be accepted as a woman he must at least learn to walk like one, which is difficult in poorly fitting shoes.

Fortunately, the problem has been recognised by TV specialists and shoe manufacturers, and there is now a wide range of feminine footwear intended for masculine use.

Of course, there is a small price to pay for such specialisation, but true elegance never came cheaply. In trying to disguise the size and shape of the masculine foot the designer will subtly alter the proportions of the shoe:

Extremely high heels make the foot appear shorter, and a narrower effect can be achieved by subtle curves and delicate strapping. Long pointed toes also have a narrowing effect, but provide a daunting challenge for the walker!

Before venturing out in shoes of extreme design the wise transvestite will put in months of practice. It will result in aching calf muscles and blistered heels but to the dedicated TV no amount of suffering is too great if it achieves the desired objective.

high1.jpgShoes can make or break an outfit so always be very selective with your footwear! Stilettos should not be the only items to adorn your feet. Very few women wear high heels all the time, but they are a must for any special occasion or for an extra-sexy look. A smaller heel, usually 2″ to 3″ is far more practical and comfortable. They are easier to walk in, do not cramp the foot and look nice with skirts and dresses. Lower-heeled shoes do not have to look ‘frumpy’ – there are numerous styles, colours and toe-shapes available. If you choose something to complement your outfit, you can be stylish without high heels. A completely flat-soled shoe is only recommended for younger TVs (say 18-28) or the more mature (55-60+). To look feminine they must be worn with very soft and flimsy dresses or skirts.

For and Against Stilettos


Legs look more shapely and sexier Feet look smaller Walking tends to be with smaller steps, and more delicate


They make you much taller! Deportment must be practiced before venturing out in them They emphasise the calf muscles

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