How Men Can Grow Breasts

How Men Can Grow Breasts

femprog pic 23For any TV or TS growing breasts can be the ultimate goal in your quest for full feminisation. And we can help you here at Transformation to do just that.



Oestrogen ( Estrogen) is the female hormone and is essential for Male To Female Transformation.

Male to female breast and nipple enhancement is achieved by taking the primary female hormone, oestrogen (estrogen) responsible for triggering female breast growth and enlargement. Female hormones released naturally at puberty in girls stimulates female breast growth and female body shaping so when taken by males leads to a gradual male to female transformation and breast development. The oestrogen (estrogen) breast and nipple enhancement male to female hormones we supply are safe & effective with a choice of delivery methods to suit transvestites, crossdressers or transgender customers of any age with a product to attain & maintain the level of feminisation you personally desire.


How Man Can Grow Breasts Male Hormone Blockers

For any Male To Female Transformation to take place we need to block the Testosterone ( Male Hormones) that occur naturally in your body and replace them with the female hormone ( Oestrogen) These blockers are called Anti Androgens and will help men who want to grow breasts.

To develop female breasts or effect a more comprehensive male to female transformation the essential first step is to impede and reduce the level of testosterone using male hormone blockers referred to as anti-androgens. Taking oestrogen or other female hormones without taking anti-androgens will result in you wasting your money. If you have passed puberty as a male then your testes and adrenal glands will be flooding your bloodstream with testosterone which is the dominant male hormone and is responsible for your voice deepening,  changes in skin texture, male coarse body and facial hair. High levels of testosterone reaching the hair follicles also lead to male pattern baldness. We offer an extensive range of male hormone blockers in the form of pills, capsules, transdermal anti-androgens and suppositories so there is a product suitable for you no matter what your age or medical condition.

Your 4 Core Products For Men Who Want To Grow Breasts

Triple Strength Breast and Nipple Cream

Triple Strength Anti Androgen Capsules

Triple Strength Oestrogen Accelerator Capsules

Triple Strength HRT Capsules 



Male To Female Hormones For Men

Male To Female Hormones For Men


Male to Female Hormones For Men

Dream of growing your own breasts? – Then use our breast and nipple oestrogen based development hormones for male to female transformation. Male to Female Hormones For Men, especially made for men who want to grow their own breasts. use in conjunction with our Anti Androgens or Male Hormone Blockers that will block out the naturally occuring testosterone and make it easier to replace with oestrogen for breast growth, enhancement and enlargement.

* Want to reduce your beard and body hair? – Then use our Beard and Body Hair Retardants that can be found in our female hormones for men section. These will slow down the growth of the male hair and make the hair softer and easier to manage.

* Desire soft skin and a natural womanly shape? – Then use our female bodyshaping male to female hormones for men. Get that shapely bottom and hourglass figure that you have always wanted.

* Want to feel more womanly inside? – Then use our oestrogen based male to female hormones for men. Replace the male hormones in your body with oestrogen (estrogen)

* Need informal counselling? – Then ring us on 0161 773 4477 for more advice from our experienced staff.

* Require guidance because of gender identity issues? – See our Gender Identity Card For More Details

For many years Transformation has been fulfilling the the hope and dreams of many men who want to feminise their own body. Our shops stock a wide range of feminising hormones which will help you to achieve the desired effects. Top of the list are the new maxi-strength hormone range now available without a doctor’s prescription.
Naturally having so much choice, it can be an overwhelming decision to decide which are the most suitable products for you. Simply call Transformation on 0161 773 4477 and we will advise you on a personal programmes for your needs (remember all the products are safe, can be used discreetly and will not interfere with your masculinity)

We want you to be completely satisfied. If ever we fail please let us know immediately and give us the chance to put it right.

If you would like to purchase any of our hormones online – Please Click Here

Lingerie – Choosing The Right One For You

frilly-panty-setLingerie – Choosing The Right Style For You

What could be more feminine than beautiful lingerie ? And more importantly how the right style  makes you feel

Whether you enjoy looking girly and romantic or downright sexy, lingerie is a great way to express your femme self. Half the fun, of course, is changing it up from time.

