Silicone Breasts

Authentic Natural Breasts

All women treasure their breasts as the most visible symbol of their femininity and sexuality. A 17 year programme of research and development has resulted in an almost perfect replica of the female breast.

Previous¬†silicone breasts have looked and felt artificial, but now our “authentic natural” breast prosthesis perfectly duplicates your own feminine breasts.¬†

By using only the finest quality medical silicone covered in a soft elastomeric polyurethene film these authentic natural prosthesis have the texture, appearance, colour and weight of a natural breast and are completely without visible seams.

Because “Authentic natural” breast prosthesis conform to your natural contours and can be used with our unique medical adhesion system, they reamin perfectly secure even during the most strenuous exercise. Just like natural breasts “authentic natural” breasts can be worn with or without a bra.

“Authentic natural” porosthese quickly attain body temperature so not only look like genetic feminine breasts but feel like them too, so you feel natural and confident 24 hours a day. Because authentic natural breasts fit so securely and are waterproof, resistant to perspiration, salt water and chlorine, and also totally hypo-allergenic, they can be worn permanently without any skin reaction – up to week bra-less without any fear of slipping, but can be removed in seconds.

About our Silicone Breasts

When buying breasts it really is true that you get what you pay for – our range gives you every option possible, from our basic economy foam breasts right up to the top of the range Siloxane breasts, the most convincing breast forms that money can buy.

Our guidance is that the more realistic you wish them to look and feel, the more you need to pay, but do remember that looked after properly, our top of the range breasts should last you a lifetime and looked at this way they are great value for money.

If you are unsure of what size to order, the medium cup is by far the most popular.

“Hi Stephanie – I want to thank you for the order I received. The breast forms are great. Love, Nicole.”
Nicole, Florida


Manufacturing our Breasts

The manufacture of our high quality breasts is both technologically challenging and time consuming as, despite the high-tech materials, almost all of the actual manufacturing process is still done by hand.

Our breast forms should not be compared with cheaper ordinary silicone imitations, as unlike other manufacturers we use a double skin for durability and a much better filling than just low grade silicone, which gives a much higher standard of colour, weight, texture and appearance.

To manufacture, we first of all form the outer skin using two layers of ultra thin polyurethane film. Craftsmen heat-seal these into the specific outline shape required and then, after adding pigmentation to achieve the desired skin tone, inject the quality filling which is either Trihelium, a special highly lightweight grade of silicone, a mixture of high grade silicone and Siloxane, or pure Siloxane for the very best filling money can buy.

The breast form is then gently eased into a hand-crafted stainless steel mould and placed into a vacuum chamber to form the detailed shape required. The next stage involves sealing the mould and placing it in to a very hot oven overnight which cures the breast form.

The breasts, once removed from the mould, are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meets our quality control standards, and then packed carefully to ensure perfect condition after delivery.



Caring for your breasts

Your silicone breasts have been carefully handcrafted from the finest quality materials and designed with your needs in mind. A little care and attention will ensure long lasting wearing and satisfaction.

To clean your silicone breasts, wash gently in lukewarm water with a very mild soap. Dry with a soft towel – do not wring or rub and avoid using powder, perfume or hot water directly on your silicone breasts.

Take care with sharp objects close to your silicone breasts. Finger nails, pins, brooches, scissors or pets claws can all cause permanent damage to the soft film surrounding the silicone. Try to wear the correct bra size. Bras that are too small or underwired that press into the form may crease or permanently damage the form.

When you are not wearing your silicone breasts, keep them in the boxes provided and away from direct heat. This will help to prevent accidental harm. It is important to handle your silicone breasts gently when inserting or removing them from your bra, as repeated squeezing or pulling may cause damage over time.

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