Hormone Testimonials



Hormone Testimonials “I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for making available to myself and same the chance of reaching a very satisfactory level of feminisation using your products i.e. my nipples only have to be touched to nearly reach orgasm, so wonderful to experience, as you yourself must be well aware of, your breast cream has given me a bust measurement of 38C.”

from Lora

“Firstly many thanks for the wonderful unique hormone products – which are already showing first results after only three weeks usage. At the moment I am taking almost the complete hormone programme from yourselves.” from Michaela, Germany

“I cannot thank you enough for your Transformation of me, taking me from manly feelings to womanly feelings.” from Rosa “Just before I close, may I say the creams and tablets are really quite wonderful, and my breasts are growing wonderfully. The day I wrote to you was probably one of the best things I did in my life, and I thank you so very very much.” from Elaine ” I am having marvelous success with developing my breasts and the nipples are becoming very sensitive and exciting. I wish to continue on with the breast cream and nipple cream. I also find the breast pump I received in my last order very exciting and effective.”

from Diane, Montana, USA

“I have been and still am using the Hormone Breast Development Cream, Femboost tablets and Female Hormone Precursors and I am delighted with the results. I am growing breasts and my chest/bust measurements have increased by some 3 inches.”

from Frankie

“Thirteen months ago I knew I wanted real breasts but did not know quite what to expect as they grew or how I would feel once they had. I certainly never imagined I would successfully grow such beautiful, large, very sensitive breasts with nipples to match, or be so excited as they swelled and feel this good.” from Anders, Sweden

“Within the first few days of using your Hormone Balance Capsules I started to notice the difference. I felt really good about myself, and about who I was, a result I only usually get when I am dressed.” from Tina, Madrid “Oestrogen Breast Cream – absolutely brilliant , from being absolutely flat chested I was an A cup in no time at all.

from Helen

“When I rub your Nipple Cream on I really get a wonderful sensation what I have never experienced before.”

from Karen

“I thought I would mention how pleased I am with your Oestrogen Patches. Used together with your other hormone products, the change is quite remarkable. I feel an increase in my femininity and my breasts have increased in size and together with my nipples have become delightfully sensitive to the touch.”

from Debbie, Essex, UK

“I have used Breast Cream for about ten months and have started to develop female breasts. The cream also produces a greater sensitivity in the breasts, also in the nipples which is both stimulating and encouraging.”

from Karina

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