Male Breast Enlargement

Male Breast Enlargement

Male breast enlargement and enhancement is something many want to achieve and there are several ways to go about this including male to female hormones and silicone breast forms. In the past, the most common way for a man to possess a pair of full, beautiful, female breasts was to undergo breast enlargement surgery and with that comes all the risks that these operations offer and the costs. This is still an option for those able and willing but the other options that are now available to Transgenders, Transsexuals and Crossdressers are taking over.

What Are These Options ?


If you’re a biological male who dreams of having beautiful, voluptuous female breasts, there are several hormone routes that you can take to get you there. Male to Female Hormones are not going to transform a male body into a female body overnight but with regular use and time you can produce the breasts you’ve always dreamed of.

Taking a breast development product such as our Triple Strength Breast and Nipple Oestrogen Development Cream. This Triple Strength potent oestrogen (Estrogen) female hormone breast and nipple development combination cream is great for those that want to develop both female breasts and nipples that respond to sexual stimulation.

You will also need to use an oestrogen supplement. This will increase your oestrogen ( Estrogen) levels in your body. Oestrogen ( Estrogen) is the female hormone that allows women to grow breasts in puberty and gives them the hourglass body shape. It also is the reason why biological tend to be less hairy than biological males.


Male Hormone Blockers or Anti Androgens are essential for any biological male who wants breast enlargement and enhancement and male to female transformation. If you have passed puberty as a male then your testes and adrenal glands will be flooding your bloodstream with testosterone which is the dominant male hormone and is responsible for your voice deepening,  changes in skin texture, male coarse body and facial hair. High levels of testosterone reaching the hair follicles also lead to male pattern baldness. To develop female breasts or effect a more comprehensive male to female transformation the essential first step is to impede and reduce the level of testosterone using male hormone blockers referred to as anti-androgens. Taking oestrogen or other female hormones without taking anti-androgens will result in you wasting your money. We offer an extensive range of male hormone blockers in the form of pills, capsules, transdermal anti-androgens and suppositories so there is a product suitable for you no matter what your age or medical condition.


Breast enlargement pumps operate through a process called tissue expansion: By applying a gentle suction to the breast tissue, you are able to promote blood flow and tissue growth. This will cause stretching of the skin and tissue and as a direct result of that, new tissue grows and breast size increases. The breast enlargement pump expands the mammary gland tissue to increase the production of new breast tissue cells. A double breast enlargement pump is great as you can pump both breasts at the same time.

Breast pumps are great for men because even if you have practically nothing to begin with, the pump expands your breast tissues until you do.

The pump does take dedicated and time, but it is a highly effective way to increase your breasts naturally.


Silicone Breast Forms 

Another option you can take is to wear a false pair of prosthetic silicone breast forms. If you don’t want to grow your own female breast then we have an exclusive quality range that provides total realism instantly. Unique insofar as look, feel and movement they come with a lifetime guarantee. You can even were them bra-less utilising our special medical adhesive. Buy the best from us and it will give you a lifetime of pride and pleasure


New Ultimate Gold Intense Maxi Strength Hormone Range

New Ultimate Gold Intense Maxi Strength Hormone Range 

5DSR1159New Ultimate Gold Intense Male To Female Hormone Range. We are very pleased to announce that Dr Temperli has developed a new, more potent male to female hormone range for our 33rd year anniversary. Containing breast and nipple enhancement products for men who want to grow breasts. Anti Androgen, Male Hormone Blockers to block out testosterone, the male hormone. Oestrogen (estrogen) hormones for male to female transformation. Hourglass, bodyshaping hormones to give you that hourglass, womanly figure. In the form of capsules and gels New Ultimate Maxi Strength Gold Intense Male to Female Hormone Range offers you full male to female transition in a new and innovative way.



For even more effective breast growth and enhancement and nipple enlargement. This unique Gold infused gel is simply massaged into both breasts and nipples, until fully absorbed, night and morning. Ideal for your full male to female transition.


A new Micronised version of our most popular Anti-Androgen,Male Hormone blocking treatment with hundreds of tiny caplets that dispense a steady dose over an entire 24 hour period for those seeking a convenient effective once a day capsule.


