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A collection of articles on crossdressing clothing and footwear


Articles covering the bra, suspenders and stocking, skirts, corsetry, makeup etc.

Skirts PDF Print E-mail

fran 010.jpgSkirts - tight skirts - split skirts - twirly skirts - flirty skirts. If you didn't love them, the chances are that you wouldn't be reading this! By Sylvia Silk

The Bra PDF Print E-mail

f671_722gnrsxdofbrapage1.jpgDo you love bras? I do. I have a whole drawer-full of them. Lacy cups, stretchy straps - irresistible! My love affair with bras goes back a long way. By Sally Watkinson

Stockings and Suspenders PDF Print E-mail

f495_225gnrsxdofstockpage5.jpgThis is one of life's more pleasurable things. So soft, so delicate, clinging like a second skin. There is something wonderful about slowly rolling a new stocking up your leg. It must be done slowly. Like all pleasures, it's a moment to be savoured. By Sylvia Silk

Dancewear PDF Print E-mail

f597_714gnrsxdofdancewear.jpgThe first requirement is to shower and shave in order to get my legs feeling slinky smooth. I then proceed to slip into a white coloured satin deluxe naked tanga followed by a pair of seemless tights, again in white. By Trixie Bailey


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