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Our founder Stephanie Anne Lloyd and Doctor Temperli, a specialist consultant in Endocrinology (hormone therapy) to The Government of Switzerland, & various internationally renownd universities have put together some invaluable pieces of advice on all aspects of feminisation from growing your own breasts in the most cost effective way to feminising your voice.

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Look At What you Can Acheive

A Letter From Dr Temperli

Growing your Own Breasts

Anti Androgens – Don’t Take Female Hormones Without Them

The Most Cost Effective Options

Stephanie’s Autobiography

How To Feminise Your Voice

A Plain Guide To Feminising Hormones

Caroline’s Story -An Inspirational Read

Just Ask – Our Advice Is Free

What Are Your Personal Dreams and Ambitions ?

Media Endorcements Of our Feminisation Treatments

Transformation Is Here To Give you The Knowledge

The Inside Story On Sellular Release Tablets

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Realistic Instant Breasts That Last A Lifetime

Will You Help Us To Help You ?

New Once A Day Quantum Enteric Tablets

The Two Magic Extras That Boost Male to Female Transformation

The Benefits Of Suppository Treatments

The Best And Cheapest Route To Breast Development

Do You Need Help To Answer Who You Are ?

Find Out All About The Secret Life Of Hormones

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