 A new micronised version of our most popular oestrogen/estrogen treatment, with hundreds of tiny caplets that dispense a steady dose of oestrogen/estrogen over an entire 24 hour period. Ideal for those seeking male to female breast growth and female bodyshaping. If you want to acheive male to female transformation then using oestrogen is essential.


 Massaging this new Intense powerful , anti-androgen transdermal gel directly into your genitals is a very efficient method of blocking the levels of the primary male hormone-testosterone.


This new powerful Intense Oestrogen hormone Transdermal gel is extremely effective as it is formulated to be massaged directly into your testicles and the surrounding skin is very sensitive making absorption very effective.


Every woman in the world wants an Hourglass figure as it is this shape that’s defines femininity and sexuality. Boys and Girls pre-puberty have similar body shapes. But when Oestrogen is released into the body it makes for an extraordinary difference as subcutaneous fat develops forming that female Hourglass Body shape.


 What defines a female more than a more rounded and fulsome bottom. With this powerful Intense Oestrogen gel massaged daily into your buttocks you can replicate those essential female contours.



New Enhancement Male To Female Hormone Range

New Enhancement Male To Female Hormone Range

enh015The New Enhancement Male To Female Hormone Range is ideal for both beginners and those who have reached the level of breast enhancement or male to female transformation they require and just need to maintain it with all products supplied in 3-month treatment packs.

The Enhancement female hormone range is very popular enh014and the lowest in cost.

For simplicity, maximum efficacy and the best value for money we offer a comprehensive 3-month breast enhancement treatment course and also one for those seeking a more comprehensive total.

The Enhancement Female Breast and Nipple Combination Cream  provides a dual treatment containing oestrogen and other female hormones for men and is just as effective but more economical. It is ideal for breast enhancement and enlargement.

Enhancement Anti Androgen Testosterone Reduction Accelerator Capsules  are those biological males that desire the optimum female hormones these anti-androgen booster capsules accelerate the effect quickly and effectively blocking the production levels of the primary male hormone testosterone. Significantly reducing your body’s natural resistance to the feminising action.

Enhancement High Strength HRT Female Hormone Capsules were originally developed for post menopausal women to maintain their levels of female hormones, this treatment has long proved to be a safe and effective. Our High Strength  Female HRT Hormone Capsules simply contain a much stronger formulation.

We also have two full 3 month supply Hormone Treatment Courses available in this range.  The Enhancment Full Inclusive Oestrogen Hormone Female Breast Growth Treatment Course. The optimum combination of products in one fully inclusive 3-month treatment course Enhancement Fully Inclusive Oestrogen Hormone Female Breast Growth Treatment Course contains the latest cutting edge micronised active female hormones .

We also have the Enhancement Fully Inclusive Oestrogen Hormone Male to Female Transformation Treatment Course Doctor Temperli the world renown endocrinologist has assembled the contents of Enhancement Fully Inclusive Female Hormone Male to Female Transformation Treatment Course to provide you with the perfect combination of products for your transition in a money saving course.


New Aspire Male To Female Hormone Range

New Aspire Male To Female Hormone Range


New Aspire Male To Female Hormone Range

New Aspire Male To Female Hormone Range

The New Aspire Male To Female Hormone Range is a stronger range of female hormone products.  It is for those transvestites, crossdressers and transgender who aspire to faster breast enlargement or a more comprehensive male to female transformation.

The range covers all bases.  Breast and Nipple Development, Anti Androgens or Male Hormone Blockers. Oestrogen or Estrogen based products. Beard and Body Hair Retardants. And of course Female Bodyshaping which allows you to achieve that all famous hourglass figure.

The range is available in topical and oral application too. A mixture of both is ideal for your male to female transformation hormone programme.

New Aspire Male To Female Hormone Range

All are supplied in 3-month treatment containers. Using a special medical grade gel carrier the active female hormone ingredients are infused at a microscopic size. This allows for greater absorption of oestrogen (estrogen) hormones and male hormone blockers (anti-androgens).

New Aspire Male To Female Hormone Range

We recommend that you take advantage of our all inclusive 3-month treatment courses choosing from either the Aspire Breast Enlargement Course.

New Aspire Male To Female Hormone Range

Or the more holistic Aspire Male to Female Transformation Course. Not only do treatment courses provide the optimum combination of products but also
saves you money.


