dancewearThe first requirement when wearing Dancewear is to shower and shave in order to get my legs feeling slinky smooth. I then proceed to slip into a white coloured satin deluxe naked tanga followed by a pair of seemless tights, again in white.

Feeling ‘all femmy’ and gloriously comfortable I put on my supersoft bra, padded out with a pair of socks. I then eased my way into a pink and white tutu. The soft flimsy skirt is positioned as to allow a pair of pink frilly panties to be worn and for the multiple layers of pink frills to be visible, front and back at all times. Finally, ballet pumps are worn to complete tutu16athe look.

All I need do is practice my curtsy. The thrill – I am transformed into a fairy princess, all silky smooth and girly.

As an alternative to wearing my tutu, more often than not, I wear a satinized body with high cut legs. When worn with 2.5 Inch heels that accentuate my long, shapely legs I am again in heaven.

Oh, to gaze down and finger my slinky, smooth nylon clad legs and caress the full majesty of my C cup bra!

Colour combination is important. Ecru/white tights with a black or pink body, caramel or nude tights with white body or black tights with black or coloured body.


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