bel-10Apart from having 2 eyes everything about being male and female is as different as an apple and an orange. The book “Men are from Mars – Women are from Venus’ encapsulates just how different the genders really are. From the way brains work, emotions, gestures, walking, talking (even inflections). Sitting, getting in & out of cars, greeting others, yup pretty much is different. Even MTFtranssexuals who have female brain sex have to work hard to feminise their every waking moment.

Nervous, sweating, feeling uncomfortable all send out adverse signals so self-confidence as a woman is an absolute essential. So how do you get from A all the way to Z?


You need to study women in detail without getting arrested!! Watch them on chat shows, in cafes, when out walking, note the small details, how they fiddle with their hair or earrings when they talk, listen to the ‘breathy’ way they talk and the difference in speech inflection. Observe how they greet friends & strangers, men and women. Women are so much more tactile and animated then men, they also feel comfortable touching their female friends, no problem sharing a bed whereas men would find this uncomfortable. You will notice friends will often go to the loos together and will coinfide quite intimate details of their relationships with close friends.


Practise makes perfect and never has this been truer in behaving naturally as a woman without the need for conscious thought. Forget practising in front of a mirror, that involves multi-tasking a skill that eludes most men. Instead record yourself by using the video function on your smart phone one action at a time only moving on when you have perfected that aspect. Same with voice, use the recording function to practise, you’ll need to breath from your tummy instead of your chest, it helps to place your hand on your stomach until you perfect this. Please don’t try a talk in a falsetto voice which will only result you sounding like the ‘last gay in the village’. Our Speech Therapy Training Course consisting of 3 CD’;s and a manual is a great investment if you are really serious about sounding convincing. The toughest test is using the telephone. In person, if you look convincing then the other party makes the assumption that they are hearing a woman speak but without such an image the recipient will judge your gender solely on how you sound. Here is a great tip that I learnt ALWAYS begin by saying your name first “Hello this is Stephanie Anne Lloyd speaking” sets the scene perfectly and if the refer to you as ‘Sir’ or ‘Mr’ use your self confidence to correct them ‘actually your are talking to Miss Lloyd’. You will find that it is they who are flustered and who will apologise blaming a ‘poor line’

I have lived for over 35 years as a woman and do not experience any problems despite appearing in two BBC television series in ‘Hotel Stephanie’ and being the editor of a large circulation lifestyle magazine having a reasonably high profile in the UK

I did it and so can you, practise will make perfect and please remember Team Transformation are always here with free advice and support

Our founding male to female transsexual
Our founding male to female transsexual

We will be with you every step of the way,

Best wishes from your T-Girl sister,


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