Letter To Transformation

Letter To Transformation 

Having known for many years that I wanted to be more feminine, I decided to take the plunge and invest in some women’s clothes and underwear. I’m single, live on my own so privacy wasn’t a problem. I have dressed for many years now and always feel amazing when I flounce around in floaty dresses. Last year I decided to take this a step further and called Transformation for advice on hormones as I wanted to experience inner feminine feeling too.  Feeling a little nervous I picked up the phone and got through to a lovely lady called Diane. I think she sensed I was nervous and Immediately put my mind at rest that what I was doing was ok and quite normal.  Diane explained what I would need to start me on my journey. Oestrogen was needed along with a HRT capsule to give me that extra boost. She also explained that a Testosterone Suppressant would be needed to allow the Oestrogen to have full effect. I must admit that I was a little hesitant about taking the capsules but I spaced them out during the day and within 2 weeks I felt very calm and at one with myself.


After my three month course ended I decided to re-order and rang Transformation and spoke to Diane. I now felt that I wanted a little extra boost and wanted to start changing my body a little. I wanted a little plumpness in the chest area and a more hourglass shape along with a more feminine bottom. Diane told me what was needed and put together a course for me with added discount which I was very grateful for. I have now upped the strength of my hormones and I am currently using the Gold range and the results, although slow are very encouraging and I can see and feel the changes in my body.

I can’t thank Transformation enough for the help and advice they have given me, I feel a different person and have gained so much confidence about myself.  I have even been to their Manchester shop and had a He to She Transformation which was certainly an experience and Diane even popped over to see how I was, was great to meet her.


Once again Transformation, huge thanks to you all.


Daniel (Danni) Huddersfield

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