The Decision

Peter sat in his car waiting patiently at the top of the hill. From his viewpoint, he could see the entrance to the street where he lived.

The time dragged – but then the action was so swift, he only just caught it. His wife’s car turned left from the street and descended the hill. Starting the engine, he left his resting place, and upon reaching the street he saw Irene in the distance turn right and disappear from view.

A moment later, he was in the garage attached to the house. The garage was large and considerably taller than most. It had enough room for a floor to be suspended from the roof giving him storage space.

He climbed the vertical ladder by his work bench which gave him access to the ‘garage loft’. His heart pounded as he lowered a large cardboard box to the bench below. A second box followed a moment later. Once down the ladder, with sparkling eyes, he opened the smaller of two boxes and pulled out a black pair of three inch heels and a handbag.

He placed them in a carrier bag and then opened the larger box. His hands examined the clothes inside – soft dresses and underskirts of satin and nylon. He picked up a peach dress and caressed it against his close-shaven face.

Sighing deeply, he held it against himself. It was a perfect fit – like all the other clothes in the box they fitted him perfectly because they were his…

The previous evening, he had selected his clothes and laid them on the top of the pile. Now he carefully inserted them into the carrier bag. Taking a large makeup bag from the box, he opened the door to the house.

He called out, checking for certain no one was home. Irene had gone to work and the three children to school. When they got together, Irene loved the idea of his cross dressing, but as the children grew older, Irene changed the rules.

Irene now insisted that he was not to dress in front of the children, and as they were always there he was not allowed to dress at all. It had caused many arguments over his need to be a woman.

Irene finally got her way, she had come home one day to find all Peter’s female clothes gon. She was not surprised – she had threatened to tear them all up because she had caught him dressed; Peter had simply saved her the trouble and avoided further argument.


He had looked cunningly for a hiding place but there was nowhere Irene wouldn’t look. Then he thought of the garage. It was perfect, and for the last six months, that was where his beutiful clothes had lain, only to see the time of day when the time was right.

There had been a long talk about his cross dressing long before, when their eldest daughter had told neighbours and friends about his transvestitsm. Irene had tried to laugh it off as a young girl’s fantasy, but deep inside she knew no one believed her.

As a self-employed electrician with a thriving business, Peter had started to put extra money away. He had taken on an employee and put all the profit from his work into a special account, whose balance was growing quickly. He was certain that Irene was going to throw him out very soon, but he was determined to be ready financially, anyway.

He went up to their bedroom, and once there it took him seconds to strip naked and empty the carrier bag onto the bed. He caressed each article before putting it on – first panties, then tights. He had often worn stockings, but that was in the good old days when Irene had joined in with his dressing.

Being a flabby man, he wore a corselet, the tightest he could cram himself into, then a full slip. He looked at the dress now lying gracefully on the bed.

He slipped his feet into the high heels and walked around the room. Feeling feminine, he sat at the dressing table mirror and applied his makeup before getting into his dress. Finally, he put his keys and money into his purse.

“Oh Alison, you do look gorgeous,” he said with a slight chuckle, standing below the full length mirror. He turned around several times, allowing his flared skirt to sway. His hair was long and he was very good at styling it. His hair, along with his two pierced ears, were the only two items Irene had not managed to get him out of. He continually wore gold stud earrings, and often coloured his hair, much to Irene’s disgust.

He changed his earrings to long coloured ones. By the time he styled his hair, he looked very feminine indeed. Now, he had five hours to be a woman, and he decided the first job was to make a coffee.

As she walked to the kitchen, her slip moved back and forth, making her feel elegant and sensational. She sat in the lounge sipping her coffee with her little finger cocked. She was expecting no one, and no one would call…


She glanced at the picture window, slowly getting up courage to leave the house. Thinking as to how she would cope with the outside, she picked up a magazine and started to read. Her mind kept wandering; she stood and turned to the window.

On the other side of the glass, there was a man smiling at her! He held up a bucket, indicating that he wanted to fill it with water. Alison stood perfectly still, her heart thumping wildly. She felt herself being drawn towards the window, and the magazine slipped from her hand and onto the sofa.

“Can I fill my bucket, missus?” the man shouted.

Alison smiled and walked to the front door, debating what she could do. Her hand touched the handle and slowly turned it. The door opened and a ray of sunlight brightened the hall. The man was standing before her with another man entering the gate with a ladder.

“Can I have some water please? I’ll start on your house first?” the man asked.

