A Secret Cross Dresser- Out In Bath

A Secret Cross Dresser


I have been a secret cross dresser for many years, but have only recently developed sufficient confidence to walk out in public.

Fortunately I have the support of my wife who has been a big help in getting the look right. After much trial and error, I finally have an outfit I feel confident in. We both enjoy our occasional weekends away which combine a short out of season break with an opportunity for me to cross dress. We spent one such weekend in Bath.

I have found that the easiest places to walk out are busy city streets in the early evening. The Christmas shopping period is particularly good because people rush about a lot and don’t take too much notice of passers-by.

The City of Bath is an ideal choice because it bustles with shoppers and tourists and has many streets with interesting window shopping. The narrow pavements and cobble stones provide a real sense of satisfaction when walking in high heels but make sure the shoes are well broken in first!


The Saturday morning was spent on conventional shopping, and used to acquaint ourselves with the layout of the roads and car parks. This is important because it gives confidence and helps minimise the stress of actually going out later in a strange area. Fortunately Bath has a large street level car park with many screening hedges which provides an ideal starting point.

At the end of the morning we returned to our lovely old hotel near Bath which fortunately has some rooms in converted stables. This makes it easy to dress in the late afternoon and walk straight to the car in daylight. A quick glance is sufficient to ensure none of the staff are about. There is no need to worry too much about other guests as they are mostly out at that time of day.

Once in the car we joined the anonymous local traffic for the return journey to Bath. The car journey is never a problem, as in the grey light of autumn it is virtually impossible to ‘read’ a cross dresser through a car window.

By the time we got back to Bath it was just going dark, but there were still plenty of shoppers about and fortunately a good selection of spaces in our chosen car park. After a few nervous moments we got out of the car to buy a parking ticket and then walked towards the shops.



I usually walk round with my wife not far away in case of trouble, but sometimes I walk about by myself while she goes into a shop. On this occasion I had built up enough confidence in my latest outfit to actually risk going into a shop for the first time. We had selected Marks and Spencer for the trial run and my secret ambition was to try on a pair of shoes I had seen earlier.

The store was very brightly lit and I felt rather nervous. At first we stayed on the ground floor where there were many tall stands to give some cover. After a few minutes I felt more confident and we ventured upstairs to look at the lingerie. The upstairs was more open and had fewer people about so I felt more exposed but still felt confident.

I then wanted to try the ultimate test and visit the shoe department. As I headed along the open gangway to the shoe area I was immediately ‘read’ by a chap who was standing there waiting for his wife. He had the time for a long leisurely look and as I walked towards him and he discreetly pointed me out to his wife. After a momentary glance at the shoes I made a rather swift about turn and headed back to the stairs and out into the safety of the street.

In many ways the chap in Marks and Spencer had done me a favour. The next day I felt strangely relaxed by the experience. At last I had tested my outfit and discovered its limitations. I am no longer hiding behind my own mirror image, but real world experience. I don’t yet know where the weakness is, but it gives me something to work on and an ambition to try and achieve a totally convincing look.


The hard part is knowing what to try next. I think I will invest in another Transformation Changeaway and try to pick up a few tips. Certainly the make-up could be further refined, perhaps a more feminine walk is required or maybe I somehow looked tense and did not smile enough.

I think the real problem is to strike a balance between looking totally convincing, but at the same time sufficiently conventional as to avoid a long and searching look.

I hope my experience gives others the courage to walk out for the first time. Remember to use the crowd as your friend and to walk along with everyone else. The more people there are milling about the less conspicuous you become.

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