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Our Transformation shop in Manchester is totally unique and discreetly located, and includes a beauty Salon, Feminisation Suite, Changing Room, Lounge, Relaxation area with drink, professional image consultants and personal shoppers. For nowhere else in the world are there centres – shops that offer such a large range of products, clothing and publications, all produced especially for transvestites. We only cater for transvestites and transsexuals, and that sole interest has allowed us to develop a unique range of quality products, combined with a genuinely friendly efficient service in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We have established a large base of loyal, regular, satisfied customers which is the best endorsement we could ever have hoped for. For further information visit our Transformation Shops website

Most customers are understandably very shy and apprehensive when they first walk into our shop, but warm, sympathetic female staff will soon put you at your ease, and then all you’ll wish is that you’d plucked up enough courage to visit us before. Every customer is welcomed with a complimentary cup of coffee and you can either browse in peace or have a member of staff help you select items, and try them on in private fitting rooms. Most products are exclusive to, and manufactured by, Transformation which allows us to give an unsurpassed quality guarantee. All shops offer a range of goods much wider than we are able to feature on this website, and each shop has it’s own beauty salon and ‘Changeaway’ suite. A warm welcome awaits you, all discreet and totally confidential.

Have¬†you always dreamed of being transformed into a glamorous female, pampered, powdered and treated as only a woman can be? Perhaps you’ve never fully dressed before, or simple find it difficult to store clothes of your own, perhaps you want to dress and mix with other transvestites or alternatively spend time with women who accept you as one of them or perhaps you want the chance to dress up in complete privacy. Alternatively you may want make-up tuition or advice on what suits you best or just the sympathetic ear of an understanding member of our staf. Then again you might want to make your first trip out into the big wide world dressed with a woman.


Whatever you desire you will a stay at our changeaway suites to fulfills it. With stays from just 4 hours fully inclusive of professionally applied make-up, clothes and foundation silicone breasts, you can find a time that suits you. Everyone is naturally nervous at first but our image consultants will soon make you feel comletely at ease. One of our team will look after you during you stay.

Just imagine being made to feel completely at home, with a welcoming drink and a relaxing chat, then having full make-up applied professionally, before you are encased in foundation, shaping garments, silicone breasts and sexy frothy undies (absolutely everything is provided) and your legs sheathed in silky stockings. A stunning feminine outfit comes next, then stilletto shoes and a wig complete the transformation, a convincing, sexy, seductive, gorgeous woman (a complementary Polaroid photograph ensures you can recapture this magical moment for years to come).

Friendly, sympathetic staff put even the most nervous customer at ease, and you can browse as long as you like.

Try before you buy in private changing rooms assisted by our experienced female staff. Our main concern is that you are totally satisfied.

Our Transformation shop has its own fully equipped beauty salon where our highly trained beauticians will teach you all about cosmetics as they glamourise you into a beautiful woman.

Why not sample a Changeaway stay, where you can be lovingly pampered as the beautiful woman we will transform you into. Now you can also have the ultimate experience of living fulltime as a woman at a luxury hotel

For many years we have been fulfilling the hopes and dreams of many men who want to feminise their own body. Our shops stock a wide range of feminising hormones which will help you to achieve the desired effects. Naturally with having so much choice, it can be an overwhelming decision to decide which is most suitable for you. Simply visit your nearest Transformation Branch and we will advise on a personal programme for your needs.

Guaranteed confidentiality is completely assured. You can even put ‘Sercus Ltd’ on your cheque instead of ‘Transformation’. What else could be more discreet?

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