Alison was just about to reply when she remembered her deep voice. “Yes,” she coughed, and opened the door. It was too late now – if the man saw through her, then so be it. It would really give the neighbours something to talk about, at any rate. The man walked in and waited for Alison to show him to the kitchen.

The whole event was over in a matter of moments, and afterwards, despite wondering worriedly what else could go wrong, she managed to calm herself. As she sat down again, she wondered about paying the window cleaner once he had finished.

Peter had taken no interest in house keeping, it was just done as a rule. Now, Alison was in the thick. Getting her handbag, she got her purse out in readiness and practised talking in the manner she would have to adopt when she spoke to the man.

A short time later, the door bell rang, and she opened it with purse in hand.

“Electric, ma’am! I’ve come to read your meter.” the stranger said.

Alison gulped in rising panic – “This way…” she stammered, and stood aside for the man to enter the hallway. As he read the meter, the door bell rang again.

“That will be four pounds fifty, please”, said the window cleaner.

“Oh, yes, certainly,” Alison replied, fumbling with her purse. Paying the man, she turned towards the electricity meter reader.

Then the phone rang, and Alison panicked… both men appeared to be hanging around, waiting to see if she was really a woman.

“Excuse me, I have to answer the phone,” she said, closing the door. “Hello?” she said, picking up the telephone.

“Peter, is that you?” said a voice at the other end.

“Yes, Mary,” he replied in his usual masculine voice.

“Irene was involved in a car accident this morning.” said Mary.

“Is she alright?” Alison asked.

“She’s in the Central Hospital. I’ll send David around to drive you there – you need to get to the hospital immediately to sign an operation consent form… David should be arriving any minute now.”

Alison’s idle thoughts of venturing outside were about to become reality….


The doorbell rang, and without thinking, Alison answered it. It was David.

“Hello, is Peter there?” he asked.

In her shock, Alison had forgotten all about being dressed. Her hands caressed the front of her dress as she realised the seriousness of the situation she was in.

“I’m Peter…” she said, nervously. David looked at the woman facing him. He was not surprised – he had heard rumours about Peter, and now they were confirmed.

“We’d better make a move, the doctor is waiting.”

“I can’t go like this!”

“Irene’s life is at stake, and you worry about what you’re wearing? Come on!” he said urgently.

They were about to leave when Alison recalled her keys and money were in her handbag. Returning to the lounge, she grabbed her bag, and followed David to the car, slamming the door behind her.

“I feel I should offer you an explanation,” Alison said as they drove to the hospital.

“There’s no need. You’re my boss, and I need my job.” He turned to face her at a set of traffic lights.

“It’s going to get around when I turn up at hospital like this…” Alison said, worried.

“It would have taken time to change, and from what I have heard she’s lost a great deal of blood.”

Alison picked up the car phone and phoned her office: “Mary, have all the staff meet at the office around four thirty.”

“What are you planning to do?” David asked.

“My marriage will very soon be on the rocks. I’m coming clean. I’ve bottled things up for far to long.”

“Would you like me to come in with you?” David asked as they turned into the hospital emergency entrance. “I think you might need some help.”

The receptionist looked curiously at Alison as they entered, then, smilling, called for Doctor Longhurst. As Alison looked around, everyone seemed to be staring at her. A woman walked up and spoke to David.

“Mr Harrison, I’m Dr Longhurst.” David pointed to Alison and told her “She’s Mr Harrison.”

“Ah, Mr Harrison, shall we go to a private room?”

Seconds later they were sat listening to the details of Irene’s condition. “So you see, your wife is in a critical condition. Does she know about your transvestitsm?”

“Yes, but not to this extent.”

“She’s asking to see you before the operation…”


A few minutes later, Alison was beside Irene in a cubicle. As his wife turned her head, a faint smile crept across her face.

“Irene, I’m sorry.” said Alison, tears rolling down her face as she saw Irene lying helplessly on the bed.

“I know all about your secret in the garage,” she whispered, gripping Alisons hand as tightly as she could.

“I shouldn’t have turned up like this…”

“You came, that’s all I wanted. Don’t leave me.”

“But I’ll have to change…”

“Don’t go” she begged, and closed her eyes.

Doctor Longhurst moved Alison aside. “It’s okay, she’s asleep. We’ll take her into the operating theatre.”

“How long will you be?”

“Three hours or so. You can wait in the room if you wish.”

Alison thought about what Irene had said. David lead her away, just as if she was a real woman. Unlike earlier in the morning, the time flew by. When the nurse called her into the recovery room, Irene was awake.

Expecting the worst, Alison entered the room. The nurse who was caring for Irene glanced at Alison, but didn’t say anything as they held hands and looked at each other.

