Over the past 31 years Doctor Temperli, the worlds leading endocrinologist has worked tirelessly to produce ever effective female hormone products using the latest technological delivery systems.

We now have transdermal creams, gels, serums, atomisers, suppositories, tablets and capsules but whichever strength or type of medication you choose you will not get maximum benefits and development without using these two complementary treatments

If you are choosing transdermal treatments, those that deliver doses via absorption through the skin (creams, gels, serums, patches & atomisers) then you must take the time and trouble to remove the natural oils that is produced by your body that impedes the transfer of feminising hormones

We produce a special hypo-allergenic Transdermal Skin Prep which you need to thoroughly use by rubbing the treatment area with TSP on cotton wool – you will actually see the residue that it removes even of you have just showered.

This simple & cheap procedure more than doubles the skin absorption of all transdermal hormone treatment. A 3- month supply is just £39

When you reached puberty as a male your testes and adrenal glands start flooding your body with the prime male androgen (testosterone) and this is what triggers male pattern hair growth (facial & body), the deepening of your voice and the fertility allowing you to impregnate a female to produce a baby.

Obviously male androgens (testosterone) have the exact opposite effect to that of oestrogen (estrogen) so if circulating your body at high strengths will cancel out a large percentage of any female hormones that you take. Without taking a androgen (testosterone) suppressant much of the feminine development you desire will take much, much longer. Remembering it takes genetic females between 3-4 years to achieve full feminine development without androgen impediment do you really want to double that?

Our exclusive range of anti-androgens (male hormone suppressants) have been formulated to ensure that you start on a level playing field, just like a girl does.
The comprehensive range of delivery methods mirrors that of oestrogen allowing you to match your 2 products complementary treatment easily


Transdermal Hormones PLUS Transdermal Skin Prep PLUS Anti-Androgen = BEST PRACTICE

Tablets, Capsules, Nasal Sprays, Suppositories, Oral Drops PLUS Anti-Androgen = BEST PRACTICE


  1. I would like to order your hormone products, but I live in Norway, so I would probably need to see an endocrinologist and get a prescription (would love to get ahold of Estroderm patches). I need advice on how to go about this. I have a family doctor but would rather not open up to him because of family. Please help!

    1. Hello Ian, Thank you for your post. All our Products are herbal based but have the legal limits of hormones in them that allow us to sell them without a prescription.
      We have a wide range of hormones for all aspects of feminization, Breast growth, Body shaping, Face and body hair removal, feminine buttocks and thighs and nipple growth.

      You will have to introduce the female hormone, Oestrogen by using our Oestrogen based capsules which all come in 3 strengths. To combat the male hormone, Testosterone you will have to introduce our Anti Androgen capsules, 3 strengths also. We have all the creams, gels and Atomisers for body feminization which compliment all the hormone capsules.

      I would highly recommend one of our money saving hormone kits which have everything in for full body feminization.

      Hope this helps Ian? Regards Beverley

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