Karins Story



Karin is a cross dresser from Holland, who sent us this account of her first dressing experience:

13 Years old and already different…

My first feelings about being “different” came when I was about thirteen years old, when I discovered what would later turn out to be my transvestism.

Once I was in the attic playing with my electric trains, my mother came upstairs and hung the laundry to dry. Not only a couple of dresses, but also stockings, panties, garter belt and a moulded bra were pegged to the clothesline.


When I was walking around the table on which my electric train was on, my face touched the silk stockings, which gave me a special shivering all over my body and I noticed I liked that. My hand touched also my mother’s bra and suddenly came the feeling that I should try it on.

I went downstairs to see if anyone else was left in the house, and fortunately I was home alone. The ultimate opportunity to do what had just come into my mind… I ran back to the attic, not closing the door completely behind me so that I could hear if somebody came home early.

I took off my own clothes and slipped into my mother’s underwear. Panties first and next a little struggle with the bra. I will never forget that it wasn’t so difficult to put on after all – just like I was used to it! Only the garter belt and the stockings caused a few problems, but finally I was wearing female underwear. It gave me a very special feeling I can hardly describe.


Before putting on the dress I wanted to have a look at myself in the mirror, which was downstairs – I climbed down the stairs and went to my parent’s bedroom. I was really astonished to see what was reflected back to me in the mirror – I have to admit that the underwear wasn’t really my size, but it was amazing how good I felt in it. I had filled the moulded bra with a couple of socks and it really looked as though I had breasts!

I went upstairs again and slipped into a nice blue dress. Of course, it was a little too big, but that didn’t matter. In my mother’s wardrobe I found a pair of black high heels which I put on, and I felt my dressing was complete. I was feeling excited but also feeling just me!


Suddenly I heard the kitchen door slam – I was seized with fear and ran to the attic. I tried to get out of these clothes as soon as possible, but doing that I ran a ladder into one of the stockings. I didn’t care about it at that very moment; I had to go back to normal too quickly to notice.

Just as I put on my own trousers again my mother came into the door. “Did you have a nice time, dear?” she asked.

“Yes mom” I said, looking straight at my trains running around the table. She went to the clothesline, looked at her clothes and suddenly said: “That’s a pity, another pair of stockings with a ladder, I’ll have to buy a new pair…”, leaving me with my thoughts about that crazy, wonderful half hour.

Now, several years later, I have been a transvestite for many years. I now have a rather great female wardrobe of my own. It includes several pairs of all sorts of underwear, dresses, skirts, shoes, boots, wigs, silicone breasts, jewellery, makeup and all the things a woman needs. Every moment I want to feel like a woman I can slip into everything I have.


Sometimes I want to be sexy, with a miniskirt, tights, a nice shirt and high heeled thigh boots. Other times I like to wear stockings, a nice colourful dress and pumps. Doing so, I really feel true to myself. There are only a very few people that know about my female feelings. Although being a transvestite has it’s complications, I couldn’t do without it anymore. I enjoy it too much!

Love, Karin

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