“You stayed?”

“All the time,” said Alison, making her clothes known.

“The doctor told me. We will have to have a heart to heart talk. What time is it?”

“Almost three.”

“The kids! They will be out of school soon!”

“Don’t worry, Mary is getting them.”

“I suppose everyone knows about you?”

“I suppose they do now. I love you, I love you with all my heart. I’m sorry that it happened like this.”

“I knew you would dress up today, you can’t hide everything from me…”

“You have to rest. Is there anything you want bringing in later?”

“Just you,” she sighed.

“Of course. I’ll go home and change.”

“Alison, you’ll have to leave. Your wife needs rest,” said Doctor Longhurst from behind.

“Wear your red suit and white satin blouse tonight…” Irene whispered as they kissed goodbye.


Ten men, three lads and one woman were waiting for Peter back at work. Mary was at Alison’s looking adter the children as Alsion, acommpnaied by David, entered the office.

“I know there have been a lot of rumours about me. Well, I’m here to face them. Yes – I am a transvestite. I wear dresses, skirts and blouses, but that doesn’t make me any the less the boss I am. However, there are a few people who may not agree. As you know, my wife had a serious accident today, and I was caught in this dress. I may as well put my cards on the table – I intend to stay in a dress as often as I can. I’m not going to chat any of you up – none of you are handsome enough” he joked, getting a few chuckles, “and if any of you want to leave I will accept your resignations. I won’t stay out here any longer, I know you have a lot to discuss. I’ll be in my office until five, but then I’ll have to leave.”

“I want to know where I stand with my firm, perhaps you would give me your answers by then.”

Alison sat alone going through the jobs. Irene was hard to get from her thoughts. As she got up and walked around, her clothing seemed natural, although she doubted that she would have a firm left by five o’clock.

Ten minutes after her maiden speech, David entered her office with a letter in his hand. Certain it was a letter of resignation, Alison said “I thought you needed the job…”

She took the letter, and read the contents. Looking at David, they walked in silence back into the outer office.

She looked round at her employees, and said “You have taken me by surprise – thank you for all your support.”

With the backing of her staff behind her, David drove Alison home. Now she faced another dilemna: the children. It took a while to explain to them why their dad was wearing a dress, but in the end, Alison got her point through.

She gave Irene’s request as to what she should wear a lot of thought before deciding to comply. Mary had stayed behind to help out and was the first to see Alison in her new attire. “You look pretty. Are you wearing it to the hospital?”

“Yes, and to work as well. Do you mind looking after the children?”

“Of course not. Now off you go.”

Irene was sat up in bed talking to her parents when Alison entered the ward. They were the two people she had forgotten about.

Irene’s parents glared at the woman walking towards them. Alison knew she should never have arrived in a skirt – it was stupid and irresponsible.

“It took courage for you to do what you have done. Irene has been telling me.” said Doctor Longhurst.

“Mum, Dad, this is Alison, the dearest friend and companion that anyone could wish for” said Irene.

“But what about Peter, why’s he not here? Is he putting his work before you again?” her mother asked.


“No Mum, I know you won’t understand. This is Peter, otherwise known known as Alison. Peter is a transvestite and also my loving husband.”

“He’s a pervert!” said her father, standing up.

“We love each other Dad. Today, he made a great sacrifice to come here for me. I’ll stay by his side.”

“But he’s in a dress!” said her mother, stating the obvious somewhat.

“It’s what I asked Alison to wear.”

“He’s a pervert!” her father repeated.

Her mother stood and glared at Alsion. “How could you disgrace us so? You will never be welcome in my house again.”

“You will always be welcome in mine,” said Alison and pulled up a chair, getting closer to Irene.

Her parents left, followed by the Doctor.

“I thought you were going to divorce me,” Alison said, lowering her head.

“No, my love. We will have to move, there will be too much talk.”

“I know, I’ll put my clothes away.”

“No! When we move, you can move as Alison. We will be two women living together. I think it’s what we really wanted for a long time. It just needed something like this to bring us together.”

“Do you mean it?”

“Of course my love. The day I made you throw your female clothes away is the day I made a big mistake. You need them just as much as I do, you can stay as Alison always. It will be nice to be in another house where we can be ourselves without people staring. Do you agree?”

“Yes! As soon as you are out of here we’ll go house hunting.”

“As long as it is as Mrs and Mrs Harrison.”


They kissed gently and hence started their new relationship. Peter would be a name of the past, Alison a name of their future… The End



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