Beautiful Breasts

…and why men are such suckers for them

The female breast posesses many wondrous qualities which transvestites envy and try to emulate. Its shape, size and sensitivity all contribute to the character and personality of its possessor. No wonder that men love beautiful breasts!

Why are men so obsessed with women’s breasts?

The oft-given psychological explanation is that it is all the result of infant conditioning – whether you were breast fed or raised on the bottle.

But if that were really the case, surely half the men in the world would be breast fiends and the remainder indifferent to a woman’s most conspicuous charms.

In fact, there can be few men who are not fascinated by the twin globes which women carry before them and which they display with varying degrees of boldness or coyness.

Men’s primary interest seems to be in their shape. Although some overweight or muscular men have rudimentary bosoms they do not posess the subtle, pendulous and ever-changing outline of the female variety. These are the characteristics that transvestites go to so much trouble to emulate.

f631_706gnrsxdofbreastpage1.jpgAn examination of a well developed and beautiful female breast shows it to be finely balanced, with the tissue tension precisely matching the weight so that it has both form and mobility, rather like a trendy work of art.

The modern breast forms favoured by TVs are remarkably successful in achieving many of these characteristics, being attached to the chest by strong adhesive so that the wearer feels that it is truly a part of himself. He can walk, run, dance or swim without any fear of coming adrift.

A further attraction of the female breast is its infinite variety. Many small women have big breasts while some big women are, sadly, endowed in inverse proportion to their size. The same is true of nipples – a big swollen bosom might be crowned by two miniscule points, the proverbial bee-stings…



f631_707gnrsxdofbreastpage2.jpgOn the other hand some flat-chested girls, who might have no need for the support of a bra, are often forced to wear one to conceal oversized nipples which press eagerly and unbidden against the thin covering of a summer dress or blouse.

Girl runners burn off so much fat that they often have chests as flat as a boy’s, and female body builders develop such solid pectorals that their torsoes acquire an almost masculine form. Perhaps surprisingly, many men find both these extremes attractive.

Perhaps it is the mystery of the breast that men find so appealing… what shape is it exactly?

Women are very clever at giving clues, often revealing a tantalising swelling and leaving the admirer’s imagination to figure out the rest.

TVs who have not resorted to hormone treatment or implants can, nevertheless, achieve something of this effect by forcing up the flesh of their rudimentary breasts to give a hint of cleavage.

Of course, the final appeal of the feminine breast is tactile. Most men find the desire to touch almost overwhelming and they will prostrate themselves in gratitude at the feet of a woman who allows them to handle her most treasured assets!

The warm softness, the eager response of the nipples springing to attention beneath the gentle pressure of finger and thumb, the trembling of the woman’s body and the look of contentment as she closes her eyes in rapture…

Many men also have breasts and nipples which are remarkably sensitive, quickly responding to sexual signals by rising and hardening. Fortunate indeed is the TV who can find a sympathetic woman to indulge him in an evening of mutual mammarial manipulation!

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