So what’s YOUR lingerie style?


Are you a girly girl? If so, express your sweetness by wearing items that are adorned with lace, bows, and frilly details. Choose soft, feminine colours like pink, peach, and cream to create a dreamy mood.

Must-have pieces: Lace bra, ruffled panties, pink babydoll nightie



Prefer to let your personality and beautiful curves shine on their own? Then the classic style is for you. Look for simple and sophisticated pieces in luxurious fabrics and classic colours like black, white, red, or nude.

Must-have pieces: Nude bra, satin chemise, black kimono



Not feeling quite so subtle? Unleash your inner vamp with pieces that turn up the heat. Sexy underwear is all about risqué details and barely there styles.

Must-have pieces: Fishnet stockings, black thong, sheer teddy


Transformation has it’s own range of Lingerie including: Bras, Stockings and Tights, Panties, Corsets, Suspenders and even night wear. Click here


Removal of Unwanted Male Facial and Body Hair

Removal of Unwanted Male Facial and Body Hair

If you’re looking to pass convincingly as a woman, getting rid of unwanted hair is key.

A close shave and makeup will work as a temporary solution. In order to permanently pass as a woman, you’ll need to reverse the hormonal changes that occurred during puberty.

There are a number of ways to deal with unwanted facial and body hair:

• Electrolysis – which can be both painful and expensive
Anti-Androgens – also known as testosterone suppressants, this option is painless and avoids scarring. It’s a simple, cost-effective way or removing hair, as well as feminising your skin at the same time.

The treatment is gradual, so you’re able to decide if and when you ‘come out’. You can also choose the level of feminisation you’d like, as you can either take them alone, or with oestrogen for breast development.

There’s a choice of strengths and applications, as with all of our feminisation products, so you can find the option that best suits you.

Before undergoing gender reassignment surgery, I had very dark beard growth. However I took oestrogen and an anti-androgen to achieve great results. I still have hair, of course, but it’s much more feminine.

Prices of anti-androgen treatments vary, but you’ll be sure to find an affordable option to suit you. All come in 3-month treatment packs as well, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

If you’d like to find out more, please visit



Over the past 31 years Doctor Temperli, the worlds leading endocrinologist has worked tirelessly to produce ever effective female hormone products using the latest technological delivery systems.

We now have transdermal creams, gels, serums, atomisers, suppositories, tablets and capsules but whichever strength or type of medication you choose you will not get maximum benefits and development without using these two complementary treatments

If you are choosing transdermal treatments, those that deliver doses via absorption through the skin (creams, gels, serums, patches & atomisers) then you must take the time and trouble to remove the natural oils that is produced by your body that impedes the transfer of feminising hormones

We produce a special hypo-allergenic Transdermal Skin Prep which you need to thoroughly use by rubbing the treatment area with TSP on cotton wool – you will actually see the residue that it removes even of you have just showered.

This simple & cheap procedure more than doubles the skin absorption of all transdermal hormone treatment. A 3- month supply is just £39

When you reached puberty as a male your testes and adrenal glands start flooding your body with the prime male androgen (testosterone) and this is what triggers male pattern hair growth (facial & body), the deepening of your voice and the fertility allowing you to impregnate a female to produce a baby.

Obviously male androgens (testosterone) have the exact opposite effect to that of oestrogen (estrogen) so if circulating your body at high strengths will cancel out a large percentage of any female hormones that you take. Without taking a androgen (testosterone) suppressant much of the feminine development you desire will take much, much longer. Remembering it takes genetic females between 3-4 years to achieve full feminine development without androgen impediment do you really want to double that?

