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Standard Strength Anti Androgen Suppository Gel 6 Months2 Piece Suit, Bold red/black print

Double Strength Breast Cream - 1 Month
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Double Strength Breast Cream - 1 Month

Price: £ 79.00
£ 29.00
You Save: £ 50.00

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The highest active ingredient in this cream is coagulated Oestrogen supported by progesterone. By applying and rubbing into the breast area, this powerful combination of female hormones is absorbed via the skin (males involved in the manufacture of female hormones started to grow breasts and are now excluded from such processes), providing faster absorption than the skin patch method.


Manufactured in two strengths, the double strength formulation is for rapid breast development, to be used until the desired size is achieved, when you should change to the maintenance dosage contained in the standard strength version. No significant contra-indications occurred during trials and our Oestrogen Breast Cream is safe to self-medicate. Breast development varies in both size and speed on an individual basis, just as in genetic females, but development is normally noticeable after about 26 weeks and as with females at puberty will continue for a period of between 24-36 months.


The absolute ecstacy and joy of being able to fill a 36B cup bra with my own boobs. The Breast Cream is a must for any TV who wants to have the real thing.

    from Aimee


I have used Breast Cream for about ten months and have started to develop female breasts. The cream also produces a greater sensitivity in the breasts, also in the nipples which is both stimulating and encouraging.

    from Karina



Supplied in one 30ml pot. 1 month supply.

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