Jacqueline – A heterosexual Cross Dresser

Hi. I am Jacqueline, a 48 year old married heterosexual Cross Dresser, who has been dressing since… well, since many years ago.

I remember the first feminine object that I tried was long red earrings from my sister, when I was 8 years old. Later I started with the pumps of my mother and the lingerie of my sister and as you know with the time the impulse was increased, looking for a complete woman’s image!

Well many years later, I got married with a wonderful woman, who gave me 3 splendid kids. In the first 10 years of my marriage, I continued with my dressing using only my wife’s clothes and make-up, without any problems.

jacq2.jpgFinally one day, my wife was out of the house and I started my dressing process. When I was close to finishing my make-up (and completely dressed), my wife returned earlier than I expected and saw me!!! It was a shock for her, and I agreed to seek help from a psychologist.

In that moment my wife began to understand what cross dressing is, and she accepted me, with the classic condition that I must only dress when the kids were out or sleeping, and without a lot of participation from her side.

After several years she came to accept being be part of my cross dressing, but with the condition I not go out dressed. I accepted and the relationship with her was incredible. Many years later, I spent some days alone at home, and I went to Glamour shoots. It was my first experience ‘out’ and also my first contact with other people as Jacqueline.



jacq3.jpgThat happened 3 years ago, but 3 months ago I had the good fortune to get the address of Marilynn, a professional Cross Dresser photographer who has photographed models for several catalogs. I got in contact with her and we arranged an appointment for a complete makeover in August.

The following days were so exciting, but also so stressful with waiting. Finally the day came and I was sitting on the bed of the hotel at 18:00 with an incredible nervousness, but I got up the courage to do it and I went to her studio.

Let me say, that it was the best and amazing experience in all my life! Marilynn and Denise, who did my make-up and my hairdo, were waiting for me. Denise took me to start the process of applying complete make-up and I could feel how my feminine side was coming to the front. Then Marilynn helped me to choose the outfits that we were going to use – I put the first one on and we went to the studio, in that moment I felt like a real model and I believe I acted as one!!!

jacq4.jpgWe spent more than four hours with different outfits and different coloured wigs, finally the great moment arrived and I put my body in the Wedding Dress! There are no words to explain the feeling of this moment dressing as a Bride, the most important moment of every woman’s life.

Well this was my experience and I really loved to share it with all of you. If you would like to contact me my femail is Jacqueline5353@yahoo.com

Kisses, Jacqueline

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