Our Female Wigs

Our Female Wigs

Our  female wigs all have adjustable caps to make them suitable for crossdressers and transvestites. Available in all colour choices and lengths.


WGS030Long and wavy with long layers




WGS105This popular Full Female Wig is features Fashionable Long Layered Styling which is permanently locked in during production for easy maintenance.



WGS209Glamorous Layered Party Wig Pink in the latest pastel colours


WGS208Trina Longer Length Full Female Wig with pretty layers




WGS104A beautiful long and glamourous wig from our deluxe collection. A captivating and stunning longer style full female wig , with layered straight hair that just flicks up lightly at the ends.



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Day Wear Clothing

Day Wear Clothing

The official definition of ‘ Day Wear Clothing ‘ is

Articles of casual clothing suitable for informal or everyday occasions.

‘a fine selection of daywear, lingerie, and swimwear in a range of fabrics’
Well we have all that and more for you at Transformation.
Skirts, Dresses, Shoes, Wigs, Tops and Lingerie.

FNR068Whether that be short, maxi, midi, leatherlook or sexy minis we’ve got everything you could possibly want and something to suit every size, shape, style and budget.

Leather look minis, peplum and midi pencil skirts. Starting at just £24.99


Sexy Dress
Sexy Dress


Short and sexy or long and demure. We’ve got a dress for you.




MCS347Blouses, sleeveless or short sleeved our tops start at just £4.99




WGS208Our full female wigs are of the highest quality and we have styles to suit every face shape. Long, layered, short, bobbed and shoulder length. Starting at £9.99




UND957And finally everyone’s favourite. Lingerie. Sexy or practical it’s a must in everyone’s closet. Whether it’s a corset to pull you in and give you that hourglass look or a panty girdle to pull in the stomach. We’ve got panties and bras and tights and stockings. We also have fun, sexy baby dolls and suspender sets. Prices start at £4.99


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The Right Corset

The Right Corset

fdn101First and foremost, you need to find the right corset for you.We’re talking about style here- if you like to wear bright colors but end up with a black corset, something has gotten off-track! So the first consideration in the search is to determine what style of corset would suit you best.

There are two main styles, overbust and underbust. An overbust corset covers the chest, and is better for those with a small to medium bust. Well-endowed women tend to have difficulty finding overbust corsets that will accomodate them in a flattering way (unless they get one custom-made), and the lift provided creates great cleavage for those with smaller chests. If you’re looking for an extremely accentuated waist or are more curvaceous, an underbust corset can be ideal. They fall just below the bustline, and cinch in all the soft parts under the ribcage. I also find this style to be a little more versatile as far as putting together outfits, but that’s simply a personal decision. Evaluate what you might want to pair the corset with and plan accordingly.

1- Colour and Material

FDN108_2It’s best to pick a neutral corset for your first one- black is always a go-to in my closet. There’s always something that will go with black! It’s also important to find a material you are happy with- satins and brocades are a good jumping off point, but if you like a more extreme, eye-catching look, by all means- go for the vinyl or leather! It’s all about what you’re comfortable with. And don’t worry- where there’s one corset, there will usually be more. You can always add to your collection!


  1. Get the Right Fit

FDN108_3Corsets, at least the good steel-boned kind, don’t usually come in the standard sizes of small, medium, and large. They run by waist measurement, so you’ll want to take your natural waist measurement and subtract 2 to 4 inches. Corsets are meant to stay open a bit in the back so if you can easily close yours all the way, you will want to go down a size! Remember that it should be tight, but you should still be able to breathe (although yawning in a corset is certainly an unusual feeling, as the diaphragm cannot expand as far as normal, making the intake of air for a yawn nigh impossible).

  1. Plan Your Outfit

FDN774There’s nothing quite like knowing you have the perfect outfit. This does, however, take a bit of planning, and you’ll need to lay out your outfit in full before you even start to get dressed. I’ve found this out the hard way repeatedly, and have become a strict adherent of the rules:

-In almost every occasion, the corset is the VERY last thing you put on.

-Seriously. Go put your face on, do your hair, put on your shoes- everything else comes first!