Our exclusive range of anti-androgens (male hormone suppressants) have been formulated to ensure that you start on a level playing field, just like a girl does.
The comprehensive range of delivery methods mirrors that of oestrogen allowing you to match your 2 products complementary treatment easily


Transdermal Hormones PLUS Transdermal Skin Prep PLUS Anti-Androgen = BEST PRACTICE

Tablets, Capsules, Nasal Sprays, Suppositories, Oral Drops PLUS Anti-Androgen = BEST PRACTICE

Realistic Silicone Breast Forms That Last A Lifetime


Transformation website launch
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Female breasts are the biggest outward sign of a male to female transformation and you should only ever need to purchase  one pair to last you an entire lifetime so it is important that you choose wisely.

As well as a guarantee that they will last you a lifetime, you will want realism. The look and movement of a natural female breast can only be replicated if the weight and density of the filling is correct. It also needs to be heat conductive so it attains body temperature so as well as moving in a natural way it also feels right to the touch


You will see inferior grades of silicone breasts advertised elsewhere, usually massed produced in China which will quickly degrade & split.


Using medical grade siloxane silicone we have perfected breasts that are authentic replicas of the female breast. Made exclusively for us in Germany they are simply so good and durable that we provide a lifetime guarantee so you can actually view them as an investment rather than a purchase. We supply both private clinics and the NHS who use them when reconstructive surgery is unviable following mastectomy but we do not sell any of our products through third parties

It took us several further years of research & development to perfect reactive nipples which is offered as an option for those seeking total realism.

You can wear these life-like breasts in a bra or choose to use our special medical adhesive allowing you to replicate the unfettered movement of your breasts as you move.

Many of our customers choose to develop their own breasts using our exclusive oestrogen based hormone products but meantime or as an alternative, our superior siloxane silicone breasts are an ideal way of achieving an instant he-to-she transformation.. You can even complete the female naked look by wearing with our hand-made vagina latex panties.

Wearing realistic breasts is such a sensual feeling and one that will give you years of pleasure.


the world’s leading not-for-profit male to female specialists

1984 – 2015

Female Body Shaping


You are starting off with a male body shape which is pretty well straight up & down apart from the tummy if you are older and you want to achieve a female body shape often referred to as an ‘hourglass’ figure, you do this by using our female body shaping hormones.

As muscle weighs more than fat you need to convert it and that is achieved by reducing your level of testosterone the primary male hormone by taking anti-androgens and converting muscle into subcutaneous fat to the breast area, buttocks and a thin layer under the skin to give a softer smoother outline


Beautiful back of a young woman isolated on white background

For a male to female transformation reduce your weight if necessary using the licensed proven weight loss tablets (Reductamin) which we stock, take the primary female hormone, oestrogen available in a variety of delivery methods, creams, gel, atomisers, suppositories, nasal spray, capsules and tablets are available.

To get the best results from any transdermal treatment it is vital that you wash the treatment area and then thoroughly cleanse it using transdermal hormone skin prep which will remove the skins natural barrier oils and dead cells to facilitate maximum absorption

Slim spa women covering her breast, looking down.

It is important to be committed to sustained treatment as just like a girl at puberty it takes 3/4 years to achieve full development at which point you can switch to a low maintenance dosage. Please remember if you stop treatment development will gradually regress so perseverance and commitment is required but like Tanya below showing her breast development after 1 years treatment and again after 39 months

Transgender experts since 1984

Look At What You Can Achieve


I like most, kept putting off starting hormone treatment, but the day came when I mad my resolution to go all out for feminisation and I stuck to it. below are photographs of me before treatment and 4 years later.

Me in 1980 Me in 1984

I established Transformation in 1984 and as well as all of the usual products that TV suppliers offer, I wanted to pioneer the development of female hormones that could safely and effectively replicate the physical changes that happen to a girl at puberty.

I was introduced in 1986 to Doctor Temperli who was already world renown for his work in the field of endocrinology as a consultant to the Swiss Government and he agreed to lead our research and development into feminising hormone therapy

Over nearly 30 years , Dr. Temperli has produced landmark developments using ‘molecular technology’ , time release mechanisms (some for which he has received prodigious awards for)and much more so that today we can offer a form of effective treatment that is suitable for everyone regardless of age or medical condition

You may not want to ‘go all the way’ but that is no longer a problem because with the latest female hormones you can be selective about the degree of development you achieve. and then maintain.

