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When you reached puberty your voice will have ‘broken’ giving you a manly deeper voice but despite this you can feminise the way you speak and this post will you you how to feminise your voice.

Fennella Fielding, a famous UK personality has a deep husky voice which sounds really sexy.

First of all do not try and squeak to a higher octave, you will just sound ‘camp’ instead you need to speak from your stomach rather than from your lungs

Practise this by placing your hand on your tummy, taking a deep breath and consciously press down ensuring that it deflates as you speak. This takes some time to master but in time will lead to a ‘breathy’ sounding feminine voice.

Woman have a different way of talking involving gestures so be observant, watch and observe carefully to follow the lilt of their sentences and how they end them. Women are very touchy-feely with female friends but will react very differently to men according to whether they are strangers, acquaintances or friends.

Women are generally more reserved and will not seek to dominate a conversation, when they are nervous they will tend to play with their hair, earrings etc

If you look feminine then it is much easier to be convincing but the telephone call is much more difficult and the person will tend to make an instant decision on your gender according to your voice. You must sound confident and introduce yourself before saying anything else, so if you answer a call simply state your name “Hi Jennifer Carter speaking” this tells them they are speaking to a woman. If at any point anyone addresses you as ‘Sir’ confidently correct them and they will apologise and adjust their mindset

For those of you serious about sounding feminine especially if you are going to live as a woman then we have a speech therapy training course comprised of CD’s and a tutorial which you can obtain

For full details of our Speech Therapy Course – please click here

Whether you make use of this course or not, you need to observe women in minute detail, the way they air-kiss when meeting close friends, the way they gently shake hands, the way they move their hands whilst speaking in differing situation. LOOK – LISTEN – LEARN then practise in front of a mirror until it becomes second nature. Someone asked me recently to speak as a man which I was 35 years ago and I couldn’t remember how to!!! 35 years of living as a woman has made me fluent & confident in the ways of femininity so it come naturally without any conscious thought.

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