-The only exception is if you are wearing your corset under your clothing- say, under a dress. In that case, put on everything except the articles to be worn over the corset, yes, including shoes.

Don’t forget that if you are wearing your cincher as a foundation piece, you do need to wear a camisole or other light garment between it and your skin. These things are tight, and can rub sometimes- plus, a cami will keep your corset cleaner longer.

  1. Lace it right

Red plastic basqueThis isn’t like lacing up a tennis shoe, so you’ll need to check that the lacing is done properly. The most common way involves lacing bottom to top, with the tie for the laces being at the smallest point of the waist. To really cinch you down, the top loop of the bow should tighten the bottom of the corset, and the bottom loops should tighten the top. There are other ways to lace up as well, and you may need to change the setup if, say, you’re wearing the clincher under a dress so the knot won’t show.  Whichever way you tighten up, proper lacing will ensure your corset stays snug and looking amazing.


New Leather Look Clothing

New Leather Look Clothing

Our new Leather Look Clothing is both wearable, on trend and incredibly sexy. We have skirts, leotards, stockings, dresses and leggings. Something for everyone.











Choosing the right wig for your face shape

Choosing the right wig for your face shape

face-shapes-600x360 (002)There are seven different basic face shapes, and each face shape has certain styles that are more flattering.

Oval Face

TransgirlThe most common face shape for women is oval. With this face shape, a woman’s forehead, cheekbones, jaw line, and chin are perfectly proportional and balanced. The length of the face is longer than the width.

Because everything is so balanced, the oval shaped face tends to look good with almost any wig hairstyle. Wig styles that have short or long hair, and wavy or straight hair, are all very suitable for this face shape.

Women with an oval face should consider their best features, like their eyes, cheeks, or lips, then accentuate them with the wig style.

Round Face

WGS105Women with round faces are described as having a face that is relatively short and broad with rounded contours. Generally speaking, the widest part of a round shaped face is at the cheekbones.

A woman with a round face can appear thinner in the face if she adds height to the top of the crown, but not at the ears, as that would add width. This face shape tends to favor a wig style that is short with layers and wispy diagonal bangs. Also, wigs that have an off-center part can help to reduce the roundness of the face.

Other options for women with round faces are wig styles with hair longer than chin length.

Square Face

WGS200The square face shape has a broad forehead and cheekbones, as well as a wide chin. This face shape has a strong square jaw line and equally square hairline.

Like women with round faces, finding a wig that adds height on top, but narrowness on the sides, will create the illusion of length. Women who want to add height to the face should choose a wig that allows her to comb hair off the forehead to expose it more.

A wig that helps to soften the angles of the face is also a good choice. Mid-length to long curly wigs, as well as those that produce wisps of hair around the face, are also options that flatter a square face. Avoiding wigs with styles that feature one length is generally recommended.

Diamond Face

WGS201Diamond shaped faces have a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. Because of the wider cheekbones, it is best to choose a wig that does not add volume to the cheek line and focus on adding more fullness at the chin. Wigs that allow women to pull their hair behind their ears also will reduce the width of the cheekbone area.

A wig in a bob hairstyle is quite flattering for women with a diamond shaped faces. Another flattering wig option is one that produces a fringe or bangs that covers the narrow forehead.

Also, wigs that create volume at the hairline, rather than just coverage, give the appearance of fullness or width in the forehead area down to the upper cheekbone.

A shoulder-length wig with a layered cut will add movement and give the appearance of the more common oval shaped face.

Heart Face

WGS100The heart face shape has a wide forehead, eye, and cheekbone area along with a pointed chin, reminiscent of an upside-down triangle. Sometimes the heart shaped face has a widow’s peak hairline.

Women with a heart-shaped face should look for a wig that brings some hair onto the forehead, while keeping the hair close to the head at the eyes. The wig should also be fuller at the jaw and below and in front of the earlobes. The pageboy style, or a wig with longer and subtle layers, is flattering as it makes the jaw appear wider and more balanced with the rest of the face. Avoiding short hair and choppy layers is recommended.

