My Corselette

My Corselette

I think that the problem with just bra and panties is that all Cross-Dressers / Transvestites need a little extra feminine shaping – that bit in the middle requires something else. The answer, for me is a corselette, which shapes me in such a way that no other piece of feminine underwear can.

I have always worn bras and panties, until the day there was a stock sale at the town’s local department store. I was about thirty at the time and had been cross-dressing since my teens. In the sale was a black body; I didn’t need to look at this piece of feminine underwear for very long before I decided I had to buy it.glamour.corselette

Looking around lingerie departments is utopia for me – so much to touch and feel that my imagination runs riot. Unfortunately for me the body was a ‘B’ cup and as I only fit into an ‘AA’ cup without padding, I was unsure if it would look out of proportion. But this did not bother me too much, as I had bought my first Body – a ‘Corselette’!


I wanted to wear my new body so much that I went back to where I work, as it was a lot closer than home. Locking myself in the toilet, I stripped off and pulled on my new underwear and quickly adjusted the straps. It felt fabulous. Even though the cup size was wrong, It still held me so tightly, holding and shaping.

I felt beautiful and it was so feminine that I couldn’t bring myself to take it back off again… so I didn’t! I just put my male clothes on top and stuffed my male underwear into my jacket pocket.

I had to go back to the office to collect my overcoat and briefcase. My only worry was that the black cups would show through my white shirt but thankfully no one noticed. Even driving home in my car felt so wonderfully different, I just couldn’t wait to get home

Once at home, I went straight to the bedroom and stripped off by clothes so I could look at my self in bedroom mirror. Not only did it feel wonderful, it also looked good. I quickly pushed in my bra pads (falsies) into the cups to fill them out.

I stood back to get a full mirror view, saying out loud ‘I cross-dress’. I turned to see the back and there was a slight bulge – I had been in so much of a hurry putting it on, I had left the label attached. I undressed to cut off the label and read what it said on it – ‘Corselette firm hold’.


That night I must have tried on all my dresses and skirts with of course my corselette and different tights and hold-ups. The result was amazing, how different I felt and looked. Don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself!!!

It is said that a woman can’t have enough underwear, I now know this is the same for cross-dressers / transvestites. Ever since, I have worn corselettes or control panties, whenever Kera goes out… I have read articles where people like myself get embarrassed when buying lingerie. My advice is ‘don’t be embarrassed’. You will get over this and one day, you will not think twice about going into a store, picking up the prettiest piece of underwear and saying to the sales assistant, ‘I will buy this please’.


Go out and buy what you can, see how different types of lingerie feel next to your skin and see how good you can feel inside.

Best wishes, Kera

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