New and Improved Hormone Range

New and Improved Hormone Range


Our New and Improved Hormone Range is now available.

I am really pleased to inform you that after 12 months of testing we are re-launching our entire Female Hormone Range using the latest concentrated form of Oestrogen ( known as Estragen in the USA)

Our long close ties with Medica International Pharmaceuticals enable us to stay at the cutting edge of supplying effective hormone treatments and this is a big step forward.

You will notice changes in both the texture and colour of our revamped range which reflects the new stronger and more effective ingredients now used in our entire range. Our new Quantum and Transform ranges are amongst the strongest range we do meaning better results, faster.

Although the cost of production has risen significantly, we know that a lot of our customers are finding it tough going in these turbulent economic times so I have made the decision not to pass the increased cost on to you and therefore you can get enhanced and faster results for the same old price.

How long we can do this is uncertain so please stock up before we are forced to increase prices.

Believe me you cannot fight the desire so go with the flow and find satisfaction and fulfilment, I did and life is oh so much better.

Stephanie Anne Lloyd

Founder of Transformation in 1984

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