Jayne’s Story

Jayne’s Story

I remember my first full day out as a woman – it was one of the most exciting days of my life.

I had been with Marion for about a year, and she had already found my clothes and make up which I thought I had hidden away out of sight. She asked me who they belonged to. At first I said they were my sisters, but seeing that she did not believe me, I told her the truth – that I really loved to dress and be a woman.

I was very surprised when she seemed to accept it, and we talked it over. After that, she even helped me with my dressing and make up. We often went out as sisters, shopping things, but it was only for a few hours at a time.

We had been to see her best friend, Samantha, in London a few times, and as a laugh Marion suggested I put on a skirt and top when Sam went to make the tea. When she returned, she thought it was funny, and she produced some make-up and applied it to me. I felt a thrill through my body, and we told her about my other self. I spent the rest of the visit as Jayne, only changing to go home. It was actually Sam who suggested we go out somewhere, all as girls, and it was agreed we would go to the coast.

We arranged to meet Sam at Charing Cross Station at about 8am, so Marion and I had gotten up before six. I had a quick bath and cleansed my skin, before choosing what I was going to wear for the day. It was the height of summer, so I chose a short, above-knee-length white skirt, and a short-sleeved white top, as Marion had suggested. Marion then set about putting on my make-up. I was in my early twenties, and fortunately did not have much facial hair, so we did not have to disguise it much. When she had finished, I put on my wig (which went below my shoulders, as long hair suits me better) and we set off.

I was on such a high, looking forward to the day, and a little nervous as well. Firstly, I would be Jayne all day, not just for a few hours, and secondly, Sam would be seeing me as Jayne fully dressed for the first time. I had that wonderfull feeling, which I am sure we must all experience, as we go out into the world as our female selves!

When we arrived at Charing Cross, Marion said to hide, while she went to fetch Sam. I walked towards them as they said hello, and greeted Sam. The look of surprise on her face was great, and she complimented me on how I looked, saying I looked very natural. She admitted that she hadn’t been sure about how I would appear, and had been a bit worried. But not now!

We had to go on the underground to Victoria Station, and decided to have a bite to eat in a litte cafe near the station. As we walked in, we attracted a few wolf whistles from some breakfasting builders, and one remarked at my short skirt, that it shouldn’t be allowed! We had a giggle when we sat down. They kept staring our way, and Sam said they were looking at me and commenting on my looks, as she had overheard them. Little did they realise! As we left, they said ‘bye, girls’ to us. I must have blushed!


At Victoria we boarded the train for Margate. As we walked along the platform, I loved the breeze that caressed my legs. I felt on top of the world, knowing that I had no choice but to be female all day. That was the whole idea, I had no male clothes with me at all. I clutched the strap of my shoulder bag, feeling so feminine. I had my make-up inside, just in case I needed a touch up! I opend the zip and checked inside, and saw my purse, keys, handkerchief and the cosmetics, and a pair of tights in case it turned a bit chilly.

The journey took about 2 hours or so, and as we left the train at Margate, the warm breeze again touched my bare legs. I just felt so happy. It was a warm sunny day, and we made our way to the beach. We sat on the sand for a while, then Sam suggested we go for some refreshment. McDonalds was chosen. Now, as I have said it was the height of summer, so many people were around, and I was passing so well, even getting some favourable comments from the boys!

Samantha was listening to what was said, and told me everything! It all made me feel so confident, and a thrill again ran through my body. We spent the whole day there until early evening, eating at a resturant, playing pool in the arcades, and riding the attractions in what was then called Dreamland. The only thing that did worry me was using the toilet, as we had to go to the ladies. I was a little concerned, but need not have worried, as Sam had said.

She seemed to be enjoying the day as much as me, I suppose she liked knowing what others did not! We talked about all sorts of Girl things, and it was a wonderful time.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and we made our way back to the station. When we arrived back at Victoria, Sam suggested we go back to her place as, her mum was away for a few days – we would have the place to ourselves. Marion and I said we would not be able to get home after, but Sam said we could stay the night. But what about the morning – I would have to wear the same clothes! We agreed I would borrow a dress from Sam as we were the same size.

Arriving at her place, we had the rest of the evening to talk and laugh around. It was about 2am before we went to bed, Sam lent me one of her nightdresses to wear. It had been a great day and night!

In the morning, we did not have to rise too early. I was made up by Sam, and she styled my wig in a different way. She loved to do it for me. At about 11, we had to go home, and Sam came to the station with us. She gave us both hugs and kisses, and told me she enjoyed meeting Jayne, and hoped to do so again.

She did…


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