I had real problems in accessing female hormones when I started my feminising journey but you don’t have to as now they are just one click away


Doctor Temperli

Do I have any regrets? Just one – I wish I had started sooner

Best wishes,

Stephanie Anne Lloyd
Transsexual founder of Transformation
with 30 years of real life experience

Achieving A Female Bum

Achieving A Female Bum



Whatever you call it, bottom, bum, butt, ass, arse, fanny etc male & female bottoms differ significantly.

To appreciate how different observe a couple walking ahead of you and note the difference for yourself and you’ll see that the woman’s wiggles from side to side. The shape and movement defines it as female and next to breasts creates the coveted hourglass shape of the female figure.

Whether you simply want to look convincing just when you cross dress or develop your own feminine bottom.

You will find all sorts of pads for bottom shaping but they simply will not move naturally, therefore we have created a silicone shaping solution that like our range of breasts provide you with the realistic look, feel and movement.

For those who want to transform their bottom from male to female we have a range of feminising hormones that will stimulate the production of the subcutaneous layer of natural fat deposits exactly as it does for a girl transitioning through puberty

This male to female transformation takes place on a cumulative basis so can be disguised if needed to looser fitting clothing.

For those who wish to progress through to the shemale (ladyboy) stage or intend to undergo gender reassignment surgery, then a fully inclusive treatment course is the best option but for those that want just selective development we also provide specific transdermal hormones for feminizing just the bottom area.

Since 1984 we have helped hundreds of thousands of trans people all over the world achieve the degree of male to female transition that they required and below you can read some of the many testimonials they have sent us and some of their own before and after treatment photos.

For over 31 years we have been at the cutting edge of female hormones for men and our consultant endocrinologist is acknowledged as the world’s leading expert having won many prestigious awards

Every product or treatment we supply comes with a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee and we have a support team that you can rely on for unlimited advice and support.





We appreciate that all of our customers have their personal goals relating to feminisation. Many purely wish to crossdress convincingly, others to develop their own female breasts while a minority see complete gender reassignment as their future and we cater for everyone right across the transgender spectrum.

Free expert advice is available to advise you on the best and most cost effective course to attain exactly what you personally require.

Doctor Temperli is the worlds leading endocrinologist and is at the leading edge of feminising hormone research whilst our founder, Stephanie Anne Lloyd has personally undertaken the entire journey from male to female being one of the early pioneers of sex-change surgery

We are here to support you in every way we can, with advice on how to look convincingly feminine, with free advice on the legalities, how to change official documents, which hormone treatment is best for you and in fact anything pertaining to male-to-female feminisation

With over 30 years of experience we guess there is not a lot of situations we haven’t learnt to deal with to provide the desired outcome but if one arises we will find the answer for you.

Crossdressing in public presents some legal problems dependant on where you live. We can provide a medical document which is accepted in the UK as sufficient for you to be protected from the risk of prosecution in the event you have to use female public toilets and if stopped when driving by the police (please remember NEVER to drive a car in high heels as they constitute dangerous driving whomsoever is wearing them, all women have a pair of flat shoes in the car

Rules vary in differing countries, in Saudi Arabia no women are allowed to drive, in most western countries considerable freedom means that unless you do something else (speeding, or being stopped for a breathalyser test, faulty lights or a complaint re using female toilets you are relatively safe but should you be arrested the fact that you were crossdressed may well be reported in the local press when a case comes to court. Perversely you are far less likely to encounter any problems in daylight than at night as that is the time criminals usually start work and women feel at their most vulnerable.

Stephanie used her transsexual status before her birth certificate was legally changed to join Lancashire Cricket Club (LCC) and turned up to at their AGM successfully gaining entry to this male only bastion to successfully overturn their ban on women members. You can read about this and other rights she has campaigned for in her autobiography which is FREE to read online here

Team Transformation is here to help and advise you regarding any issues or problems you encounter so please do not hesitate to contact us. As the world’s leading experts if we can’t help you then certainly no one else can and we do it all for free