Katie’s Story


Hi, My name is Katie. I am a 24 year old cross dresser from Oxford. I have written this story about me because I was inspired by Zoë’s story which I am sure you all read and linked with in most ways.   I have been dressing for as long as I can remember. At school at the age of 5 I performed in my first school play as one of the ugly sisters – although at age 5 how could I possibly be ugly?? This was I think my first time wearing girls clothes but not the last. I grew up and went to secondary school and although I was normal to everyone and had a normal school life my private life was very different. I have lived my life feeling cheated, I have always felt that I have been given the wrong body, feeling sad about who I am, sometimes it even feels like a punishment. I have been dressing now for 19 years and although I dont regret it I have had so many problems in life. I met my first girlfriend when I was 16 and we were together for 5 years, and out of this relationship I had a child. This I know now was a mistake but these things happen, I wanted the child at the time because I thought maybe it will make me feel like a man and after all that is what I am supposed to be. My girlfriend was sort of supportive. We experimented with me dressing for sexual fun which was not my aim, but at least a way of being a girl. I started wanting to dress more, I wanted to be dressed around the house because that’s just how I felt, not for any sexual reason. This put my girlfriend off as she realised that I wanted to be a girl and I was not just doing it for our bedtime fun. I started dressing in her clothes when she was out, and cutting a long story short she finally left me for another man.   After about a year and a half of living back at home with no dressing, I met another girl, Sally, who I still love to this day. Again, every time she was out I dressed and spent some quality time with myself – unfortunately this relationship broke down too and I started to get depressed. We split because of me wanting to be a girl even though she doesn’t know that’s the reason for us moving apart. The present day however has started getting better. I am still a closet dresser and still scared of meeting anyone or telling anyone about me, but I’m happier. I have got myself a great design job as creative director in a marketing and advertising agency – this pays well so I have been able to expand my collection a female clothes, and buy the things I like instead of wearing other girls clothes. It is giving me the chance to express myself. I have just managed to sort out a place of my own so freedom to be me whenever I like is in sight. I hope you read this and understand the way I feel, I would like to give my support to anyone who needs it. I am a good listener and will answer any mail I get, maybe with each others help we can all get out of the closet and stop being afraid of who we are….. Love, Katie XXX starr_katie@hotmail.com

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