Our Aspire Female Breast and Nipple Enlargement Combination Hormone Gel contains the latest micronised molecular formula which significantly improves the absorption of the active ingredients. Breast and nipple enlargement combi gel with new micronised active ingredients combines two treatments into a economical single product. Supplied in 3-month treatment packs

Aspire Enteric Oestrogen Hormone Breast Enlargement Pills are ideal even if you suffer from a digestive condition or ulcers these Enteric Oestrogen Hormone Breast Enlargement Tablets are a safe and effective method of ingesting female hormones. For optimum efficacy. As with all feminising hormone treatments it should be taken in conjunction with an anti-androgen hormone product.

Aspire Enteric Anti Androgen Testosterone Hormone Reduction Pills. These latest generation micronised hormone tablets contain a very effective testosterone suppressant plus an enteric coating which prevents the active ingredients dissolving in the stomach delivering their quantum molecular ingredients safely into your bloodstream. Highly effective even for people who suffer from digestive conditions and now Enteric Anti-Androgen Testosterone Hormone Suppressant are now available with the new micronised formula for even better results



Ultimate Gold Maxi Strength Breast and Nipple Transdermal Gel

Ultimate Gold Maxi Strength Breast and Nipple Transdermal Gel

Ultimate Gold Maxi Strength Breast and Nipple Transdermal Gel

Ultimate Gold Maxi Strength Breast and Nipple Transdermal Gel. We are very pleased to announce that Dr Temperli has developed this brand new, maximum potency, breast and nipple development transdermal oestrogen gel for our 33rd year anniversary. For even more effective breast growth and enhancement and nipple enlargement. This unique Gold infused gel is simply massaged into both breasts and nipples, until fully absorbed, night and morning.


Ultimate Gold Maxi Strength Breast and Nipple Transdermal Gel

Ideal for your full male to female transition.


Ultimate Gold Maxi Strength Breast and Nipple Transdermal Gel

Replicating the action of female puberty with the gradual swelling developing in to full size female breasts and nipples. Breast Development and male to female transformation varies in both size and speed on an individual basis, just as genetic females. Your breast growth can be accelerated when combined with our anti-androgens, male testosterone hormone blockers.

We have also a wide range of hormones in our Ultimate Gold Intense Hormone Range including anti androgen ( testosterone male hormone blockers) oestrogen micronised capsules. There is also a hourglass bodyshaping  gel and bottom sculpting gel and transdermal gels. Click here for more details on the whole range

Male To Female Hormones For Men

Male To Female Hormones For Men


Male to Female Hormones For Men

Dream of growing your own breasts? – Then use our breast and nipple oestrogen based development hormones for male to female transformation. Male to Female Hormones For Men, especially made for men who want to grow their own breasts. use in conjunction with our Anti Androgens or Male Hormone Blockers that will block out the naturally occuring testosterone and make it easier to replace with oestrogen for breast growth, enhancement and enlargement.

* Want to reduce your beard and body hair? – Then use our Beard and Body Hair Retardants that can be found in our female hormones for men section. These will slow down the growth of the male hair and make the hair softer and easier to manage.

* Desire soft skin and a natural womanly shape? – Then use our female bodyshaping male to female hormones for men. Get that shapely bottom and hourglass figure that you have always wanted.

* Want to feel more womanly inside? – Then use our oestrogen based male to female hormones for men. Replace the male hormones in your body with oestrogen (estrogen)

* Need informal counselling? – Then ring us on 0161 773 4477 for more advice from our experienced staff.

* Require guidance because of gender identity issues? – See our Gender Identity Card For More Details

For many years Transformation has been fulfilling the the hope and dreams of many men who want to feminise their own body. Our shops stock a wide range of feminising hormones which will help you to achieve the desired effects. Top of the list are the new maxi-strength hormone range now available without a doctor’s prescription.
Naturally having so much choice, it can be an overwhelming decision to decide which are the most suitable products for you. Simply call Transformation on 0161 773 4477 and we will advise you on a personal programmes for your needs (remember all the products are safe, can be used discreetly and will not interfere with your masculinity)

We want you to be completely satisfied. If ever we fail please let us know immediately and give us the chance to put it right.

