Make-Up Made Easy

Many transvestites applying make-up for the first time are appalled at the mess they make of it, but there’s no need to be discouraged.

The art of using cosmetics has to be learned like every other skill – and if you use your common sense, it’s something you can master. Don’t be afraid to experiment in the safety of your own home. You will always learn from your mistakes and, unlike say sky diving, if you make a mess of it the first time you can always have another try.

Remember these basic points and you won’t go far wrong:

Emphasise your good features Camouflage your blemishes Always use good quality cosmetics If in doubt what suits you, get professional advice

When make-up is really well applied, no one knows you’re wearing it. So, the secret of making the most of yourself is discretion. Disguise the fact that you’re using foundation or beard cover by taking the extra five minutes to make sure it is well blended in and that there are no edges or abrupt changes of colour showing.

The Nose

Noses tend to shine, and shiny noses draw attention to themselves. Right on the point of the nose, there is an area which needs special attention paying to it. It needs a matt finish, but the colour of that finish must blend in so well with the rest of your make-up that no one knows you’ve touched. Use your fingers or a cotton wool pad to blend the powder well in and to remove any excess.

The Jaw

Too often, beginners to the art of applying make-up concentrate on the front of their faces, and forget that people look at the rest of their face aswell. Work down from your cheek bone and blend the foundation cream, derma blend or powder down from the highlighted area (right) going under the jaw.

Examine yourself carefully to make sure there are no lines showing where the make-up ends, that there is no excess make-up on your hair, and that you haven’t left any make-up on your ears. Either that – or wear a very large wig!

The Eyes

The eyes are considered by many to be the most important – and most attractive – part of the face. Carefully outline the eye with an eye pencil, and discreetly shade the eyelid with eye shadow. Remember not to use an eyeshadow the same colour as your eyes – try for a contrasting shade of the same colour for a superb effect.

If you have light blue eyes, use dark blue eyeshadow; dark brown eyes, use a light tan shadow and if you have green eyes use a contrasting shade of green If you have red eyes, wear sun glasses!



The Underjaw

Pay particular attention to this area when you are shaving, as there is nothing more ugly than a little tuft of hair protruding through a beautifully made-up face. A slightly darker shade of concealer used here will give you a slimmer jaw line and disguise a multitude of faults, but be careful there is no perceptible border between your darker make-up and the lighter one you used on the front of your face. Go over this area several times with a cotton pad or powder brush to ensure an even blend and a natural graduation of shade. If you’ve got a double chin, take twice as long!

The Eyebrows

If you intend using false eyebrows, ensure that the colour does not contrast too much with your hair or wig. If you are shaping your own eyebrows, do not make them too pencil-thin because they will end up looking as though they have been drawn on. Wherever possible, try to maintain the natural line of your eyebrows, but make sure you trim any parts that intrude onto the top of your nose area. Noel Gallagher is not the look we want.

When you are satisfied you’ve made a superb job of your make-up, take a last look at yourself in the mirror and then go downstairs and make a cup of hot, steaming coffe. Drink it slowly, holding the cup under your chin the whole time, then go back upstairs and take another look in the mirror.

In five minutes, the steam from that coffe will do the same to your make-up as five hours at a party will do. If your make-up stands up to that treatment and still looks good, then you’ve made an excellent job if it. Congratulations.

But don’t get complacent… Carry fresh supplies of make-up with you all the time, and get to a mirror every half hour during the time you are out to check that all is still well. Like all works of art and the Forth Bridge, make-up needs constant maintenance!


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