Male to Female Hormones – What Do I Need ?

You are a transvestite/transexual and are thinking of starting on a course of male to female hormone treatment and don’t know where to start ?

Breast Development ? Full Gender Feminisation ? Body Hair Removal ? Curvy Hourglass Shape ?

All these can be achieved with Transformation hormones that have all been manufactured specifically for transvestites and transsexuals.



” I want to grow breasts but I don’t know where to start. What hormones would you suggest I take? “

First things first we need to block out the testosterone that occurs naturally in your body. We do this with our Anti Androgen Capsules. These will then let the feminisation hormones that are oestrogen based work without hindrance.  Next the Double Strength Breast Cream. The highest active ingredient in this is coagulated oestrogen. Rubbing this cream into the breast area provides complete absorption. Oestrogen Accelerator capsules speed up the intake of oestrogen into the body meaning faster breast growth. Profem drops contain highly concentrated oestrogen and dramatically boost your levels of female hormones. To finish your breast growth a double breast pump. This will enhance your breast tissue development and increase size.  Why not make life easier for yourself and save money too and buy The Breast Development Course for just £299. Included in the kit Double Strength Oestrogen Hormone Breast Cream,  Double Strength Oestrogen Hormone Nipple Cream, Oestrogen Accelerator Capsules and Femboost Capsules.



” I want feminine, sensitive nipples “

Nipple development is usually much faster than for breast growth because of the difference in mass. Using the direct skin absorption technique the Double Strength Nipple Cream gets fantastic results. Again you will need to use anti androgen and femboost to boost the intake of oestrogen into your body. A nipple pump is also a must.It’s special vacuum suction accelerates the development speed and increases the pertness of the nipples.



” I want to stop my beard and body hair growth”

The release of male hormones in to the bloodstream at puberty triggers the growth of both facial and body hair. This unique feminising hormone and Anti-Androgen formula gradually reverses this process weakening hair structure and slowing its growth until eventually you attain the same feminine downy hair structure as a genetic female. Beard growth is stronger that that on the body and the facial skin is more sensitive. Our beard retardent special formula combines a powerful effective treatment combined with anti-inflammatory skin care.

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