Faqs On Our Male To Female Hormones

Faqs On Our Male To Female Hormones


How Long do Medications Take to Work?

Please remember – just as with girls at puberty, results are not instant but gradual and cumulative with development continuing over approximately three years. As with genetic females the results of breast development vary from individual to individual, even with the same levels of hormones but literally thousands of people have taken the time and trouble to tell us about the remarkable results they have achieved in a short period of time.

What is the Maximum Dosage of Hormones?

If you select the appropriate combination course this will supply the optimum level of hormones for development. To increase dosages above this level will have no material effect.

What Are the Side Effects?

You may experience mild hot flushes or dizziness in the early weeks of treatment but these will soon abate. Breast and Nipple Development Creams can cause tenderness and a tingling feeling, but this is localised to the area of treatment and is in no way harmful.

Who Should NOT use these Treatments?

Anyone under the age of 18. Females who have a normal level of hormones or anyone suffering with any form of breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes or a history of embolisms.

What Happens if I Discontinue Treatment?

If you are a genetic male and have not been castrated the developments triggered by hormone treatment will gradually reverse.

Can genetic Females Use these Products?

Yes, but it is only beneficial if you have a low level of female hormones.

Why Do You Recommend Taking Anti-Androgens with all Treatments?

Female hormones have to battle against the male hormones in your body and anti-androgens minimises their effect. Taking anti-androgens lowers the level of testosterone circulating in your body and allows the female hormones to act more effectively.

How Do the Beard & Body Hair Retardants Work?

The preparation penetrates down to the hair follicle (root) weakening it so that it gradually grows just the light downy texture that is natural for a genetic female

Am I Too Old to Start Treatment?

You are never too old, we have been supplying these hormone products for over 25 years now and literally 1000’s have achieved results that have delighted them no matter what their age. Our founder, herself a transsexual has used these hormone products personally and she is now 68 years of age and still supervises Transformation on a full time basis.

How Big Will My Breasts and Nipples Grow?

The $64,000 dollar question that no-one can truthfully answer. Just like genetic women, some users grow very large breasts and prominent nipples and others experience more modest development, but literally 1000’s achieve results that delight them every year.


What Effect Will it Have on my Male Sex Drive?

Topical medication (ie cream based) will not adversely effect your libido. Taking powerful anti-androgens and ingesting female hormones over a period of time will obviously lower testosterone levels and thus your sex drive.

Are These Products Safe and Effective?

All of these licensed hormone based products are approved and have been in regular use for over 35 years. Regular quality and efficacy testing is carried out by a approved laboratory and meet both EU & FDA standards. No animals were used in any stage of development or testing.

Are There any Adverse Reactions?

Apart from mild flushes and some dizziness in the early stages of treatment, which are perfectly normal, very few. About 2% of patients experience some skin irritation when using the body or beard retardant cream. If you experience any significant adverse reaction to any product, cease using immediately and return the product for a refund.

Can I Afford Treatment?

We supply a wide range of products varying in both potency and price. Costs range from just £39 for a 3-month supply up to the strongest medication. Regular discounts are available if you sign up for our email promotions and you can also make substantial savings by purchasing complete treatment courses.

How soon will I receive my order?

All orders are despatched within 2 working days by UPS or Royal mail securely in plain packaging & only “Sercus Ltd.” will appear on your credit card statement.

Are all products guaranteed?

Transformation offers a “no quibble” money back guarantee with all products supplied.

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