Make-Up for a Perfect Face

Take a look in the mirror
at that male face staring back at you. The stubble, the blemishes, the odd scar perhaps. How on earth do you disguise that? Like any good construction job, the answer lies in ensuring the right foundation.

We will presume for the basis of this article that you have had a close shave all over your face and neck, and that your skin is as smooth as you can make it. From here on in it’s all about disguise…

Beard Cover

As you may have guessed, the reason for applying this is to cover the beard area. Not something that most women have to bother about of course, but the most important part of a man’s make-up routine. It is very simple to get right, and it will make all the difference to your look.

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To apply the beard cover always use a damp cosmetic sponge. It is vital that damp doesn’t mean wet, as this will make the foundation weak and streaky. To make sure you’ve got it right, wrap the soaked sponge in a dry cloth and squeeze out the excess water, and it should be just right. Dab or pat the beard cover onto your beard area, and don’t forget your neck! Cover one section at a time and blend the cover in, keep on adding it until all the dark shadow has disappeared.


Once you have mastered the beard cover with confidence you can go on to the foundation, and here we are moving into the realms of proper women’s make-up. Most women need a foundation, it’s just a question of how much. There are two types you can use. Panstick is solid and comes in a container that looks like fat lipstick, while the liquid foundation comes in tubes. Try both and stick with the one you like best. Panstick is perhaps the easiest to use for the novice, as it can be applied straight onto the face from the stick, and then blended in with the cosmetic sponge until your whole neck and face are covered.

The liquid foundation is also blende in, but this is best first poured onto the back of the hand and then dabbed with the sponge. Make sure you use enough to cover and camouflage but not too much that your skin begins to crack. It’s a delicate balance that practice will make perfect.


Unfortunately even at this late stage there may still be some blemishes and dark shadows around your eyes. Most men are prone to these, and unless you are very lucky, you could well be one of them.

The Instant Concealer Stick is a small make-up stick that you dab on in much the same way as the panstick foundation. Just put it on where it is needed, and blend in with the sponge for a perfect cover effect.


Start by tipping some powder in the palm of your hand and then collect it with a powder puff. Apply it with a dabbing movement all over your face and neck. Avoid using too much powder around any creases or wrinkles as this can accentuate them, but do apply some lightly on the eyelids to help your eyeshadow stay in place. If in doubt, use less not more.

Once you have finished dabbing it on, brush away any excess with a large brush using soft, downward and outward strokes. REmember not to brush up from the chin, as the powder will collect under your bristles there and make your hairs stand on end!

VoilĂ !

So now your face should have a nice smooth, even colour and finish. It may look pale, but that will be sorted out with blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick. The main thing, if you have followed our steps correctly is that you have created your own canvas to paint on. Have fun!

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