Easy Pedicure

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Easy Pedicure

Smooth, feminine looking feet are an absolute must in the warm weather when sandals are worn. Giving yourself a pedicure at home is not nearly as complicated as you might think. Here is an easy step-by-step proceedure that guarantees gorgeous toes.

You will need the following items (as for the manicure):

Towel Bowl Warm water or olive oil Emery Board Oily polish remover Base coat / ridge filler Coloured nail varnish Polish sealer / clear varnish Cotton wool Orange stick Cuticle remover / conditioner moisturising cream

In addition you will need toe dividers, a pumice stone and nail clipper.

1. Begin by clipping each toenail straight across with your nail clipper. File each nail lightly with an emery board until nice and even.


2. Now soak your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Pat them just dry enough so water doesn’t drip, and apply cuticle conditioner to each nail base, gently pushing back with an orange stick.


3. If corns and hard skin are a problem, try using a pumice stone on these rough area while feet are still moist. After scrubbing the soles of your feet and the rough spots around each toe, apply a good moisturising cream to the entire foot and between each toe. Clean nail surface with a cotton tipped orange stick dipped in remover.


4. Polished toenails give feet a lovely feminine look. First, place toe dividers between toes. Apply your basecoat, remembering to let it dry on each nail for about one minute.


5. Polish your toenails carefully with the same colour you have on your fingernails or a similar shade. You can then apply your polish sealer and quick dry, making sure polish is completely dry before removing the toe dividers.


Handy Hints for Feminine feet

Soak nightly if possible ensuring you dry feet thoroughly – especially between the toes – and then massage in moisturising cream Use a nail brush to keep toe nails clean Never shape nails, always cut straight across to avoid ingrowing toe nails If you have sweaty feet put talcum powder in your shoes or stockings, or use a proprietry foot spray Go barefoot as often as possible (I’m famous for it!) Buy correctly fitting leather shoes which give and allow your feet to breathe (unlike cheap synthetic materials) Never try to apply polish without using toe dividers – it will smudge every time

Like the manicure, your pedicure can be done in about 30 minutes each week. Once you’ve invested in the necessary tools and products you’ll find that your at-home ‘beauty night’ will keep you looking and feeling terrific!

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