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I founded Transformation way back in 1984 after I had encountered so many problems obtaining in obtaining feminising products that were designed for convincing male-to-female makeovers whether for crossdressing or for transsexuals. Hormone therapy back then was pretty primitive carrying with it many unwanted side-effects and were unsuitable unless you were young and in perfect health.

Fortunately I was introduced to Doctor Temperli, the world’s pre-eminent expert on hormones (endocrinologist) during a visit to Switzerland and after I told him of my vision he agreed to work with me to develop a comprehensive range of male-to-female transforming hormone products that would provide a safe and effective treatment for anyone whatever their age or medical condition. 31 years later we are able to fulfil this ambition with a variety of strengths and delivery systems, one combination of which is perfect for you whatever your personal ambition.

From TVs’ who desire small breasts and sensitive nipples all the way to the other end of the transgender rainbow where they seek gender reassignment, we have the combination of hormone therapy that will not only deliver the results but allow you to control the level of feminisation you attain and then switch to a lower dosage to maintain that level.

Our founding male to female transsexual Stephanie Anne Lloyd

Our advice is free, your order is dispatched the next working day securely packed with no clue as to what your parcel contains either using UPS or The Royal Mail and every product you select comes with a 100% ‘no quibble’ money back guarantee, that’s how confident we are after seeing the results of thousands of customers all over the world have achieved which demonstrate just how safe and effective our unique range of hormones are.

If you have spent years struggling with indecision then you are not alone, I did too and whilst you may want a different outcome to the one I chose we are here to support you every step of the way.

As a not-for-profit venture we are here for you in every respect as we have been for the past 31 years so take my hand and start the journey to realise your dream.

My very best wishes,

Stephanie Anne Lloyd

Transformations Transsexual Founder

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