Myths about Transvestism


Since the Drag Queen and transvestic prostitute are highly visible members of the social picture and dramatized on the evening television news, occasionally in television “dramas” and the print media the “average” transvestite is, naturally tarred with the same brush even though in truth few “average” TVs are gay or engage in same-sex sex acts. In fact, MOST transvestites are heterosexual while only a small minority are bi-sexual or exclusively homosexual. This latter statement is supported by the results of a study done by Dr. Wardell Pomeroy (co-author of the famous “Kensey Reports” and director of the San Francisco based Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality) which found that 68% of cross-dressing males are exclusively heterosexual while only 50% of non-cross-dressing males are exclusively heterosexual. It should also be pointed out that some gay males are also, incidentally, transvestites but do not crossdress for the purpose of attracting males, either gay or straight for sexual purposes.

MYTH: A transvestite is a potential transsexual. FALSE.

The opinion that transvestites are latent, undeveloped or potential transsexuals, is false. Any other form of ignorance is the result of oversimplification and the failure to make distinctions. It IS true both the transvestite and transsexual wear feminine clothing, but they do so for different purposes. While the transvestite often dresses for the physical pleasure of this form of fetishism he always retains or reverts back to and maintains his male gender-identity. It is also true that many transvestites, upon initially bursting forth from their closet assume, because of the lack of information on the subject, they are transsexual. But a TRUE transvestite is quite happy to retain his male gender-role and perform sexually as a male — although he may OCCASIONALLY fantasize he is the female partner.

Definition and Description of Transvestism.

It is of the utmost importance to establish the distinctions between transsexualism and transvestism. Originally, a transsexual (TS) was thought to be a type of transvestite (TV). Outside of the fact both dress in apparel normally reserved for opposite physically gendered individuals, although for different purposes and reasons, and, to a certain point in life, live in constant fear of discovery, they have very little in common.

Strictly speaking the transsexual is NOT cross-dressing when she wears feminine clothing. Rather SHE cross dresses by wearing masculine clothing to conform with Society’s dress code for the physical male.

The bi-gendered or cross-gendered person (both the TS and the TV) may start, as early in life as perhaps age 5 years wearing items of opposite sex apparel. Often the apparel worn/used, usually lingerie, are items of mother’s or a sister taken either from the laundry or their fresh clothing supply. Occasionally, in early stages, lingerie will be purchased for personal use.

It is NOT unusual for the transvestite to use items of feminine apparel as sexual gratification aids in the early stages of sexual awakening. This practice may continue into late adulthood. Occasionally an item or type of apparel, such a bra or panties, or garter-belt and hose, etc., may become a fetish item and required to be worn for, or at least close at hand during, completion of the sex act.

Cross-genderists are secretive, because their life-styles are not considered, by non-participants, socially acceptable.{mospagebreak

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