Pear Face

WGS106Least common of all, the pear-shaped face is widest at the chin and jaw line, and most narrow at the hairline and forehead. Pear-shaped faces look best with full layered looks that add width and volume from the eyes to the crown to balance out the face, such as the classic shag style. This look removes attention from the middle of the face. It is best to avoid jaw length blunt cuts.

Layers give the appearance of fullness to the upper half of the face, and women could accentuate the top half by showing the forehead, as that draws attention away from the jaw line.

Wigs with bangs should be angled slightly and tucked behind the ear to frame the jaw line and focus attention toward the upper portion of the head.

Oblong Face

WGS208Oblong faces are narrow from the forehead, through the cheekbones, and to the jaw line. This face shape usually is found on women with a long and thin neck.

Choose a wig that adds width and fullness at the sides by incorporating soft curls and waves, as well as any wig that would minimize the vertical length of the face. This will flatter the face and neck and obscure the straight long lines of the face.

Having bangs shortens the facial appearance by softening the upper portion of the face. Bangs could be straight across, feathered, or half bangs with side parts, as all of these styles soften the forehead.

Women with an oblong face should avoid wigs that are one-length cuts, and those with short layers that add volume to the crown area.

Wigs styles that flatter oblong faces are short to medium in length with longer top layers, such as a graduated bob cut or wedge. Women can also add width with a wig that is chin or shoulder length that turns under or flutters out.

New Clothing Just Arrived

New Clothing Just Arrived

All the new clothing just arrived is available to buy online and in our Manchester Shop. All designed with you in mind they come in larger sizes, may in one size to fit all as they stretch to your body shape.

Check out all the new clothing just arrived instore and online.

New Underwear



Babydolls, suspender and stocking sets and new longer length petticoats have all recently been added to our Female Apparel department. Soft lace and luscious satin make these lingerie items a real treat to wear.


New Sexy Dresses and Clothing


Sexy Dress
Sexy Dress

We also have a new Sexy Bodyshaping Clothing section. This includes new Body Con dresses and lather look skirts and leotards.


There’s also day wear and evening wear including wedding dresses.


Sexy Minis


Lacey Babydoll
Lacey Babydoll

Sexy minis include ra ra skirts and lacey babydolls.


Shoes all in Larger, Wider Sizes


Sexy Sandal
Sexy Sandal

And some new shoes have just arrived, all in the latest fashionable styles. Stilletos, Sandals, Slingback all in sexy blacks and funky glitters




Gorgeous Wigs


party wigs
Bubblegum pink wig

And to top it all off a new wig. All the latest styles and funky colours including the new pastel colours.


So check it out today and see what you can find. All with money off these new items will set the new year off with a bang.


New Wardrobe – New you

Party Wigs

Party Wigs

Our new fun, glamorous party wigs have just arrived. Available in a selection of gorgeous pastel colours they will make heads turn as we enter the party season.


party wigs
Bubblegum pink wig

Long and layered this party wig suits every shape of face young or old and creates a fun, glam look that is just a bit different ! Available in bubblegum pink, lilac and lavender grey.



Top Tips for Wearing Our Party Wigs

Party Wig
Lilac Glamorous Party Wig

Wearing a wig can be a lot of fun whether you’re doing it to cover hair loss or just want to enjoy the variety of hair styles, lengths and colours that wearing a wig makes it possible to achieve.

It can take some getting used to and there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing the right one for you and even wearing them

Step 1

Party Wig
Lavender Grey Glamorous Party Wig

Our fun party wigs are of a standard size, but you can tighten or loosen them by means of special adjustable straps on the inside. This therefore makes the wigs stretchable making them ideal for any shape of head.

Step 2

Party Wigs
Pink Straight Glamorous Party Wig

Typically when you are wearing a wig over your own hair you need to find a way to conceal it besides simply rearranging it on your head. To wear a wig, you do not need to cut off your own natural hair. Those wishing to hide their natural beauty would just need to use a wig cap under the wig. The cap provides the necessary grip to hold your natural hair without poking through the wig.

Step 4

Party Wigs
Pink Bob Party Wig

Remember to look after your party wigs by using our Wig Control Spray which will condition your party wig and give it that high gloss and sheen which makes it look so fabulous.