Mike’s Discovery


Mike’s biggest problem was that he was indecisive. Anyone who knew him was aware that he had to be bullied into making decisions. He was a living example of the old joke: ‘I used to be indecisive, now I’m not so sure’

Mike’s lack of positivity spilled into his personal life in unexpected ways. When Mike was a na├»ve 14 year old, his brother, Sean, had got married and brought his wife to live in the family home until settling into a place of their own. The fascination of having a young woman in the house was too much for Mike to resist. After Jane had been around for a couple of months, Mike had done what many boys like him would have done and decided to sneak a look in her underwear drawer…

The first expedition had been carried out while the house was empty. Mike had gone through the cycle of wanting to do it, then not wanting to, but eventually his curiosity had beaten his fear. He’d quietly gone into the room (as if anybody would hear him anyway!) and opened the wardrobe door. The clothes he found were, of course, a mixture of male and female. It was only a small bedroom and Jane and Sean had to share the limited space as best they could.

It was getting harder for Mike to breathe as he realised that here was a chance to discover what female underwear was really like!

Countless hours spent looking at magazine advertisements and underwear catalogues had given Mike an idea of the look of lingerie. There had even been rare opportunities to briefly caress a pair of panties, a bra or a suspender belt while out shopping. Here at last was the real thing…

Mike had never heard of cross-dressing or transvestism. As far as he was concerned he was only looking at pretty underwear because he liked to. Even at the stage of sneaking a look at Jane’s undies it was only a bit of a thrill, nothing serious. After all, what else was a boy his age to do?

As Mike started looking through the wardrobe, he was bracing himself for the possibility that Jane was not the sort of girl who would go in for ‘sexy’ underwear. He was fully expecting to discover a collection of old, comfortable cotton knickers and bras, nothing remotely interesting.

Jane did have some plain undies, but as Mike nosed deeper into the wardrobe he found that she also liked far prettier and sexier lingerie too. Mike’s breathing became quicker as he found a drawer containing things he had only dreamed of.

There were satin and lace panties, bras and suspender belts. There were a couple of beautiful basques, one black, one red. Stockings of all colours abounded. Mike saw black, white, blue and even red nylons, a pair of black fishnets and lace tops…



His hands trembled as he touched all the gorgeous underwear. The sensation of smoothness and the beauty of the lingerie, as compared with his own cotton boxers, was a revelation. Mike was totally lost in this world and when he heard his parent’s car draw into the driveway he shot out of the bedroom, having tried to put everything back as he’d found it.

Mike, blushing ferociously, darted back into his room, undiscovered. The thrill of what he’d found was coupled with a sense of guilt at having been going through someone else’s possessions.

After a few days, Mike’s thoughts turned to Jane’s underwear once more. It wasn’t long before he was alone again. Inevitably, despite the fear of being caught he went back to look at and touch his sister in law’s things.

Up until now, Mike had no more thought of putting on female underwear than he had of learning Cantonese. In the presence of real lingerie he’d deciding that touching wasn’t enough. There had to be a next step and it was pretty obvious what that should be.

There was one particular underwear set of Jane’s that made Mike feel very excited whenever he saw it. It was the perfect lingerie as far as he was concerned. The set consisted of bra, panties and suspender belt. It was made of smooth satin and delicate lace. The colour was pale pink with white lace. Mike knew that if he ever got around to actually wearing lingerie, then this would be his choice.

There were many times over the next few days when Mike would let his thoughts wander to Jane’s pretty pink underwear. School work was hard to concentrate on as visions of lingerie interrupted Mike’s thoughts. He would come home in the afternoon, hoping that no one else would be home, so he could fulfil his fantasy. He’d then back out. The desire to try the underwear was always limited by the fear of being caught and exposed.

Finally, tired of all the to-ing and fro-ing, Mike decided that he would be ‘sick’ and not go to school one day. Since everyone else in the household worked during the day this meant that Mike had the house to himself. The risk of discovery was next to non-existent.

On the day that Mike had picked, he waited until all the normal sounds of departure for work had died away. He then waited five minutes in case someone had forgotten their keys, ten minutes in case of car breakdown and twenty minutes to allow for the possibility of someone being struck by lightning and staggering home…

It was getting on for eleven o’clock before indecisive Mike actually got around to going into Jane and Sean’s room. He picked out the pink and white undies, grabbed the first stockings that came to hand, panicked and put them all back.

