Six Of The Best Top Transgender Tips


TIP 1 Don’t compare yourself to beautiful female models

Most genetic women do not look like famous film stars or gorgeous models so be realistic as you will want to blend in which means looking like most other women.

Tip 2 Start observing how women behave

Women are bought up to act differently to men so you need to closely observe how they walk, sit, get into cars &are more tactile, touch their hair & earrings. Watch how they greet friends & starngers, how they gesticulate when talking. How they hold a wine glass or cup. Their voice inflections differ, much less assertively so listen carefully and remember to develop a husky voice by breathing from your stomach and avoid a squeaky falsetto tone. Our Speech Therapy Tutorial CD set and Deportment DVD are a really good investment for perfecting all of this.

TIP 3 Dress appropriately for your age & occasion

Women do not wear tiara’s to go shopping!! Neither do middle aged females go our in micro-miniskirts and blonde hair down to their waist so first choose an outfit that is appropriate for your age and then remember that women dress completely differently for different occasions so in daytime when shopping they are unlikely to wear much makeup and will be dressed casually in shorts or trousers dependant on the weather which is another determinate. Now when party time comes it is a different world with high heels, sparkly dresses and full makeup with lot’s of bling.

TIP 4 Get in Shape

The perfect hourglass shape is what women strive for and you can achieve this quite simply even if you are not taking hormones using silicone breasts, a corset that laces and narrows your waist then hip & bum shapers giving you an instant male to female transformation. All items feature on our site.

TIP 5 Remember to avoid the dead giveaways

Hairy arms, legs & hands are a complete no-no so either use our anti-androgen products to permanently resolve the problem or shave, wax or cover-up. Your hands are likely to be larger than the average women’s but long nice nails can distract from this, Likewise a fashionable scarf can hide a prominent Adam’s apple. Do not wear thick make-up in daylight and ensure you disguise your beard shadow with a specialist product – see website for details.

TIP 6  Stay Safe

As a man you are relatively safe out and about but all women are vulnerable and trans women especially so (statistics show trans women are more at risk by a factor of 40!!!).

Do not draw attention to yourself, avoid any isolated places especially at night. If you think men are observing you get out your mobile and pretend to make a call until they have passed. You cannot run in high heels and tight skirts so dress sensibly and stay safe.

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