Lisa’s New Sister


I grew up in a small house with two bedrooms, So Mom had one room and mysister, Lisa and I shared the other room. So It was easy for me to getcourious and try on my sister’s clothes.

I started out with her panties andslip, then gradually added a bra and nylons. As time went on I started towear Lisa’a dresses and petticoats when she was not at home. I would sneakand wear her lingerie to bed at night and sometimes in the morning I wouldwear her panties and nylons under my regular clothes when I had time to putthem on before school.

One day while Lisa was staying late at school, I hurried home and put herclothes on. I was parading around the house and doing some household choreswhen the front door opened. I ran to our bedroom and hid in the closet. Icould here my sister coming in. I could also hear her talking with someoneelse. She had come home with one of her girlfriends and they were talkingabout what they were going to wear to a party coming up this month.

My heart was pounding hard as I listened to them talking. I was hoping theywere going to leave again soon and I could continue with my dressing fun.Well all of a sudden Lisa’s girlfriend opened the closet door and there Iwas, standing in the middle of the closet in Lisa’s dress and heels.

She just stopped talking for a few minutes. It seemed like forever. Then shestarted to giggle and then laugh really load. Lisa asked what was so funnyand she motioned for Lisa to came and see. As my sister got close enough tosee me, she grabbed me and dragged me from the closet. She was very upsetat me at first, then she started laughing right along with her girlfriend.They started to call me sissy names. Her girl friend lifted up my dress andsaw I was wearing lacey pink panties. They all blurted out some morelaughing again. They told me to walk around so they could look at me.

Finally they settled down a bit and told me go out into the living room fora little while. I did as they said. While I was sitting on the couch, Icould here them in the bedroom talking and giggling, but I couldnt make outwhat they were saying. Then I heard my sister call me in. As I came into theroom they were still trying not to giggle at me. There was a slightsilence, then Lisa said I was going to be there new little sister. They saidthat I would no longer be wearing boys clothes and as Lisa removed all myclothes from the dresser, her girlfriend was placing some of Lisa’s pantiesand extra slips and nylons in the drawers. Lisa also took all my jeans andshirts out of the closet and said that the right side of her closet wasgoing to be mine and she hung up a few dresses me to wear. They told me Iwas going to wear panties and nylons everyday including to school. Lisa and her girlfriend said that this weekend they would go out and get mesome more lingerie and nylons so that I would have enough to wear all week.I was to wear everything under my clothes to school. Then when I got homethey would have a petticoat and dress laid out for me to wear. I was nowgoing to do all of her girl chores around the house in my dress. And if Ididnt do as they said they would tell all my friends at school how I like towear sissy clothes.

I continued to be Lisa’s new sister all thru my school days and as I gotolder they helped me with make up and clothing to keep in style and to thisday I am still her little sister.

Hey, keep in touch, Miss Lee

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