Wedding Bliss


John felt nervous sitting in the lounge of The Black Horse opposite his fiancee, Veronica, to whom he’d been engaged for eighteen months.

They had begun to see each other more and more until Veronica had pushed it to seven nights a week.

“John, why are you so worried about seeing me every night?” she asked in a dainty feminine voice.

“No real reason.”

“We’ll be married in a week – surely you’ll not want a night off then?” she frowned.

“Of course not.”

“Well, what’s the matter? You can tell me. We don’t have secrets do we?” She smiled and held his hand beneath the table. John looked deep into her eyes and smiled. He loved Veronica dearly but he also had something on his conscience.

“Look, Veronica. Perhaps we should call the whole thing off,” he blurted out. Veronica looked up from her glass, letting his words echo through her mind.

“What?!” she shouted, then blushed as people looked in her direction. “Did I hear you right?” she asked, melting into the chair.

“Perhaps I’m not the right man for you…”

“Of course you are, John. We love each other.”

“But there’s something you don’t know about me. A secret only a few other people know about…”

Veronica stared at him. “Surely you can tell me?”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“I will! Look, we are getting married and nothing you say will alter my mind,” she insisted.

John paused, then: “I’ve been talking with some of my special friends and they said it would be better for you to know now rather than later, and have to go through a divorce.”

“Divorce?! We’re not even married yet!” she retorted.

“Drink up, I’ll take you home and show you something…”

They finished their drinks with John refusing to answer any more of Veronica’s questions. Once in his house, he opened a bottle of wine, pouring two glasses.

“You must promise to stay down here,” he said.

“Where are you going?”

“Upstairs, I won’t be long,” he said nervously.

“I thought you were going to show me something?”

“I’ll be half an hour. Amuse yourself,” he insisted and left the room, closing the door behind him.



Once in his bedroom, he removed his shirt, trousers, shoes and socks, then stood before his long mirror in black tights, a pink pantie girdle and a pink bra. He put on a full-length underskirt and filled his bra with foam padding. His hands caressed the dainty feminine material before he put on a knee-length green dress with a zip-up back.

Sitting before the dressing table mirror, he quickly applied his make-up. First foundation cream, then powder. Picking up the applicator, he covered his eyelids with green eyeshadow.

Mascara followed, then blusher and finally lipstick. He looked at himself, turning right then left before finally feeling satisfied that everything was perfect. Picking up his wig, he carefully put it on and clipped it firmly in place. A quick brush and he looked the part.

He glanced at the bottle of nail polish and then at his watch, asking himself if he really had the time. With a deep sigh, he shook the bottle and unscrewed the top. Soon his nails became a bright cherry red. A quick blow with the hair dryer and they were dry.

He stepped into his black three-inch high heels and strutted proudly towards the door. The only thing missing was his handbag. He gave the problem some deliberation and decided to take a small clutch bag.

Going down the stairs, he wondered what Veronica would say. He pushed the lounge door open, his stomach churning with butterflies. A second later he was standing in the room and a very surprised Veronica stood up to face him.

“This is my secret and the reason why we shouldn’t get married. I have thought it through and it wouldn’t be fair on you.” He stood still while Veronica caught her breath.

“What do you mean?” she asked after a few seconds.

“I’m a transvestite.”

“A what?”

“A transvestite. I like to dress up in the clothes of the opposite sex.”

She gazed at him and chuckled aloud. She walked around him and sighed, waving her head from side to side. “You really have brought something on me. I never expected this.” She lifted the back of his dress gently feeling the soft material of his girdle.

“Do you really enjoy wearing these clothes?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I must go to the loo,” she said nervously. Some time later John heard the flush go.

“Look, John, I have to think this over,” Veronica said upon entering the lounge. “I’ve ordered a taxi, it’ll be here in a few minutes.”

He went to hold her but she backed away, smiling as politely as she could. “I need time, John. You may as well stay in those clothes as you love them so much. I suppose you have a nightie as well?”

“Yes, and a negligee with slippers. If you are leaving you may as well know the worst. I go out to special parties dressed up like this. You see, I was right to tell you, I knew it wouldn’t work.”

“What size are you then?” she asked, surprising him with her question.

“Eighteen,” he replied just as a taxi sounded its horn.

“Goodbye John. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” She quickly left. John spent the rest of the evening drowning his sorrows in wine.



Two days later, Veronica arrived at his house. He was surprised to see her as he had grown sure the wedding was off.

“I’ve talked with some doctors and read some books on the subject,” she said once she was in the lounge.

“I see. I’m sorry about the other night.”

“Never mind. I think I can live with it. Here is a present – try it on,” she commanded. He took the bag. Inside was a skirt and blouse. He gazed at her, wondering what was happening. “Hurry up, I’ll cook tea,” she said with a broad smile.

Fifteen minutes later John returned downstairs in the new clothes.

“Do they fit?”


She walked up to him, brushing the blouse with her hands. As their faces met, she smiled and leaned forward, kissing his lips. The kiss turned into a long, drawn-out lustful one as her arms wrapped around his body and his moved around hers.

“We have some talking to do. I would like to see your wardrobe. And your make-up is dreadful. You’ll need my expert help there, and that wig just doesn’ suit you at all.”

“Is all this as a friend or what?”

“A lover and a wife. To save any embarrassment later I’ve told my parents all about you.”

“That’s incredible,” he sighed.

That evening, with John wearing stockings and bra, they made love as they had never done before.

The two days to the wedding soon passed and John had a surprise package delivered by hand with the early morning post. Inside was a pair of white stockings, panties, bra, suspender belt and cami top in white satin and lace. A simple note read “Wear them for me”.

The wedding went without a hitch. They were due to fly out to Spain for their honeymoon the following day. Instead of spending the night at the airport hotel as planned, Veronica insisted they stay at John’s house.

Watching him undress, she saw he had done as she’d asked. “I like these clothes on you,” she said grinning and fondling them. “They feel adorable. I have a surprise for you,” she said giving him a large bag.

He opened it in silence and grinned. “It’s your wedding dress!” he gasped.

“Now it’s your wedding dress.”

“But it won’t fit me!”

“Try it on,” she commanded.

John stepped into it. As he pulled it up, millions of tingling sensations flowed through his body. He put his arms into the sleeves and to his amazement they fitted. Even the zip fastened properly.

“But how??”

“When I changed this afternoon, I gave my dress to a seamstress who quickly did the alterations for your size. Darling, you look almost as beautiful as I did.”

“Then you really don’t mind?”

We are going to have the best relationship we could have ever dreamed of. Girlish outings, shopping for all those dainty clothes, and above all, the love to go with it.”

She clung to his dress, feeling his arms around her back. As they kissed together, the white lace veil slipped over their heads, joining them together for ever.

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