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nadiaNadia Almada wept tears of joy yesterday as she told how the nation has helped her achieve her life-long dream… to finally feel like a real woman.

After nearly four million people voted for her as the fifth Big Brother winner, the 27-year-old transsexual said: “I’m overjoyed I’ve been accepted as a woman for the first time. It’s the most amazing feeling – I could burst with happiness.”

The Portuguese beauty also said she now feels she at last has the confidence to find love – and is desperate to explore her sexuality.

“I am a very sexual person,” she said. “Of course it has not been long since I had the operation so I have not yet made love with a man. But I am desperately looking forward to it. I just can’t wait to find my Mr Right!”

After spending her first night out of the house celebrating with champagne Nadia, born a boy called Jorge Alamada, also revealed how she:

Felt guilty for keeping her secret from housemates. Has not stopped crying since she won.nadia3

Fancied Jason – but went off him when he became aggressive. Wants to marry her dream man in a big white wedding.

Nine million viewers tuned in to see Nadia win with an astonishing 61 per cent of the votes. Afterwards she said: “My whole purpose of being in the house was to feel in myself that I am a real woman. And I do now.

“It was so important for me to gain acceptance as a woman, not something else. I felt guilty not telling the other housemates, but they’ve all now told me it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t change the relationship I have with them.

“I feel like a real woman for the first time – and I can’t even put into words how good that feels. I am so emotional. I cannot stop crying.”

Nadia was stunned to find her mother Conceicao, who lives in their home village on the Portuguese island of Madeira, waiting for her at the final. The pair have not seen each other for a year – since before Nadia became a full woman.

They wept as they hugged each other and Conceicao told her daughter: “I’m so proud of you. You look beautiful.”

Nadia said: “We have always been very, very close. I have not seen her for a year because I wanted to wait until the operation was complete and until I felt comfortable with being a woman.

“But there has been no problem. My mum accepts me totally and says she is very, very proud of me. That means so much to me. Seeing her again was so emotional.”nadiaandmother



“I was so unbelievably happy that she came to see me, I can’t even express how happy that made me. It was a shock but such a nice shock. We have a lot of catching up to do. I can’t believe she’s here! I can’t wait to spend lots of time with her over the next few days.

“I missed my special friends and my beautiful family so much. They have stood by me throughout everything.”

Nadia has not seen her father Luis Leodoro, 51, since he walked out on them when they were living in South Africa in 1992.

He was tracked down to a remote town on the border with Botswana where he now makes a living stacking shelves in a shop.

He only heard last week that Jorge was now a woman. But as he sipped champagne yesterday, he toasted Nadia’s success and said he was counting the seconds before he would meet his new daughter. “I have been practising to make sure I call her Nadia, not Jorge,” he said. “She looks so beautiful in the pictures, I cannot wait to see her in the flesh.

nadia2“Nadia is extremely beautiful – perhaps the most beautiful woman our family has ever produced, though I would love her even if she wasn’t beautiful.”

But Nadia says she is not sure whether she wanted to see Luis. Smiling wistfully, she said: “The only problem I have with my family is my dad. That goes back a lot of years.

“I’m not sure whether I will see him again. I have a lot of other things to think about first.”

Sultry Nadia told how she at first fancied Jason in the Big Brother House and thought he had an amazing body. But she went off him after getting to know him and having shouting matches with him.

She said: “I thought he was gorgeous at first, especially when he went into the house in just a leopard-skin thong.

“Initially he was very attractive to me, because he is my type physically. He is a good-looking man and I noticed him admiring my breasts a few times.

“But then I got to know him! Me and him clashed a bit because we are both fiery personalities.

I WANT my man to be someone kind, trustworthy – that’s very important – and someone who is willing to share everything with me. I am so happy right now and I would love to share that with somebody.

“I would love a big white wedding. I can’t wait to walk up the aisle in that dress, looking fabulous and feeling so happy.

“It’s every little girl’s dream – and in my mind, I have always been a girl. So it’s what I want so much.”

Nadia’s only sadness is that she will never be able to bear children. Her eyes filled with tears as she said: “I got used to that idea a long time ago because I have had to.

“But it still makes me sad because I would love to have a family. I don’t know whether I would adopt. But I do love children.”

Nadia almost confessed her secret to her fellow housemates when they were talking about having babies. She had to admit she could not have children despite being young and fit – and curious housemates asked why.

She admitted: “I don’t like lying and before that point I hadn’t really had to lie – I just didn’t tell the whole truth.

Nadia’s sex-change op cost £15,000 – and she had it done on after arriving here from Madeira in 1999.

She – then he – was assessed by a GP and a psychiatrist before being sent to a gender assessment clinic. Nadia was then put on its male-to-female programme which includes counselling, therapy and hormone treatment.

She was told she had to hold down a job as a woman for at least 12 months and did a stint at Sainsbury’s in Woking, Surrey.

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