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Authentic Vaginas and Female Masks

Hand-made in our own UK factory, this unique exclusive range of authentic vaginas offers all of the following. the original Vee, the Wee Vee & the two way sex dual vagina panties. We are the sole manufacturer of this exclusive range of realistic vaginas. Instantly transform yourself to look like a woman when naked, sit & pee like a woman and have sex like a woman. Choose from the tanga shape or full panties with options for pubic hair with a choice of colour or no hair. Our prices start at only £95 (competitors are offering an inferior basic product for over $300) there is a style and price to suit all. Made from multiple dipped layers of skin-coloured latex they are then hand finished providing an amazing instant he-to-she instant transformation so that even naked you look like a true woman. They can be hand washed in warm soapy water and will with care last a lifetime. Due to the intimate nature of this product once unsealed it cannot be returned for health & safety reasons.


Because everyone is made by hand involving a multi-dipping process and precision finishing, every week we do have a few factory seconds, usually this just involve minor problems such as the inside not being completely smooth due to air bubbles created by the multiple dipping and drying cycles. They represent great value for money but are only available on a first come, first come basis and may be supplied with or without pubic hair. Always ensure you dust the inside of the garment with liberal quantities of talcum powder to facilitate easier fitting & removal.

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Off PLUS Free Transform Breast and Nipple Combi Serum Worth £199

When You Spend £129 Or More


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Providing great value for money our original hand-made Vee is a popular choice for many where money is the most crucial factor. From just £95 this thong design incorporates a detailed hand painted replica vagina with or without pubic hair with one size th 
Full Product Details and Discount...
£ 95.00
£ 71.25
You Save: £ 23.75


Made from skin-like flesh coloured latex, our Realistic Vagina comes with the option of a special sheath that allows the penis to be gripped, pulled back and tucked away discreetly. After moulding they are hand finished individually to ensure a consistent 
Full Product Details and Discount...
£ 89.00
£ 66.75
You Save: £ 22.25


More comfortable to wear for long periods it has the same features as the thong but also features a complete detailed vagina built into full latex panties for a more secure and snug fit that can be worn in place all day as underwear 
Full Product Details and Discount...
£ 99.00
£ 74.55
You Save: £ 24.45


Our best seller featuring full skin coloured latex panties which are ingeniously designed to allow you to sit and pee exactly as a genetic female does. 
Full Product Details and Discount...
£ 189.00
£ 141.75
You Save: £ 47.25


They have all the features of the Wee- Vee panties but in addition have two built in vaginas, the one at the front is a realistic replica of the entire female genitalia complete in every detail. Then at the back is another that aligns with the anus allowi 
Full Product Details and Discount...
£ 295.00
£ 221.25
You Save: £ 73.75

New Deluxe Instant Transformation Mask

DELUXE INSTANT TRANSFORMATION FACE MASK. Our deluxe version comes with separate, clip on dangly earrings, choker, false eyelashes, long necklace and a wig brush Now Only £199.99. 
Full Product Details and Discount...
£ 199.00
£ 124.00
You Save: £ 75.00

£ 139.99
£ 89.99
You Save: £ 50.00

New Instant Transformation Mask

This New Female Face Mask is made from an entirely new silicone and rubber mixture, and will instantly Transform you from male to a stunning sexy female. 
Full Product Details and Discount...
£ 149.00
£ 74.00
You Save: £ 75.00

Sexy Lady Transformation Mask Deluxe

Look like a woman instantly. This deluxe version comes complete with a long and gorgeous natural feminine wig attached, and fully made up with permanent make-up. Become a gorgeous girl in an instant! 
Full Product Details and Discount...
£ 169.99
£ 119.99
You Save: £ 50.00

New Supreme Female Masks

At last, after over 20 years of research and development we can offer you the very Ultimate in genuine female masks. A female mask that replicates the touch and feel, of real silky soft feminine skin. Plus it is authentic in every feminine facial detail. 
Full Product Details and Discount...
£ 399.00
£ 349.00
You Save: £ 50.00

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