Our transsexual founder Stephanie Anne Lloyd has not had an easy life. She was born in 1946 as Keith Michael Hull to parents who were Jehovah’s Witnesses so nothing about her life was easy.

After pouring herself into a career she made it as a man all the way up to director of a UK FTSE 100 company with 6,000 employees. She seemed to have it all, a beautiful wife, 3 children, big house, luxury lifestyle yet the nagging from her inner self  led to her giving it all up. Stephanie is a true transsexual who could only fight the inevitable for so long. Her stark choice – suicide or admit she was a male to female transsexual & undergo hormone therapy & gender reassignment surgery

At the age of 30 she walked away from everything, resulting in her being totally alone except for a rescue dog called Sheba. Disowned by her parents, shunned by her family & so-called friends. Penniless but at last at peace as a M2F transsexual she came up with establishing a not-for-profit company and called it ‘Transformation’. Her luck changes when a multi-millionaire replied to her advertisement for financial backing making her dream of helping others a reality. This was in 1984 when Stephanie became our transsexual founder and Transformation was born

Stephanie went on to marry her multi-millionaire backer and alongside building Transformation and developing a specialist range of products played an active part in her now husbands supermarket and hotel chains.

Having a transsexual founder who understands all the issues faced by both transsexual and transvestites puts Transformation is a unique position of being able to provide not just medical advice but practical answers from someone who has actually experienced everything you will. No-one other than someone who has actually lived through it understands the mental and practical problems & can realistically provide practical solutions

At the age of 69 she still works full time within Transformation ensuring continued research & development and the personal touch is central to her dedicated team. The fact that the average length of service for Team Transformation’s members is 20 years demonstrates their dedication and loyalty to Stephanie’s inspirational leadership. After opening 9 shops, producing hundreds of specialist magazines & DVD’s she shoes no signs of slowing down and produces our weekly blog and Twitter feed plus many of our Facebook postings

Stephanie is bubbly with seemingly inexhaustible energy and enjoys what she does as is obvious to everyone who meets. She was one of the first in the UK to undergo gender reassignment surgery and certainly the most notorious with acres of newspaper and TV coverage she is well grounded and used the opportunity to campaign successfully for the right for transsexuals to have their birth certificates amended

Our transsexual founder has lived her feminine dream for 35 years and there is no-one more qualified to give you advice on any related topic and she does this all for free. While others seek to sell you tips and guidance which they have no experience of you can get it all from Stephanie and it will always be free.

 80% of every product we sell is unique and made in our own latex factory or developed in Doctor Temperli’s laboratory, exclusive to Transformation which is why we are able to provide a 100% money back guarantee on everything we provide

Together with Doctor Temperli, the worlds leading endocrinology (hormone) expert she has tirelessly worked (and poured much of her husbands fortune) in to cutting edge medical technology forming the basis of the most effective range of feminising hormones which become available from October 2015

If you have never read our transsexual founders incredible life story which has more ups and downs than a roller coaster then you can do so for free either online or you can download it (again for free) in PDF format