If you would like to purchase any of our hormones online – Please Click Here

Removal of Unwanted Male Facial and Body Hair

Removal of Unwanted Male Facial and Body Hair

If you’re looking to pass convincingly as a woman, getting rid of unwanted hair is key.

A close shave and makeup will work as a temporary solution. In order to permanently pass as a woman, you’ll need to reverse the hormonal changes that occurred during puberty.

There are a number of ways to deal with unwanted facial and body hair:

• Electrolysis – which can be both painful and expensive
Anti-Androgens – also known as testosterone suppressants, this option is painless and avoids scarring. It’s a simple, cost-effective way or removing hair, as well as feminising your skin at the same time.

The treatment is gradual, so you’re able to decide if and when you ‘come out’. You can also choose the level of feminisation you’d like, as you can either take them alone, or with oestrogen for breast development.

There’s a choice of strengths and applications, as with all of our feminisation products, so you can find the option that best suits you.

Before undergoing gender reassignment surgery, I had very dark beard growth. However I took oestrogen and an anti-androgen to achieve great results. I still have hair, of course, but it’s much more feminine.

Prices of anti-androgen treatments vary, but you’ll be sure to find an affordable option to suit you. All come in 3-month treatment packs as well, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

If you’d like to find out more, please visit

Bulk Buy Discounts On All New Hormones

Bulk Buy Discounts On All New Hormones

Bulk Buy Discounts On All New Hormones

Bulk Buy Discounts On All New Hormones


Select the feminisation product you wish to order, select the 12-months’ supply option and we will only charge you for only 9-months treatment (excludes treatment courses & clearance)


Enhancement Male To female Hormone Range

Aspire Male To female Hormone Range

Ultimate XPress Male To Female Hormone Range

Our new exclusive hormone ranges using cutting edge technology to maximise absorption & development of feminine characteristics will never be discounted as they have been priced as competitively possible on the basis that we as a not for profit organisation recoup only the cost. However due to our founding trans woman’s generous husband subsidy we can subsidise those who truly commit to long term treatment.

Just like a girl transitioning through puberty, feminization takes time & you have the added hurdle of testosterone production which has to be suppressed to enable the process to be effective.


Breast Growth

One last reminder
Although an increasing number of products have sold out there is still time to grab a bargain in our Clearance sale.


Male to Female Transformation HRT


Male to Female Transformation  HRT

For Male To Female Transformation HRT  is a proven safe & effective treatment.





hrt 3hrt 4hrt5
Whichever treatment option you choose you can be assured that it is safe & effective to take at any age providing you do not have a serious life-threatening medical condition.

Please remember that you should never take any female hormones without the accompaniment of a male hormone blocker (testosterone suppressant) otherwise your treatment will be ineffective.

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Anti Androgens -Why You Need Them

Anti Androgens  – The Male Hormone Blocker


Anti Androgens


Unfortunately, from puberty onwards your body is flooded with the male hormone testosterone which is responsible for the deepening of your voice & development of male pattern facial & body hair growth.

If you wish to develop female breasts, an hourglass figure or any degree of feminisation you have to lower your male hormone levels by using a testosterone suppressant which blocks production at the source and you should never take female hormones without them.

These magic bullets are called anti-androgens and contain the new micronized quantum super effective molecular delivery system – just witness the difference for yourself.



Anti Androgen Drops
Anti Androgens

These super concentrated drops contain powerful micronised testosterone suppressants that act quickly and efficiently with effective absorption at the quantum molecular level employing the very latest medical technology breakthrough.

SUPPOSITORY GEL2This is a really safe effective method of delivering powerful micronised testosterone at the quantum molecular level that is suitable whatever your age or medical condition and is supplied with a special free of charge safety applicator.


This nasal atomiser is super efficient delivering the micronised testosterone suppresant into the delicate nasal tissue at the quantum molecular level. Quick and convenient and highly effective.

time release2These award winning time release capsules are our best selling testosterone suppressant. Containing the micronised hormone blockers in hundreds of micro caplets they dissolve over an entire 24 hour period.


The optimum combination of products are combined by Doctor Temperli, the world renown endocrinologist will deliver the best results for the lowest price. Includes everything you need for a full 3-months treatment.