Aspire Essential Hormone Supplements

Aspire Essential Hormone Supplements

Anti Androgen Supplement

ASP041Your testes produce the masculine hormone testosterone which results in your male characteristics so in order for female hormones to successfully aid your transition in growing female breasts & developing a female body shape you MUST suppress your male hormone production. This once-a-day anti-androgen tablet is the perfect solution. 12 Week Supply. 84 TABLETS

Oestrogen Supplement

Pure oestrogen supported by other female hormones contain concentrated micronized ingredients to ensure efficient absorption into your bloodstream which will lead to a male to female transformation, triggering breast development, improved skin texture & an hourglass body shape. It is essential to take a testosterone blocker (anti-androgen) to ensure that your male hormones do not counteract this treatments effect. 12 Week Supply. 84 TABLETS


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