New Quantum Hormone Range

New Quantum Hormone Range
QUANTUM……a new generation of male feminising hormones


 Our new male feminising hormone range, Quantum, has now successfully completed trials in Switzerland. This male feminising medical break through allows the active feminising hormones to be delivered at the molecular level delivering better and faster results than any previous transdermal delivery methods.


The results have been equally astounding with significant results in 68.7% of patients after just 6 weeks and a quite amazing 98.3% of patients reaching the normal 12 months results by other methods in just 5 months.


Used in conjunction with anti-androgens this Quantum molecular delivery method will be in widespread use for other treatments over the next few years.


Due to our licence agreement with Medica International Pharmaceuticals we have been permitted to pre-launch this exciting new technology to our specialised customers.



The first product to be released incorporating this new exciting technology is “Quantum  Oestrogen  Hormone Breast Development Spray” which consists of a dual formula that when shaken vigorously and sprayed on to the breasts becomes instantly active as it is exposed to the air. Before retiring at night, ensure both breast areas are cleaned with skin prep solution to remove any traces of perspiration or oils, shake the bottle vigorously, then spray on to both breasts massaging until it is fully absorbed.




Our next product is “Quantum Anti Androgen Boost Nasal Atomiser” Medication delivered by nasal atomiser has become popular, as it results in rapid absorption and results. The new Quantum nasal atomiser delivers the molecular anti-androgen extremely effectively, quickly reducing your male hormones ability to counter and slow down the feminising effect of oestrogen hormone. This enables your body to the develop breasts and other feminine features far more rapidly than solely using any form of oestrogen on it’s own. 30ml


The 3rd product in our range is the Quantum Oestrogen Nipple Atomiser. This product has been designed to develop large and sensitive nipples. The most powerful oestrogen hormone delivery system yet devised, allows it to be concentrated exactly on and around the nipple area for faster absorption and faster results.





The 4th product is Quantum Oestrogen Accelerator Drops. These concentrated drops take full advantage of the new Quantum technology, with a simple once-a-day procedure just before you go to sleep. Due to both its strength & formulation it is absorbed directly into your system and starts to work over a 4-hour period producing a true boost for those who require faster feminisation. Used in conjunction with our hormone breast atomiser it makes a perfect pairing.



The 5th product is Quantum Hourglass Oestrogen Hourglass Atomiser. Every woman in the world wants an hourglass figure as it is the shape that defines femininity. Boys and girls pre-puberty have similar body shapes but when Oestrogen is released into the body it makes an extraordinary difference as subcutaneous fat develops forming a curvy bottom and thighs and triggering the growth of female breasts. If that is your goal then this is a “must have” product. Full directions are included with the product which only needs to be used once-a-day at bedtime. The large atomiser contains a generous 250ml of potent hormones utilising the latest molecular technology and its a huge saving as you are getting 250ml for the price of 150ml




The 6th product in our range is the Quantum Anti Androgen Beard Retardant. Male facial hair (the moustache & beard area) is very strong thus requiring a stronger anti-androgen treatment to weaken the roots and follicles but without damaging or scarring whilst feminising the skin as female pores are much smaller than their male counterpart. This new Quantum formula penetrates deep into the follicles to treat the problem literally at its roots, to gradually weaken both the facial hair strength and dark colour. Females have facial hair, it is just much softer and finer which is the result that Quantum aims to achieve for you.


Here’s what Amanda from the UK has to say about the new Quantum Products.

Like many T-girls I had my doubts about the effectiveness of oestrogen products, but I have entered my feminisation journey with open eyes and ears whilst using the creams and hormones. I have now been on them for just 9 weeks. I can assure anyone that they are effective and whilst some may take longer than prescriptions I know the creams and new quantum products are producing excellent results. Firstly the creams….I am now almost a B-cup after just 9weeks, the last 2 using the new Quantum breast atomiser and wow, breast growth has accelerated. I have also been using the anti-androgen, and yes girls , sex drive can be affected (not me yet) but I know that this has also accelerated the fem process….my skin is smoother, my breasts are growing and I can feel the changes almost every day. I have been using the nipple cream double strength and the results have been amazing…. so what will happen with the new quantum? should be spectacular!! Quantum is as big a leap forward as the name implies and so far I am delighted and I hope the results of the other quantum products will lead to faster results. yes the products are good, no I do not work for them and would I recommend….what do you think?

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