Beautiful eyebrows

Beautiful Eyebrows


Prepare your eye brows by washing and completely drying the area. Don’t moisturize until after you’re through. You want to work with a non-slippery surface.

Take your time and grab each hair singularly and from the root. Spread the area to be tweezed as flat as possible between the thumb and pointer finger of my left hand as I tweeze with the right. The hairs are easier to grip this way and I’ve found it to be less painful. As for filling in eyebrows, you have the choice of working with eyebrow pencil or powder shadow. Here are some tips for applying brow makeup: Find a colour one full shade lighter than your hair colour. This is very important; as you want to gently enhance the brows, not scare people. If using an eyebrow pencil, sharpen to a fine point first and draw with light pressure in fine, tiny strokes as hair growth (think of minute blades of grass) in the area needed from lower to upper hair (by that I mean draw in the same direction of the hair’s natural growth). If using eyebrow shadow, you’ll need a firm flat brush cut on an angle. Dip the brush onto the cake of shadow, blow on it to get rid of excess shadow. Work the brush with light pressure, also in the same direction of the hair’s growth. Eyebrow pencil or shadow is also great for delicately lengthening the outer brow or enhancing the arch. The key is light pressure and short strokes; it’s easier to add a little than remove a little.

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