Venturing out in public as the feminine you for the first time is nerve wracking as I well remember so from personal experience this is my advice. Build confidence by going window shopping after sunset and don’t wear high heels which make it difficult to walk. Your aim on this initial expedition is to blend in which if you are in a busy place will be easy as you’ll observe most people are too busy with their own agenda or mobile (cell) phone to pay much notice providing you do nothing out of the ordinary like falling over, wearing outlandish or inappropriate clothing.

Think of the last time you went out and see if you can remember anyone on your journey? If they weren’t drunk or had a wooden leg you wouldn’t have given them a second glance so use your first few window shopping trips to build your self-confidence and remember stick to busy places, women avoid walking in isolated places in the dark because they rightfully feel vulnerable.

Blending in is your main objective for it takes a lot of practise before you will be able to walk, talk act and behave instinctively as a genetic female. Observe closely how women dress normally for it is totally differently to how they do so for a special night out, too much make-up, short skirts and over-dressing will be a sure giveaway. Remember when you drive NOT to wear high heels, women keep a pair of flats in their car as heels make driving difficult. If you are going to drive ensure that your car is in roadworthy condition and that all of the lights work as any fault with a car will attract the attention of police patrols

So here’s a quick checklist before you venture out:

* Do not overdo the makeup

* Do not wear ostentatious jewellery

* Wear a wig that looks natural for your age & is near to your own hair colour

* Wear ordinary clothes appropriate to where you are going & your age

* Do not wear high heels, walking ius difficult & they present a trip hazard

* Ensure if you are driving that your vehicle is fully roadworthy

* Avoid any conversation in early forays

* Keep to busy areas

* Look at you mobile (cell) phone or pretend to use it if you become nervous

* Remember like you, everyone else is engrossed in their own world and unless you do something unusual no-one will give you a second glance

I have lived my dream full time for 35 years and now would find it hard to act or speak like a man but it took time and I was very nervous when I first ventured out. Self-confidence is developed bit-by-bit and everytime you go out you will gain it. Of course if you are a crossdresser then live is much easier as you can join a TV social group which will have a safe meeting place but please still remember the tips regarding driving a vehicle.

Fortunately these days in most countries people are much more tolerant of individuality and T-Girls are no longer subject to the prejudices of the past so be yourself for that is the way to be truly happy.


Best wishes from your fellow T-Girl,


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