Realising that if he carried on like this he would never try the lingerie, Mike then took a deep breath, counted to ten and went back in. He picked up the ball of satin and lace, made sure there were two stockings in the mixture then marched back into his own room. Having at last achieved the first step, the rest should be relatively easy.



Mike’s ‘studies’ had shown him in great detail what lingerie was supposed to look like on a real body, so it was now a matter of working out the unfamiliar fastenings. This was not difficult and Mike was soon struggling to shed his clothes, impatient to put on satin and lace.

He struggled with the bra before deciding that he wouldn’t bother with it this time (This time? I hope there’s going to be a next time! he thought) and picked up the suspender belt instead. Clipping it behind his waist proved difficult, particularly with his trembling, excited fingers, so Mike turned it around and fastened it at the front. Then he pulled it around to the proper position.

The stockings came next and Mike instinctively decided that it would be best to roll them up then unroll them onto his legs. He carefully put the first rolled up stocking onto his foot then unrolled the cool, smooth black nylon up his leg. When the stocking was fully on, it was obvious that it was fastened to the suspenders by the dark welt at the top.

Mike’s fingers had calmed somewhat, so it was no trouble to secure the front suspender to the stocking. The rearmost strap was different! Finally, after twisting himself then twisting the stocking, one leg was covered in beautifully sheer black nylon. The second stocking was dealt with more quickly than the first until finally Mike was left with only the pink and white lacy panties to try.

He picked them up then stood up, off the bed he’d been sitting on. Bending down he put his feet into the leg holes then slowly drew the panties up. This simple action was accompanied by unexpected sensations. Mike had never thought that pulling on a pair of knickers would be so pleasurable.

First there was the rustle of the lace on the stockings. Then there was the brush of the panties on his bare thighs and a second’s fumbling as the suspender clips got in the way. Finally Mike straightened up, at last dressed in the underwear that had dominated his thoughts for so long.

His first thought was how much more wonderful it was to be wearing lingerie than he had imagined. He turned to look at himself in the mirror on his wardrobe. He gasped with pleasure at the sight of himself. The shining black nylons, the pink-and-white panties and suspenders were so pretty and feminine that Mike wondered why he had never dared try them before.

It was then that Mike knew that he had made a decision that would stay with him forever. He knew that to live without the possibility of dressing in female underwear would be unbearable.

At every opportunity after that, Mike would go into Jane’s drawers and try her lingerie. Although he was never caught there were some near misses. None of these put him off. As far as he knew, his secret was safe.



Finally the time came when Sean and Jane were able to put a deposit on a flat and move out. Mike was roped into the moving party and spent a whole Saturday helping. He helped with very mixed feelings – on the one hand he was glad that his brother and his sister-in-law had found somewhere to really start their new life together.

This meant however that there was no further access to Jane’s lingerie, so Mike also felt sad on his own account.

During the moving day it felt as if all Mike’s hopes were disappearing. He had no money to buy any lingerie of his own. The thought had crossed his mind that if he’d had the money, he wouldn’t have the courage.

By the time the move was completed, Mike was worn out both by the work and by his boiling emotions. He got home, had some food and took a shower before flopping on his bed.

He dozed off for a while, waking when he felt a pain in his neck. The pillow felt oddly hard in one spot, so he reached underneath expecting to find the rolled-up T-shirt and boxer shorts that he normally wore in bed.

Mike’s hand connected with something that felt more like paper than cotton, so, intrigued, he pulled the pillow away to reveal a small package. Written on the front, in Jane’s writing was the single word ‘Mike’. By now Mike was thoroughly confused so he tore the plain brown paper open. There was a card under the paper, which Mike opened. He read:

Dear Mike, thank you so much for all the help you’ve given us getting moved. I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of everybody, so I left you a little something. I’d guessed you’d been visiting my room so I thought I’d return the compliment…

On reading this, Mike blushed scarlet. He thought he’d been so careful! After the initial shock he calmed down enough to read the rest of the note.

…I’m pretty perceptive, you know, even though I do seem a bit scatterbrained at times. A girl always knows when she’s been raided! Especially when she has a brother about your age who shares your interests. Please accept my gift with my thanks and don’t worry. No one else knows about my brother… or my brother in law! Love Janexxx

Mike was filled with mixed feelings, but it didn’t stop him from unwrapping his package. His trembling fingers clumsily ripped away the paper and tape. Inside he saw a hint of white then pink…Could it be..?

He pulled the contents out and finally, on his bed lay two pairs of black nylon stockings and a new set of the beautiful lingerie that he had first tried on…

The End

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