Makeup – A General Guide To Wearing Makeup

applying makeupA General Guide To Wearing Makeup

When it comes to wearing makeup, there are a few things you need to know. The first is that it’s important you always apply makeup in the same lighting conditions you’ll be seen in. What might look great in your bedroom lighting might look completely different in natural light.

Spend time observing women in your everyday life and you’ll see there’s a difference between daytime and evening makeup.

miracle make up cover kitDuring the day, makeup is generally more natural. To achieve this look, apply a sheer base such as our Miracle Beard Cover, followed by a micronised powder. With your base done, it’s time to apply a pale lipstick, eyeliner, a hint of blusher, and a pale eyeshadow. And don’t forget mascara! It really opens your eyes and makes you look awake.


lipstickEvening makeup is where you can get a bit more creative. We’ve produced a applying makeupreally helpful step-by-step Makeup and Deportment Training DVD that will show you how to achieve the perfect look.


The key is to keep practicing until it becomes second nature. Then you can start to experiment with different colours until you find looks that you’re happy with.







Here is a checklist of makeup essentials



transformation makeup kitWhy not check out the Transformation Complete Makeup Kit? This a great option for those of you just starting out. Simply visit to get started now.


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