Jennifer is about 23, with long black hair. She is very pretty, and she accomplishes her beauty with only a little dark grey eyeliner. She would be a knockout with a little more makeup. She also dresses very conservatively for someone her age, often with a jacket and knee or below length skirts, and very low heels. She walks with a slouch, not with the confident walk of someone so lovely. And she applies hair spray and brushes her long hair in public, an odd thing to do I think.

Although she started out here as a secretary, she has moved over to the “PC Support” department”. We have a PC Support department here of three women. They install computers and peripherals and teach intro courses on the major packages for the staff, but they are not computer science professionals.

The other two women are quite cocky, and know that when people call on them for help it is because they are really stuck. They use this cockiness to advantage when that happens. I think the other women are teaching this attitude to Jennifer.

Jennifer is also recently engaged, and I can imagine they are teaching her some things about handling a husband too.

I had a little run-in with Jennifer recently. Each department was given a spreadsheet to complete, and they would all be con- solidated by someone later on. The spreadsheets were to be printed on legal size paper instead of normal letter size paper. So I inserted legal size paper in my printer and ran the spreadsheet print macro. Now, I know more about spreadsheets and particularly about macros than Jennifer or her two friends will ever know. However, what I don’t know about are printers, and I was peeved that the spreadsheet did not signal the printer to print on legal size paper. The printer printed a letter size page, ejected the sheet, and went to the next sheet of paper.

So I called Jennifer for help. She told me with a smirk that I had not programmed the printer for legal size paper, she did this for me quickly, and with a satisified gleam she left. That did the job, and it printed fine.

I forget about this for awhile as I went on to do some of my own work, and when I printed the printer was still set on legal size. I decided I could do without Jennifer’s confident little smirk, so I opened up the printer manual (I am one of the few people who reads a computer manual when I am stuck), found the section on paper size, reprogrammed the printer, and thought I was back to letter size.

But I was not. The printer display clealry read “Letter size”, but the printer was printing as if it had legal size.

“Uh, Jennifer,” I telephoned so sweetly. “Could you come over and help me with my printer?” She sounded very annoyed on the phone, as if I had bothered her enough for one day. She said she’d be over in a few minutes.



he came over, looking great as always, and sat on my printer table, hiking up her skirt a little and giving me a view of her lovely legs. “So what seems to be the problem?,” she asked me innocently.

I explained the problem. “Now tell me exactly what steps you took to fix it,” she said. I know that is proper computerese, but she said it in a demanding tone that is quite unlike her.

Actually I didn’t remember what I had done, so I got out the manual. Jennifer was getting impatient as I fumbled through the manual, and she reached into her jacket pocket. She pulled out a compact and a lipstick, and she started applying some frosted pink lipstick to her lips. Now this was unusual – she never wore lipstick! But I found this quite erotic to watch as she carefully painted her lips.

“What’s the matter, am I distracting you?,” she asked as she batted her long eyelashes at me. Finally I found the manual page and explained what I had done, ignoring her question, although with obviously red cheeks. Yes, Jennifer had me pegged.

“Oh, I see what the problem – you just left out a step,” Jennifer replied, deliberately leaving her lipstick tube unscrewed as she put it down right next to the printer. “I could fix this in five seconds for you, but … ,” leaving the sentence unfinshed.

“But what,?” I asked.

“But, I don’t like your attitude. You think you’re so smart with your college degree and everything. I think you need to show a little humility first. You don’t know everything, you know.”

“Do you want me to fix this? Will you do as I say first?”

I really needed to finish my work. “I guess so,” I sheepishly replied.

“I thought so,” Jennifer replied confidently. “Lean over that chair and pull your pants down, I am going to give you a spanking.”



The door was closed, I did need to finish my work, and I figured it wouldn’t be so terrible. So I leaned over the chair.

“Pull your pants down. And your shorts too.” I did, red-faced.

She stepped behind me, holding a ruler that she found on another desk. “Ready for some humility?”

Whack! A ruler really stings! Whack! She wailed away until my eyes were tearing. When she had enough she sat down in front of me. Although I was crying from the pain and the embarrassment, my erection showed I enjoyed some part of it.

Jennifer, saw my erection and smiled. “I thought so. You are really turned on, aren’t you? Admit it.” So I did.

She smiled at me sweetly, calmly touched up her lipstick, and watched me watch her every move. When she was done, she put the lipstick back on the printer table, still unscrewed. Then she said, “Go ahead, you know what you want.”

So I started stroking myself. She let me do this for awhile while she watched. Then she said, “Oh, that’s not what I thought you wanted. I thought you wanted this.”

And she ever so slowly reached for her tube of lipstick. She turned it over to show me the shade. “Read it,” she commanded. I did
– “Frostiest Pink.” (Avon, if yu’re interested.) Then she turned it to my lips. She held my chin in her hand and commanded me to look at her eyes, and that at her lips. And she slowly stroked it on my lips, deliberately, until she thought my lips were pink and glossy. Then she told me to resume stroking.

So I resumed stroking myself. I was stroking faster and faster. She opened her compact and showed me the image of my pink lips. That put me over the edge. I came at the humiliating sight of my own pink lips.

When I had calmed down, Jennifer spoke up. “Well, how did I do?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer that. I was humiliated into being spanked bare ass, jerking off, and wearing lipstick. “How did she do?”

“I think you did just fine, Jennifer,” came a voice behind me. I turned around. There were Jennifer’s two PC support friends. “What do you think – did we train her well?” I was embarrassed beyond words – that they had been standing there the whole time to watch my humiliation.

They made me stay naked and would not let me wash off the lipstick until Jennifer fixed my printer.

The End

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